How to open a successful bank account without NPWP 100% – How to open an account for new customers is very easy, even though there are fees incurred for the initial deposit, here's how to open a bank account without an NPWP. Currently, there are already many banks that you can save to save, such as Mandiri Bank, BRI, BNI, BTN, BCA, and others.

The way to open an account for new customers is also very easy, even though there is indeed a fee incurred for the initial deposit. So, is it possible to open a bank account without using a NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number)?

Banks can be said as a business entity with transactions related to money, receiving deposits (deposits) from customers, providing funds for each withdrawal, collecting checks at the customer's order, providing credit, and investing excess customer deposits until they are needed again.

How to Open a Bank Account

How to Open an Online Bank Account

  • In general, the function of a bank is to collect funds from the general public and distribute them to the public in the form of credit or credit for various purposes.
  • In these features, issued banks, and the most famous and common is savings. This is a deposit where the deposit is made all at once, but for withdrawal, although it can be done at any time, it is limited by the bank.
  • This product is slightly different from a deposit, which is a bank deposit that is deposited all at once with a certain interest and for a certain period of time. From the customer's point of view, from a macroeconomic point of view, savings are the portion of household income that is not consumed within a certain period.
  • In other words, saving is the difference between income and consumption. It can also benefit that the savings are as great as the investments. Savings products aimed at saving money must have advantages in order to attract customers to find their money with deposit.
  • There are several factors that are often considered by the community before deciding to save at a bank, including trust in the bank, guarantees of a sense of security, and accessibility.
  • Especially for accessibility, this can be said as the ease of approaching. In addition, accessibility can also be defined as the ease of interaction. A number of factors can be accessed with this accessibility, including the location of the bank to the requirements for opening a savings account for prospective new customers.

Each bank must provide specific requirements for people who wish to open savings accounts, including Bank Mandiri, BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia), and BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia). Generally, prospective customers are required to submit a photocopy of their identity and initial deposit, not a few require other provisions, such as an NPWP.

How to open an independent account without a NPWP

On its official website, actually Bank Mandiri has stated explicitly that an NPWP is mandatory for everyone who wants to open a new account. However, the bank provides exceptions for prospective customers under the age of 17, housewives (not working), students, or non-taxable income. They only need to fill out a statement which can be accessed at Bank Mandiri branch offices.

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