Rionny Mainaky Takes On Duty To Earn Olympic Gold

Rionny Mainaky Takes On Duty To Earn Olympic Gold – Rionny Mainaky held the toughest job at PBSI for the next year. He must be ready to adapt his body to the achievements of Indonesian badminton with the conditions of the first year which were immediately hot and burning.

With the postponement of the 2020 Olympics, the situation for replacing PBSI management is not good. In the last three competitions, the Olympics has often been the end of the competition.

You could say, the Olympics is the setting and parameter for the success of an administration, including the Head of Binpres in it.

This was not obtained by the Management of PBSI 2016-2020 under Wiranto. Due to the corona outbreak, the Olympics were postponed.

The management replacement is still ongoing and PBSI has announced Rionny Mainaky as Head of Binpres PBSI. This information also places a heavy burden on Rionny's shoulders.

Rionny has accepted the job and he must be prepared to face the most difficult work. He did not have the opportunity like his younger brother, Rexy Mainaky, who became the Head of Binpres PBSI 2012-2016.

At that time Rexy arrived after the 2012 Olympics and began to improve at the Cipayung National Training Center with the ultimate goal being the 2016 Olympics.

Rexy has four years and several important competitions which could be a review point before getting reliable players.

Apart from several world championship titles, All England titles and a series of Super Series titles, the pinnacle of Rexy's success is to restore the Olympic gold tradition that had disappeared through the victory of Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir in Rio de Janeiro.

This victory could be a reference for Rexy's success as long as he is the Head of Binpres PBSI.

This is what Rionny doesn't have right now. In his first year, he has faced preparations for the 2020 Olympics.

Rionny doesn't have that. In the first year, he had to get ready for the Olympics in sight.

Rionny must continue what has been going on throughout the 2016-2020 period.

He may face a situation when success in the Olympics in the future is still more related to his initial management performance because he is only seen as 'merely' ending the existing program.

But one thing is clear, Rionny Mainaky is a person who must be responsible for the time he gets, namely failure. There's no denying that he only had a moment's time to program and just continue the legacy of his previous administration.

Rionny had just sat on the seat of the PBSI Binpres but it was as if his neck had been terrorized by a sword in the form of demands for success and the continuation of the gold tradition at the Olympics.

Rionny didn't have time to breathe and control his attitude. He is required to be able to bear good results in a short time.

In more than five years, the name Rionny Mainaky was the name PBSI had hoped for but failed. PBSI has been trying to take Rionny since the days of Gita Wirjawan.

The effort for so many years only bore fruit last year when Rionny Mainaky finally succeeded in getting to the Cipayung National Training Center as the women's singles coach.

After just one year as the women's singles coach, badminton competitions stopped due to the corona outbreak so that Rionny was unable to show her optimal performance in an effort to change the face of the Indonesian women's singles, which has been seen as declining in the last two decades.

As a coach, Rionny cooks abroad, namely in Japan. He has a big role in mentoring top Japanese players who are in the top class of the world today such as Nozomi Okuhara and Kento Momota.

He will not stutter when it comes to setting up a player coaching and improvement program because he has been doing it for years.

But the situation leading up to the 2020 Olympics in 2021 is a situation full of obstacles. The current situation is different compared to the previous few years.

Apart from Rionny having to lead a big fight in the first year, several Pelatnas Cipayung players faced difficult situations.

Athletes have not appeared for eight months in international competitions until the status of Indonesian players on the ability map must be read again.

Several tournaments at the beginning of the year could have been a reference to the status of Indonesian players, especially those who will be representatives to the Olympics, now.

Apart from technical factors, Rionny must also be able to deal with the psychological and psychological pressures encountered by several Indonesian players regarding the ambiguity of the competition in the midst of the corona outbreak.

The corona outbreak has not been completely resolved, although things have gotten better than earlier this year along with the news of the arrival of the vaccine.

Even though BWF has issued a competition agenda throughout the first half of 2021, there is still a chance for cancellations that are encountered at the same time, the situation for each country in the corona outbreak is still different. Even the implementation of the Olympics is inseparable from the possibility of failure.

Under conditions of uncertainty, Rionny had to prepare several Indonesian players to be in a combat-ready state if big events such as the All England, Sudirman Cup, Olympics and Thomas-Uber Cup were finally held successfully.

If later Indonesia wins in several elite tournaments, especially the gold medal at the Olympics, then it's appropriate to take off his hat to Rionny Mainaky not to see him 'simply' continuing the struggle he has made over the last four years.

Because in the future, Rionny Mainaky will have the biggest burden as the person in charge of Indonesia's badminton achievements.

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