List of Trusted Investments with the Best Daily Profits – Having a list of trusted investments is the most appropriate choice, when you are in financial trouble. The reason is, with investment, the value of assets and wealth will increase and be independent in financial terms.

So what exactly is an investment? Investment is an investment in a company or asset to gain profit. Investments are usually associated with individuals who are already working and earning a significant salary.

However, in this day and age, there are daily profit investments that can be made for very little money. Even if it's a small amount of money, daily profit investing provides returns in the near future.

So what is daily profit investing? So, for people who are confused about choosing a good daily profit investment, the following bankers offer the right answer. So for those who don't know, please read the in-depth review below.

Daily Profit Trusted Investment List

There are many investment type very profitable daily profits. With the many benefits that can be obtained from investing, there's nothing wrong with trying to invest. There are many types of simple capital investments that you can try, see the complete information in the following article.

Investment Type Daily Profit

1. Gold

Gold is the simplest and best known investment. Gold investments are usually in the form of precious metals, jewelry, bullion and digital gold. The advantage that can be obtained from this investment is that you can sell at any time, especially when the price of gold is high.

That way, you will get a big advantage. Then this income can be used to increase your investment. So, for those of you who want to invest in gold, you can invest gold in a bank. Currently there are many BEST BANK FOR GOLD INVESTMENT in Indonesia.

2. Stocks

Besides gold, you can also invest in stocks. Shares are a symbol of ownership in the company. The higher the risk of a stock, the higher the profit that can be obtained from investing in stocks.

However, this investment should not be done haphazardly. The reason is, if you want to try investing in stocks, then you must have the ability to evaluate the types of shares and the accuracy of capital placement.

3. Time Deposits

Deposits are a way of saving money for a long period of time. The advantage of this investment is that it has a lower risk with a higher interest rate compared to conventional savings.

In other words, savings are the same as deposits, but have a specified time period depending on the agreement. Usually the term of the deposit is from 3 to 12 months. However, it should be noted that deposits cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date.

The reason is, if you withdraw a deposit before the due date, the bank will be penalized. You can make a time deposit at a bank. There are many BEST BANK FOR DEPOSIT in Indonesia.

4. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one of the simplest investments with the least risk. Mutual funds are a collection of investor funds that will be realized in the form of assets, either in the form of stocks, bonds or securities.

The capital needed to invest is very small and cheap. The minimum amount of funds invested is only around 50 thousand to 500 thousand. Another advantage of this investment is that the funds will continue to increase.

5. Properties

Another investment that you can try is property investment. Land, property and others are traditional investments. Investing in property is very easy, because it can be done using simple methods.

This property investment is very profitable. The reason is that with a model that is not too big, you will be able to get quite significant benefits. This investment might be the right choice to add to your financial assets.

Investment Online Profit Daily

1. Stock trading at PT Mirae Asset

Mirae Asset is one of the best locations to invest in the Indonesian modeling industry. This is shown by the increasing number of investors every year, therefore it is not surprising that Mirae Asset is the best place to invest.

The possible benefits if you invest in this place are competitive transaction fees. Apart from that, Mirae Asset also offers free educational services every month, which will cover trading activities.

2. Arbinvesta

Apart from Mirae Asset, you can also invest daily profits online at Arbinvesta. Arbinvesta is one of the most widespread online investment service providers in the field of sports exchanges.

Arbinvesta provides three types of investment including passive investment, referral investment and active investment. In addition, Arbinvesta is also a legal investment place that is free floating and free from the risk of failure.

3. Manulife Sharia Sukuk Indonesia (MSSI)

MSSI is an Islamic mutual fund product from Manulife that provides many benefits for anyone who invests in Manulife. One of the advantages of this investment is that it is tax free.

By investing in MSSI, you only need to deposit 10,000 as an initial purchase of mutual funds. Meanwhile, subsequent purchases are also just as cheap, which is only 10 thousand.

Those are some daily profit investments that might offer for you. By investing, you can increase the value of your assets and wealth and can prepare for a good future. So, it might help.


The following is a question and answer session regarding the information that we have provided above.

What Investment Can 3 Million Money Be Used For?

You can choose an investment product for a salary of 3 million in the form of a mutual fund if you plan to use the money from the investment in the next 5 years. You can choose to invest in fixed income mutual funds. Fixed income mutual funds have a portfolio mostly in the form of bonds.

What Investment Is Suitable for Beginners?

So, here are the best types of investments that are perfect for novice investors:

  1. Deposit
  2. Gold
  3. Bond
  4. Share
  5. Property
  6. Mutual Funds

Investment for Young People?

This is a list of suitable investments for young people

  1. P2P Lending Investment (Peer to Peer)
  2. Mutual Fund Investment
  3. Gold Investment
  4. Investment Trading Forex
  5. Stock Investment
  6. Crypto Asset Investment


Having an investment is the most appropriate choice, when you are in trouble finance. There are many types of simple capital investments that you can try. For those who are confused about choosing a good daily gain investment, the following bankers offer the right answer for the uninitiated.

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