Latest Open Source Ticketing Helpdesk Application – Here are some free and open source technical assistance and helpdesk ticketing application options to get you started and save you money.

Missed tickets, violating SLAs, upsetting customers, and even losing them, are all symptoms of a need for a better system. A strong technical assistance system or technical assistance is both not possible due to lack of funds in these cases.

Free Ticketing Helpdesk App


Customer complaints coming in by phone, email, chat, Twitter and Facebook can all be managed using the Freshdesk mobile app.

You can turn concerns into tickets, manage and allocate them across teams, reply to frequently raised complaints in bulk, and gain insight into issues impacting the service they receive.

The app is foolproof, moderately priced, and includes free options for up to three agents so you can get started right away and keep your clients happy.


You can track all your gadgets in one place. With Spiceworks Network Monitor you can monitor your SNMP servers and devices such as routers and switches from a single dashboard.

You may have comprehensive visibility over your network, so you can see the difficulties your users are facing, and become the IT hero you want to be.

If you need to know about important difficulties with your system outside of normal business hours, you may rely on email notifications. And the best part? Everything is free! Download now.


C-Desk is a free technical assistance application / Helpdesk with various capabilities for the entire enterprise. In addition to IT and network assets, manual asset management services include knowledge bases, image galleries, bulletin boards, logs, active directory, and customer service in addition to service requests (not just for IT, but for all departments).

Ticketing Helpdesk Application: ngDesk

The ngDesk Ticketing Helpdesk app provides everything you'd expect, including preset replies, personal agent-to-agent chat, and scheduled calls for agents.

A custom auto-escalation policy allows you to decide in advance who you want the ticket to be escalated to and the time interval between escalations to ensure unfamiliar tickets continue to be escalated until someone on your team responds.

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