According to Joan Mir, Valentio Rossi is an outrageous parent

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Joan Mir Valentino Rossi
Joan Mir Valentino Rossi

According to Joan Mir, Valentio Rossi is an outrageous parent – 2020 MotoGP champion, Joan Mir, is amazed and confused by Valentino Rossi. This feeling of amazement and confusion cannot be separated from Rossi's age, who is 41 years old but is still active in the world of motor racing.

The Doctor, as Rossi is known, has even confirmed that he will still exist in the world of motorbike racing in the 2021 season. The Italian racer will race in the Petronas Yamaha SRT uniform. If there are no obstacles, Rossi will still be racing in the premier class at the age of 42.

Witnessing this, Joan Mir shook his head. The Suzuki racer said Rossi was a strange figure. "I don't have any words to return," said Mir regarding Rossi, who is actively racing at the age of 41.

"What he did was too much. Some people recommend that they retire. But he is confident in himself.” "He is passionate about motorbikes and with this attitude it is normal that he is in his place and has won what he has achieved," said Joan Mir, taken by

Rossi is now still in the shadow of his 200th podium record. Joan Mir vehemently does not want to help the figure he idolizes. "He still has time to achieve it, (but) I need the podium more than him," he explained.

On the other hand, Mir's will to race is really strong. Apart from beating Rossi, he wants to win over Marc Marquez directly. Last MotoGP 2020, Mir won without resistance from Marc Marquez due to injury. In MotoGP 2021, Marquez will be able to make a comeback even though he has to be absent from several series.

“I would have preferred to beat Marc in 2020, but it's possible that he didn't understand how to manage the first race in the best way, he was injured and absent this season.” “I hate watching anyone have a bad time, let alone a competitor.”

"I want him to recover and see if in 2021 we can have a good and trying season," hoped Joan Mir.


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