Inside the Octagon Khabib Treats McGregor Like a Child

Inside the Octagon Khabib Treats McGregor Like a Child – Khabib Nurmagomedov recalls the incident when he slaughtered Conor McGregor at UFC 229 and the enemy started like a child, bringing down his father's anger.

The Khabib versus McGregor fight is a legendary fight in the UFC. The trash talk that McGregor did as far as preparing for the battle plus several other actions such as the bus attack made Khabib really come to the Octagon with great anger.

Khabib said that if McGregor was still active, he would issue trash talk at the start of the battle. But as time went by, his attitude became sloppy.

“Trash talk from Conor? Yes he did for a while, but as I started to press him, he started to comment that, 'it's all just business'.”

"I'm a little sad for him. At first I thought he had a strong psyche," said Khabib taken from MMA News.

Khabib even mentioned McGregor as a child trying to persuade his father who was furious.

"When I pushed him on the mat, talked to him, he just said it was just an effort."

“It seemed that he was trying to make me calmer to avoid absolute defeat, like a child trying to justify his actions in the face of an angry father. The psychic aspect is the most powerful weapon," said Khabib,

Khabib was not consumed by McGregor's efforts and was still concentrating on the tactics he had prepared. Finally, Khabib was able to win by submission in the 4th round by locking the neck crank.

Khabib just started showing his anger after the fight. Khabib was instigated by Dillon Danis outside the ring and ended up causing chaos after the match. McGregor received an attack from Khabib's partner.

Khabib was eventually banned from competing after the incident, even though he deserves to be grateful that his title was not withdrawn.

Now Khabib is retired and says he is not interested in a rematch against McGregor. Khabib said he had absolutely defeated McGregor and did not need further proof.

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