Batch 20 pre-employment card registration, see the following method – Batch 20 Pre-Employment Card Registration at Complete Information Following is information on Pre-Employment Card Registration, along with the terms and steps.

It is known that the batch 20 Pre-Employment Card program opens on Thursday (26/8/2021) to today Saturday (28/8/2021).

Previous batches of Pre-Employment Card applicants who have not successfully passed can try the next opportunity in this 20th wave.

As previously reported, the 19th Pre-Employment Card program which opened Monday (16/8/2021) has closed on Thursday (19/8/2021). Meanwhile, through the official Instagram account information regarding registration was conveyed

Pre-Employment Card Registration is now open!

️ The results of the 19th Pre-Employment Card selection have been announced today. See how to check results and how to take training here. Here's how to apply for a Pre-Employment Card based on the previous wave.

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Pre-Employment Card Registration Requirements

  1. Indonesian citizens.
  2. Over 18 years old.
  3. Not at school or college.

How to Create an Account for Pre-Employment Card Registration

  1. Enter the page, click the register now menu.
  2. Type in your full name, email address and password.
  3. Check the incoming email from the Pre-Employment Card, then confirm.
  4. Registration was successful.


Sign in to Account

  1. Enter the page, click login.
  2. Enter the registered email and password.
  3. Login to account successfully.

Fill in Personal Data

  1. After logging into the account, fill in the Identity Card (KTP) verification, click next.
  2. Complete personal data in the form of full name, email address, place of residence, domicile address, education, employment status.
  3. Upload your KTP photo and selfie with your ID, click next.
  4. Verify mobile number, click send.
  5. Enter the OTP code that was sent via SMS to the mobile number, click verify.
  6. Fill in the registrant's statement, complete it, click OK.

Take the Test

  1. Take a 15-minute basic motivation and ability test.
  2. Prepare stationery and paper if needed.
  3. Wait for the notification email from the Pre-Employment Card after completing the test.

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Information regarding the 20th Pre-Employment Card has been submitted. Registrants for the previous batch who have not made it through can try the next opportunity in this 19th batch. See how to check results and how to take training here.

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