Download the Hijri Calendar Application for PC – Many want to know the download link for the Hijri calendar application, in this article we will provide information about the download list for the Hijri calendar application.

The Hijri calendar or Islamic calendar is a calendar based on the moon's rotation around the earth, and is widely used to commemorate holidays.

It differs from the Gregorian calendar in that it is based on the Earth's rotation around the sun rather than the sun's revolution around the Earth's calendar. So it's a bit different for the Gregorian calendar and the Hijri calendar.

Usually on a PC there is only a Gregorian calendar, and no Hijri calendar, therefore we have to download it manually.

List of the Latest Hijri Calendar Applications

List of the Latest Hijri Calendar Applications

In the following, we will recommend the latest hijri calendar application that you can use, namely:

1. Google Calendar

For the first application there is Google Calendar, maybe all of you have heard of this application on an Android, iPhone, or PC cellphone. Here's how to put it to good use:

  1. Open Browser and go to Google Calendar Site on your PC. Type the address then press Enter.
  2. Log in using Google account each of you
  3. Enter your Google email address and password.
  4. Next Enter the Settings Menu, on the first appearance of Google Calendar, click the gear image to enter Settings. Next click Settings.
  5. Click on Language and Region, how to Click the General section on the left, then click Language and region. On the Language and Region tab, you can see the Country column. Make sure it is set to Indonesia.
  6. Find Display options, how to Slide the Language and Region tabs almost all the way down to the Display options section.
  7. Click Alternate Calendar. It's at the bottom of the View options section. Select Hijri-Saudi. Then, Refresh the page.

Besides google calendar, there is a hijri calendar called HIJRI-CAL. The size of this application is quite small, which is only around 250 KB. Judging from the appearance, this application is very simple.

The screen display is small with the main colors being black and white. There is a blue font that is used to write the Christian date and a green font for the Hijiri date

On launch, the app automatically displays today's date along with the Hijri date. HIJRI-CAL does not require any account to login and access, because it is automatically connected to the Windows system.

2. Hijri Calendar

Almost comparable to app number 2, but app Hijri Calendar It has a larger size, which is around 9 MB and seems more up-to-date.

Google Calendar

By using this application, you can create a new agenda with a certain date and then adjust the presented calendar data based on our current location. And that's not all.

3. AHC – Hijri Calendar and Reckoning Software

AHC is a program made specifically for computer devices, including PCs and laptops. Other important features of the program include the ability to view the Hijri calendar and reckoning:

  1. AD to Hijri calendar converter.
  2. Calculation of lunar and solar coordinates.
  3. Prediction parameter calculation and determination of the beginning of the Hijri month.
  4. Crescent hilal calculations in various locations around the world in the form of a MAP view of the hilal visibility.

4. Efficient Calendar Free

Finally, there is the Streamlined Calendar Free app which includes functions such as setting schedules, reminders, and events. This app includes a large number of views with a total of 10 styles and most importantly it's free, but there are also premium features for more complete functionality.

5. No Application

Also, I'll show you how to view the calendar on your computer desktop without using an app. This function is available in Windows 8 and later versions.

Hijri Calendar

There are actually two stages to the process, first we have to first convert the PC to Indonesian, then change the Gregorian calendar to Hijri, here are the methods:

Changing Language Into Indonesian

  1. Enter Settings, how to click the Windows logo in the lower left corner then click the gear logo with the words Settings.
  2. Then click on Time & Language.
  3. Click Regions again
  4. Next, change the Region to Indonesia. Now your PC has moved to the Indonesian region. After moving to Indonesia, then you can change the calendar from AD to Hijri.

Convert To Hijri Calendar

  1. Open Control Panel, how to Write Control Panel in the search field and press Enter.
  2. Then go to Change date, time, or number formats.
  3. Enter additional settings or Additional Settings.
  4. Later there are three sections that are shown after you click Date, namely Example, Date formats, and Calendar. Click Calendar and click again Calendar Type which is still a Gregorian Calendar. Change to Islamic Calendar for Windows 10 or Hijri Calendar on Windows 8 and 8.1.
  5. Click Apply and OK.

Now your calendar has changed from the Gregorian calendar to the Hijri calendar.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the Hijri calendar, as follows:

How are Days Counted in the Hijri Calendar?

The basis for calculating the Hijrian calendar is the revolution or circulation of the moon around the earth, while the period from the non-crescent to the return to the crescent is called one month, which lasts 29.5 days.


Thus the article about downloading the Hijri calendar application, hopefully it can help you find out the Hijri calendar.

After reading the article above, you get two ways, namely by using an application, and without an application.

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