New WhatsApp Features That Will Launch in 2022 WhatsApp is reportedly preparing a number of new features to be released in 2022. This is known thanks to media leaks which often provide information on the latest features of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo and 91Mobiles.

At least seven new features are under development. The goal is to improve the experience of the company's 2 billion users.

According to from WABetaInfo and 91Mobiles on Wednesday (12/1/2021), seven new WhatsApp features will be released in 2022.

WhatsApp New Features

1. Watch Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which is owned by the same business as Reels, is reportedly preparing a feature that allows users to watch Reels directly from within application WhatsApp.

Reels, like TikTok, is an Instagram feature that allows users to upload short films that are less than a minute long. According to reports, this new feature is part of Meta's ambition to connect WhatsApp with other programs (formerly Facebook).

2. Delete for everyone indefinitely

WhatsApp is reportedly preparing an unlimited wipe for the everyone feature. Users can retrieve (unsend) messages previously sent to chat mates in private and group chat rooms using this feature.

According to WABetaInfo, the delete for everyone option is still available for messages received three months ago.

The maximum timeout for this feature is usually 4096 seconds, or 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds from when the message was sent. Once the time limit has passed, the “delete for everyone” option will be disabled, and messages can no longer be unsent. As a result, the sender of the message must immediately withdraw the message.

3. Multi-device support

WhatsApp is reportedly preparing a new feature called multi-device compatibility, or support for multiple devices. Users can attach one WhatsApp account to four devices at once with this feature, including PCs/desktops, smartphones and tablets.

This feature has reportedly been tried by WhatsApp beta users. This feature or support allows the WhatsApp account to be used on all four devices without the need for a registered mobile number. When a user wants to use WhatsApp on another device, such as a desktop or web application, the registered phone must be online.

4. Account logout feature

The WhatsApp Logout feature is rumored to be the next new feature to be released by WhatsApp in 2022. Currently this feature will replace WhatsApp's "delete my account" option.

WhatsApp currently does not offer an option for users to sign out. The only way to log out of the user's WhatsApp account is to delete it via the "delete account" option or uninstall the program.

As a result, if users do not store their chat history sufficiently, they risk losing it when logging in on other devices.

To solve this problem, WhatsApp is reportedly preparing a feature called WhatsApp Logout, which will allow users to log out of their accounts on more than one phone.

Logging out of WhatsApp is similar to logging out of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To log out of the WhatsApp account on their cellphone, users just click on the logout option. WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business are claimed to include this feature.

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