After Retirement Marc Marquez Has Prepared Further Plans

After Retirement Marc Marquez Has Prepared Further Plans – The flagship Repsol Honda racer, namely Marc Marquez, has had plans after retiring from the MotoGP title later. Marquez will continue his profession as a mechanic.

As a figure who really loves the world of motor racing, Marc Marquez is often asked by the media about his plans for retiring in the future. Of the many jobs available, Marquez chose mechanics as his main option. This option was taken but not without facts. He wants to find a job not far from the motorcycle world.

“If I wasn't dedicating myself to something I was doing, I would be a mechanic. I really love the world of motorcycles and that could be a step to be there," said Marquez when interviewed by the medium on the spot.

To witness the realization of that, it seems that it will still be a long time. Currently, Marquez is still 27 years old, which is quite young according to racer calculations. Some racers will usually retire in the age range of 35 years. Meaning, more or less Marquez will compete for the next eight years. That number can increase more or less according to the will of the racer himself.

For now, Marquez tends to choose to concentrate on treating his injured arm. He has been on the operating table for the third time and it is not certain that he will make a comeback in the 2021 season. Marquez clearly hopes to recover soon to reclaim his title from Joan Mir's hands.

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