His dispute with Dovisioso, Petrucci explained the reason

His dispute with Dovisioso, Petrucci explained the reason – Danilo Petrucci parted ways unpleasantly after six seasons of defending Ducati. The problem was that he not only failed to produce good results, which made Ducati lose confidence, but his relationship with Andrea Dovizioso also soured.

Petrucci and Dovizioso were team-mates at the Ducato factory for two seasons. It is considered by Petrucci that he was really helped by Dovizioso when he first joined the factory team.

Dovizioso the article helped Petrucci in training and gave a lot of valuable advice and lessons. However, his 2nd relationship was subsequently worse. The peak took place in the 2020 Aragon MotoGP event.

At that time, Dovizioso actually still had a chance to become world champion. However, Dovizioso did not qualify for Q2 because he lost quickly to Petrucci. Therefore, Dovizioso is also disappointed in his compatriot.

Dovizioso believes that Petrucci has hindered his path to becoming a world champion. In fact, at that time Petrucci was the strongest candidate for Ducati to be able to win the title. Not being able to redeem Q2 made it difficult for Dovizioso to compete. In the end, he only finished 7th.

Petrucci himself felt bad for Dovizioso. However, as a rider, Petrucci wants to show his skills. What's more, he ended up winning the first series, the French MotoGP. However, Petrucci ended up finishing 15th at Aragon.

“Yes, it is certain that the relationship with Dovi is different after this Aragon incident. It was of course a difficult event because he is still trying to win the world title,” said Petrucci, quoted from Speedweek, Monday (28/12/2020).

“I came from a good race at Le Mans (France) and did everything to get another best result. Unfortunately, in these 2 years at Ducati it has become clear that we can be friends individually, but not on the racing track," said the rider who now defends KTM Tech3.

“Now I know, it's hard to be friends with other riders, especially when he is competing in a championship similar to yours. We spoke a little about this event later. For me, Andrea is still a very good guy and a first-class rider," said Petrucci.

“I'm really sorry about something that happened in Aragon. But I am often judged because I can rarely be faster than him. And when I'm in front of him, I get judged. I can do what I want, it keeps going wrong," he said.

Source : okezone.com

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