The Best and Free Offline Android 3D Design Application – An application to assist in 3D design applications is undoubtedly needed by people who like it. You no longer need a laptop to design a 3D model from an image.

Now there is a design program that can be used on Android. Well, let's look at the reviews application Android 3D design below.

The Best 3D App for Android

The following is a list of the best offline Android 3D design applications and can be downloaded for free.

3D Creations

3D Creation is the first 3D design app for Android. Creating 3D models using this application is very easy. For its own use, 3D Creator can be run by anyone because this application tends to be easier to use than other 3D design tools.

In the 3D Creation application, anyone can create various models that can be viewed in 3D. Starting from the design of planes, people, cartoon characters, ships, coffee cups, plates, forts and so on. All these designs can be created easily in this Android 3D design app and moreover they are free to use.

Spacedraw 3D Design Application

The next Android 3D design application is Spacedraw. Scalisoft's new Spacedraw app is a full 3D editor for tablets and smartphones for the first time.

However, this application can only use it on mobile screen resolutions of 480x800 pixels or greater. To be honest, Spacedraw only takes an hour to find out if you've used a number of 3D design apps before.

This program can be difficult to understand if you've never worked with 3D design software before. Of course, the design approach can be done using Spacedraw, no different from other programs.

Users can create models based on curves, polygons and other geometric shapes with this application. This application implements projects using textures and 3D graphics on model surfaces and lighting.

3D Sculptors

The next Android 3D design application is 3D Sculptor. This program is primarily a native three-dimensional model editor. Users, use this application to create three-dimensional models that can be textured.

Comparable to sculpting, using models in d3D Sculptor for Android is a similar experience. There are tools that allow the user to sketch parts of the model or vice versa, make benders, move, rotate, stretch and modify things.

The product will look like a sculpture made of clay. The resulting models can be transferred to more capable programs, to perform professional processing.

Note that work with the application is quite difficult, the interface is completely invisible. To understand this program, it is recommended that users search for examples and tutorials on YouTube.

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