Khabib Nurmagomedov Called a Fraud by Joe Rogan

Khabib Nurmagomedov Called a Fraud by Joe Rogan – UFC observer Joe Rogan called Khabib Nurmagomedov a cheater at the UFC because he had a weight that didn't match his fighting class.

According to Joe Rogan, Khabib Nurmagomedov did not deserve to appear at the UFC lightweight. In that class, Khabib suddenly became phenomenal with a record of never losing 29 fights in MMA, with 13 of them in the UFC.

"He's mostly controlling. That's hard. Although in fact, he is not in the light class. This is a form of fraud that is subject to threats, and we take it for granted," Rogan said, taken from Eurosport.

One of Rogan's signs that Khabib is committing fraud is The Eagle's habit of trying hard to lose weight before weighing.

“You are depleted, dehydrated up to 70 kg, and after lifting weights you eat a lot of spaghetti and then grow up to 90 kg again. It's illogical," Rogan said.

Before Khabib managed to lose weight up to 8.5 kg in one week.

In the video that is spread, Khabib wears three layers of clothing, the day before the weigh-in at UFC 254.

Body weight like Khabib's opponent when he was active in the UFC. The Dagestan-born fighter often struggles to lose weight leading up to battle day.

During the weigh-in at UFC 254, Khabib had to take off his pants and cover himself with a towel. This was done to enter the standard category of lightweight class, 155 pounds or 70.3 kg. After weighing the body at UFC 254, a look of joy and gratitude appeared on Khabib's face.

In fact, after his victory over Gaethje, oblique accusations were also directed at Khabib. Several factions saw Khabib as naughty because he should have failed to pass the weigh-in. This was witnessed by Khabib's hasty steps at the weigh-in at UFC 254.

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