Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medal Obtaining Indonesia Dropped from the Top 40 – China is still firmly at the top of the Tokyo Olympics medal list, as of Thursday morning, August 5, 2021. They are still seven gold ahead of the United States.

China experienced a change in gold on Wednesday. However, their position at the top has not been shaken. They packed 32 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze.

The United States, which got an additional one gold, was in second place. The defending Olympic champion team collected 25 gold, 31 silver and 23 bronze.

Japan won two golds all Wednesday. The gold was won from skateboarding through Sakura Yosozumi in the women's park number and wrestler Yukako Kawai who fell in the women's 62kg freestyle. Now Japan is in third place with 21 gold, 7 silver, 12 bronze.

Great Britain also won two gold pieces in equestrian events, the individual hurdles, through Ben Maher and the women's two-person windsurfing 470.

With the addition of two golds, Queen Elizabeth's country temporarily occupies the fourth position in the medal tally with details of 15 gold, 18 silver and 15 bronze.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has certainly failed to achieve its target of finishing in the 40th position. Now, the Red and White team has dropped to 43rd with Austria.

The collection of one gold, one silver, and three bronze from Indonesia is impossible to add because all athletes have completed their work. Because there is still a lot of gold up for grabs until the close of August 8, it is not impossible that the position above will decline further.

The competition for the top medal position while the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has not changed significantly. As of Wednesday (4/8/2021) at 20.30 WIB, China, the United States and Japan are still in the top three positions.

China was ranked first with 32 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze medals. The Bamboo Curtain country has collected 70 medals in total.

The second position is also still occupied by the United States. They collected 25 gold, 31 silver and 23 bronze. They collected 79 medals.

Japan and Great Britain trailed in third and fourth place. Hosts Japan won 21 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze. The United Kingdom has 15 gold, 18 silver and 15 bronze.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medal Obtaining Indonesia Dropped from the Top 40. The Red and White Team is ranked 43rd, level with Austria, with a collection of 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze.

The Indonesian gold medal was presented from the women's doubles badminton, Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu, while Eko Yuli Irawan contributed the silver medal.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medal Obtaining Indonesia Dropped from the Top 40. The bronze medals were presented by Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (badminton), Windy Cantika Aisah (weightlifting), and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (weightlifting).

Tokyo Olympics Medal Temporary Achievement


The following is the provisional standings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics medals:

Medal Earning

  1. China: 32 gold, 22 silver, 16 bronze
  2. United States: 25 gold, 31 gold, 23 bronze
  3. Japan: 21 gold, 7 silver, 12 bronze
  4. Great Britain: 15 gold, 18 silver, 15 bronze
  5. Australia: 15 gold, 4 silver, 17 bronze
  6. ROC (Russia): 14 gold, 21 gold, 18 bronze
  7. Germany: 8 gold, 8 silver, 16 bronze
  8. France: 6 gold, 10 silver, 9 bronze
  9. Italy: 6 gold, 9 silver, 15 bronze
  10. Netherlands: 6 gold, 8 silver, 9 bronze
  11. Indonesia: 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze

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