Canelo Accidentally Injures Callum Smith's Left Arm

Canelo Accidentally Injures Callum Smith's Left Arm – Callum Smith has yet to accept the fact of losing to accuse Saul Canelo Alvarez of intentionally injuring his left arm in a super middleweight battle. Smith had to give his WBA super middleweight title to Canelo after suffering a unanimous decision to the four-weight world champion at Texas' Aladome Stadium.

After the fight, boxing fans noticed Smith had a large swelling on his left arm. The wound appears to have been caused by the 30-year-old player hitting several right hooks. He sees Canelo's game strategy as targeting his left arm, explaining to Boxing Social: “It was intentional. I knew from that first round.

According to The Athletic, the bulge on Smith's left arm is the result of a triceps injury – which will be operated on. "I said to Joe (Gallagher) in the first round, 'He's aiming for my arm.' Every right hook he frees, he's going to butcher my arm.' And then I think I spoke to Joe in round four or something, 'My arm is chronic.'

He added: “It's like grab my left hand, which is called my greatest punch. And what was the idea on their behalf, it was a success.” “In the twelfth round, he saw the bruises and laughed and asked, 'Does that hurt?' It's an experience in its name. It really is the tool that is probably my greatest opportunity.”

Although Smith was frustrated by his inability to capitalize on his unique strokes, he made it clear the battle didn't go his way if he wasn't injured.” He spoke: “That's not a fact. If I had two hands as far as the battle would go, would I win the battle? Likely not. He was a little too good to me that night. ”

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