List of Illegal Online Loans Closed by OJK – Did you know that there is a list of illegal online loans that are not yet known by the public, this application has been closed by the financial services authority (OJK) because it is very detrimental to customers.

The good news is that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) recently published a list of closed illegal loans. Tongam L Tobing, as Head of the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI), stated that the steps taken by the OJK are in line with the growth of socialization and education received by the public.

The reason is, OJK admits that it has distributed information related to risk online loans illegally through the mass media, social media, to direct contact with the public.

List of Illegal Online Loans Closed by OJK 2021

DWI further stated that the prohibition or closure of illegal loans was because the business was not hindered by the sanctions previously imposed.

"This illegal loan is a common issue that we must eliminate together to protect the people," said Tongam.

List presence loan It is also hoped that illegal loans that are closed at this time can break the chain of online loan traps and can make people more vigilant before applying for loans.

Curious? Check out the entire list below!

List of Illegal Online Loans Closed by OJK 2021

Below is a list of illegal online loans that have been closed by the OJK, as follows:

  1. Loan hits
  2. Siga loan
  3. Cash Crow
  4. Arena Coffee
  5. Joy CasH
  6. DokuKu – Fast Online Credit Loans without collateral
  7. CashPocket
  8. Dream Fund
  9. Wings wallet
  10. Flash Credit - The Fastest Online Fund Loan
  11. Our Fund
  12. My Money – The Safest KTA Rupiah Loan
  13. Cash Advance - Unsecured Loans
  14. Current Funds – Borrow Money Online Cash Funds
  15. Main Brilliant
  16. Real Cash – Cash Loans Credit Cash Funds
  17. Secured Loans - Rupiah Fund Online Loans
  18. Let's Loan Money Cash Credit Cash Funds
  19. Rupiah Credit – List of Credit Cash Loans
  20. Mobil Wallet – Online Money Loans Credit Funds
  21. My Rupees
  22. IDR Loan Pro – Quick Loan Money Fund
  23. Have Money – Online Loans Without the Hassle
  24. There are Rupiah
  25. i-Dompet Fast Flash Cash Loans
  26. DuitKita Pro
  27. Take a Loan – Money is here
  28. Cash - Fast, Secure, Low Interest
  29. Cash Funds – The Easiest and Safest Online Loans
  30. Easy Borrow – Money & Funds
  31. Easy Borrow – Information of Cash
  32. Rupiah Plus
  33. Friends of Rupiah – Cash Loans Credit Cash Funds
  34. KU Money Tree – Easy Rupiah Fund Loans
  35. Dana Now Loans Cash Credit Dana Cash
  36. Dana Now Loans Cash Credit Dana Cash
  37. Danaway
  38. DSO Pocket Wallet
  39. Easy Funds – Unsecured Online Money Loans
  40. Rhino credit
  41. Snack Money - Borrow Liquid and Easy Online Funds
  42. Snack Money - Borrow Liquid and Easy Online Funds
  43. City of Gold
  44. Credits
  45. Pocket Rupiah – Cash Credit Cash Loans
  46. Pocket Rupiah – Cash Credit Cash Loans
  47. Fast Funds – Fast Liquid Online Money Loans Info List
  48. Lots of Money
  49. Lightning Fast KTA – Borrowing information online immediately disburses information
  50. Quick coin
  51. Borrow gold
  52. Solutions Funds
  53. Gajahcash – Find the Best Application Here
  54. Real wallet – Can borrow money
  55. Q funds
  56. KSP Fast Funds – Loans Cash Credit Funds
  57. Rupiah Flash – Fast Liquid Online Loans apk
  58. KTA Cash Loans - Fast Easy Funds Loans
  59. Cash Pocket – Cash Fund Online Money Loans
  60. Money… fast
  61. Pop Loan: Borrow Fast Money KTA Easy Cash Funds apk
  62. Pop Credit – Fast Funds Online Cash Loans
  63. Sources of Cash – Fast Liquid Online Fund Loans
  64. Express Cash – Liquid Cash Loans Online Credit 1.0.0 APK
  65. Credit_safe
  66. Money_fast_
  67. Get Rich Quick
  68. Danacepatindonesia_
  69. Withdraw Funds - Fast Rupiah Cash Loans
  70. Just Borrow – Unsecured Online Loans
  71. Rupiah Flash – Fast Funds Online Cash Loans
  72. Cash Money – Fast Credit Online Money Loans
  73. There is Credit – unsecured online loans
  74. Secured Funds – Low Interest Cash Online Loans
  75. Rupiah Maju – Liquid online cash loans
  76. Bear – Funds/Cash/Cash Loan Online
  78. Pocket Rupiah – Unsecured Online Credit Loans
  79. Cash Loans – Borrow Money Funds quickly online
  80. Quick Loans – easy cash online loans
  81. Indo Cash Pro – Cash Credit Cash Loans
  82. Mr Rupiah: Loans of online funds are immediately disbursed
  83. Bittoken – Rupiah Fund Fast Cash Online Loans
  84. May Borrow – Flash Money Loan Funds Online
  85. LoanNow
  86. Pinjamaria – Fast Rupiah Cash Loans

Characteristics of Illegal Online Loans

Characteristics of Illegal Online Loans

The loan application is said to be illegal if the money lending mechanism offered conflicts with regulations and can be detrimental to society.

To prevent and find victims of illegal loans, you need to know the characteristics of loans that do not have legality or are illegal, as follows:

  1. Not registered with OJK
  2. Does not have OJK permit
  3. Offers using SMS or WhatsApp
  4. Interest and penalties range from 1 to 4% per day
  5. Other additional costs are high, can reach 40% of the loan value
  6. The repayment period given is very short
  7. Provide personal data requirements, such as contacts, photos, videos, and also home location
  8. Doing unethical billing in the form of tenors, intimidation and harassment
  9. Do not have a clear complaint service and office identity

How to Check Legal or Illegal Loans

Below we have discussed how to check whether a loan is illegal or not, as follows:

1. OJK website

  1. First you need to open the OJK website
  2. Select the IKNB (non-bank financial industry) menu then click Fintech
  3. After that, an up-to-date list of fintech lending providers that are licensed by OJK or platforms will appear
  4. Legal online loans

2. WhatsApp OJK

  1. First, you need to save the official OJK number, namely 081157157157
  2. Send a message with the loan format you want to check
  3. Wait for confirmation from WhatsApp OJK regarding the legal status of the loan

How to Check Legal or Illegal Loans

3. OJK Telephone Number

You can call the OJK number, by typing 157

4. OJK e-mail

Finally, you can also use the OJK e-mail to check the legality status of online loans with the e-mail address [email protected]


The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has published a List of Closed Illegal Online Loans. OJK claims to have distributed information regarding the risk of illegal online loans through the mass media, social media, and direct contact with the public.

Thus the article about the list of illegal online loans that have been closed by the OJK, I hope the information above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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