10 Most Profitable Types of Short Term Investments

Rancakmedia.com – Short-term investments are investments with a maturity of 1 year or less. In contrast to long-term investments, the goal is to make a profit or profit soon.

Investing, both long term and short term can make you rich if you know the plan. All investments give you returns, as long as you know how. At least how to choose the right investment vehicle and when to buy an investment.

It takes precision and rationality in investing, if you are good at investing, then you will profit. But if you are not good at investing, then you will lose. So in choosing an investment, you must be careful in taking action and already have confidence in the investment.

According to the time, investment is divided into two phases, namely long-term and short-term investment. For those of you who believe you are still a beginner and don't know much about investing, don't hesitate to learn about it.

Short term and long term investment, both are equally profitable if done the right way. Short term investments are usually for a few months or years, whereas long term investments can last for decades.

10 Examples of Short Term Investments

Here are ten examples investment for the short term the most profitable:

Here are 10 examples of the most profitable short-term investments

1. Bank Savings

This form of investment is the simplest and also the fastest to get profits. Anyone can invest in bank savings because it does not require large funds.

Saving cash in a bank has the advantage that money can be withdrawn anytime and from anywhere as long as there is an ATM machine. It's just that the results are very low, namely less than 2 percent per year. Therefore, choose a bank with the highest interest. After creating an account, it is up to the customer to put how much money into it.

2. Bank Deposits

Many consider it the greatest type of short-term investment because it is the safest, deposits provide greater returns than savings. It's just that there are drawbacks to this deposit, namely the customer is not free to withdraw the money deposited because it is limited by the chosen time period.

The procedure is almost the same as creating a savings account. It's just that the initial deposit required is very high, a minimum of IDR 5 million. Most of these investment decisions are made by business people and MSMEs.


Including the type of investment in the form of buying and selling operations in other countries' currencies. This type of investment is recognized as providing the highest risk of other types of investment where the main concept is "High Risk High Gain" or big risk, big reward.

Not a few investors are trying to get involved in this short-term investment even though it is dangerous. Investors can buy a devaluing currency and then sell it again when the price rises.

4. Stocks

Often considered a long-term option, it can also be the most profitable short-term investment option for investors. The way stocks operate is simply that the investor has ownership of the business in proportion to the percentage of shares owned.

Investors can buy shares in official securities companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The idea of this stock is simple, buy when the price is low and sell back when the price creeps up. Apart from the profit from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, investors also have the potential to receive dividends or company profits if distributed.

Shares are obtained by buying them in large quantities. So one lot of shares is equal to 100 shares. This means that when investors redeem 1 lot of shares, they will receive 100 shares. When investors want to buy 1 lot of shares, they must provide the cash equivalent of 100 shares.

For example, Unilever's share price is Rp. 15,000, then investors who want to buy 1 lot of shares must pay Rp. 15,000 x 100 = Rp. 1,500,000. It's important to remember, in the short term, not to buy certain high-risk stocks. Buy exchange traded funds (ETFs) to reduce short-term risk.

5. Gold

Everyone must know the advantages of investing in gold. Among other things, the price is stable enough, strong enough to withstand the effects of inflation and liquid or easily disbursed. Apart from traditional gold in physical form, online gold investments are also starting to be provided.

There are various advantages of investing in gold online, including: the buying and selling mechanism is quite simple because it is run through an application on a cellphone, there is zero possibility of it being lost or stolen because it is in the form of online gold, and when it is sold, the money generated goes directly to the current owner's account.

Even though online gold, if the owner wants its physical form, it can be immediately produced in the form of bars. The last advantage, online gold investment is very cheap, starting from IDR 5,000 you can do it.

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