This is how to deal with single shaming and understanding single shaming

This is how to deal with single shaming and understanding single shaming – The myth of happily ever after with a partner becomes a story as if someone has to get married at a certain age, especially for a woman.

From its common use of meaning spinster, culture places a disproportionate value on a woman's relationship position.

In fact, there are several benefits to being single, one of which is being able to have many fun activities that you can do as a single.

However, there are also many single memes that make some people think that being single means that a relationship has failed.

“Single shaming stems from the idea that being single is somehow 'lower' to be in a relationship,” says Match dating expert Hayley Quinn.

“This could be expressed as well-meaning (albeit misjudged) praise for a really rude response. Whether coming from nosy relatives or cocky partner partners, these responses can show if there is something inherently odd about being a woman as single by choice," she added.

Hayley Quinn conveyed that of course this idea can be traced back to the traditional (patriarchal) idea that a woman must be viewed from her marital status.

"This is often the first question people ask before even thinking about asking about your profession, friends, or other aspects of life you may care about," she continues.

Following are the psychological effects of Single Shaming as described on the Psychology Today website:

  1. Shame;
  2. Attacking the Soul;
  3. Damaging Achievements
  4. Eroding Self-Esteem;
  5. Depression.

Single women belong to one of the most stigmatized groups. However, single men face stigma but not to a similar degree.

Consider the connotative contrast between "spinster" and "bachelor" or "playboy."

The cultural lie tells us that a woman has not yet reached the peak of true success or become a fully sober person until she walks down the aisle or has a ring on her finger.

The following is a guide to dealing with Single Shaming in the scope of a single life taken from Huffpost:

  1. Tips for Dealing with Shaming in the Office
    – Never Feel Shame;
    - Ignore it;
    – No Need to Talk About Personal Life;
    – Let them know that the main focus right now is work and not romance.
  2. Tips for Dealing with Shaming in Friendships
    – Defend Yourself
    -Be serious
    - Do not be shy
    - Start talking
  3. Tips for Dealing with Shaming in the Family
    – Sarcasm
    – Frank and Honest
    – Never Shame

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