10 Best Selling Food Franchise Businesses in Indonesia

Rancakmedia.com – Are you interested in starting a food franchise business? If so, below we recommend the 10 best-selling food franchise businesses in Indonesia.

Franchise business is a very attractive business choice because you don't need to create a brand and system from scratch. Now there are various kinds of franchise companies, ranging from food franchises, beverage franchises to modern coffee franchises.

Starting a business there are definitely dangers that must be overcome. Not all companies can operate smoothly and enjoy prosperity, even the food business. Even though food is a basic need, food companies have the potential to fail if not handled properly.

Best-selling Food Franchise Business

There is one way to build a food business with minimal risk, and that is by following a system Franchise. At least you don't need to do branding from the start because people already know the brand and goods you sell. Less capital required.

Food is a promising option to turn into a business, because of course food is something we really need. However, it is not easy to develop branding from the food itself. Not always what is given can attract the attention of others.

Eits, don't give up just yet! Because there are alternatives that are more practical and definitely in demand, one of which is by running a food business that is well-known in the neighborhood.

Dubbed the Franchise business, here you only need to buy the Franchise license you want from the franchisor (franchise provider) (franchise provider). By choosing a franchise business, the level of complexity in business is also reduced, because you already know what food you will sell and who your target customers are.

However, not all franchises can be successful if you choose a food brand that not many people know about. For that, see the various recommendations for the most popular food franchise businesses in 2021 and the list of best-selling food franchises in Indonesia below!

Tips for Running a Franchise Business

Before running a food franchise business, you need to know tips for running it so that the business you run earns a sizable income, namely:

1. Choose a Franchise According to Your Business Goals

Many people run a company to get a sizable profit, therefore they choose a franchise business. For that, you also have to choose a franchise business that suits your interests and goals.

Choose a Franchise According to Your Business Goals

That way, you will have confidence and a strong drive to work. You will also feel happy so that you can produce optimal performance.

2. Research and Franchise Opportunities

By evaluating the potential of a franchise business, you can find out how much profit you will receive. You have to know the franchisor's strengths and limitations, calculate the franchise price, visit the franchisor with the same product, look for market testimonials on the internet about the selected product, and whether the franchisor will last long.

If you still haven't received an answer, you can contact a Franchise consultant to help choose the best one.

It is very important to check thoroughly before starting a business, to reduce the risk of failure. Every franchise business definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages, for that you have to know it.

3. Prepare Your Business Plan

After carefully choosing the product franchise you want to work on, try to draw up your overall business plan.

Writing a business plan helps you control how your business operates, and you can pitch it to investors as well.

You have to consider everything carefully, because running a business requires careful study and there is no rush.

4. Adjust the Business with Your Own Capital

This is the most important component of any business plan before starting. Because, capital is one of the variables that affect how much you can pay to buy a franchise license, so you can modify the capital you have.

Franchise Research and Opportunity

The price of the franchise license provided by the franchisor varies greatly, depending on how big and well-known the brand is.

Best Selling Food Franchise Business List

Below are the most popular types of food franchise businesses this year, which are as follows:

1. Meatballs Joss Joss

Meatballs are one of the most delicious foods to eat in a different setting, especially when the price is reasonable. Of the many choices of meatball stalls scattered throughout Indonesia, you could say Bakso Rusuk Joss is one of the most famous and very viral meatball stalls on social media.

Bakso Rusuk Joss already has 13 stores spread throughout Indonesia. With affordable meatball prices, and a variety of creative and spicy meatball dishes, Joss rib meatballs can be your franchise business choice.

2. Baba Rafi Kebabs

Kebab is not a traditional Indonesian food, but Indonesian people are very interested in kebabs. This traditional Turkish food gives a very good taste and is very satisfying.

Well, one of the most well-known kebab franchisors in Indonesia is Kebab Baba Rafi, you must have heard about it a lot, right? Kebab Baba Rafi already has hundreds of locations throughout Indonesia and has penetrated 10 countries. So don't even think about purchasing a Kebab Baba Rafi Franchise license if it's not accessible in your area.

Tips for Running a Franchise Business

3. Warunk Upnormal

Young people really prefer to hang out in a comfortable place to just relax with friends, especially if the snacks provided are in the form of snacks such as instant noodles, toast, and cold drinks.

Surely you have often heard of Warunk Upnormal, a restaurant that is always busy because it offers snacks. Now if you buy a Warunk Upnormal Franchise license, chances are that your restaurant will be packed with customers, especially on weekends.

4. Meatball Benhil

Apart from the Joss Rib Meatballs, now try to check out these Benhil Meatballs, because the prices offered are also very cheap. There must be a lot of people visiting your house, because meatballs are always liked by all ages.

5. Savanna

Who doesn't love fried chicken? This traditional United States (US) fried chicken is very popular at almost all ages. Initially this fried chicken was launched by a big fast food restaurant with quite a high price, but Sabana brought fried chicken to a wider market with a much more reasonable price.

It is very important for you to consider purchasing a Sabana Franchise license, because Sabana outlets are always sought after by people.

Franchise Research and Opportunity

6. Sogogi Shabu & Grill'

Now restaurants offering the All You Can Eat (AYCE) menu are in great demand from all ages. In addition to the many menus provided for Shabu and Grill options, the prices offered are also very cheap. Many AYCE restaurants, such as Sogogi, only set prices starting at IDR 80,000. No wonder Sogogi has many customers and already has 11 locations throughout Indonesia.

7. Martabak Orin

Sweet and egg martabak always have their own admirers, therefore sales of the two types of martabak are usually strong. Indeed, basically martabak is a very delicious food to eat when hanging out with friends.

Well, there is one martabak franchisor that is really a hit, namely Martabak Orins. Try buying a Martabak Orins franchise license, because they also provide tipkers, aka thin dry martabak menus that other martabak franchisors rarely provide.

8. Taisi Jeletot Tofu

One of the most famous snacks is jeletot tofu, this typical Bandung food that gives a spicy taste which is one of the favorites of the Indonesian people. Well Taisi Jeletot Tofu is one of the franchisors that offers very delicious jeletot tofu.

The cheap price makes people definitely buy tofu jeletot for snacks. You can try purchasing a license for Taisi Jeletot Tofu if this snack is not commonly available in your area.

The Best Food Franchises in 2021

9. Sing

Usually, fast food places often provide burgers or rice with fried chicken, rarely offering a menu of fish & chips. Maybe some of you have never heard of Ngikan, a food franchisor that provides a menu of fish & chips.

Indeed, Ngikan is still young, but you can hook fried fish fans to try this menu from Ngikan. So you can attract a lot of fried fish fans if you buy this Ngikan Franchise license.

10. Ice high 77

Es Teler 77 may already be familiar to your ears, because this restaurant which is famous for its noodles and Es Teler has been established since 1982. Even Es Teler 77 has penetrated Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, you can understand how famous Es Teler 77 is.

It may be very expensive to buy a Franchise license for Es Teler 77, but due to its popularity, Es Teler 77 might earn you a substantial income. So try to think carefully!


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the food franchise business, as follows:

Prepare Your Business Plan

Franchie Richeese Factory Prices?

The capital needed for the Richeece Factory franchise is around 4 to 6 billion.

Can Mie Gacoan be a franchise?

You need to know that Mie Gacoan opens a franchise scheme for business partners who want to open new branches.


Food is a promising option to become a business. By choosing a Food Franchise Business, the level of complexity in business is reduced.

Not all franchises can be successful, if you choose a food brand that not many people know about. For that, consider the various recommendations for the most popular food franchise businesses for 2021. It is important to examine them thoroughly before starting a franchise business.

Every franchise business definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages, for that you have to know it. Bakso Joss Rib is one of the most delicious foods to eat in a different setting, especially when the price is reasonable.

Kebab Baba Rafi is one of the most famous kebab franchisor in Indonesia. Warunk Upnormal is a restaurant that is always crowded because it offers snacks. The All You Can Eat Sogogi Shabu & Grill menu is in great demand from all ages.

Martabak Orins, Es Teler 77, and Nah Tahu Jeletot Taisi are some of the best Martabak Franchisors. Ngikan is a food franchisor that provides a fish & chips menu. Purchasing a franchise license for Ngikan can help you attract more fried fish fans.

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