Table of BRI KUR Installment 2023 Complete with Requirements – It is important for you to know the KUR BRI 2023 installment table, to find out the latest information about interest rates, maximum ceilings and also the requirements for applying for KUR.

BRI People's Business Credit (KUR) is a productivity loan program that is useful for facilitating capital needs for entrepreneurs, especially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs.

Unlike Kupedes, BRI's People's Business Credit or KUR has received interest subsidies from the government in 12-month installments.

The people's business credit ceiling or BRI KUR is very flexible depending on the type of KUR you want to apply for, such as Micro, Retail, or Super Micro KUR without collateral.

Required Requirements from KUR BRI 2023

No less competitive than other banks, you can also apply for BRI People's Business Credit online through the official website.

You can also find the KUR BRI 2023 installment table as a simulation of the latest loan installments easily through online media, one of which we will discuss below.

In the midst of declining people's purchasing power due to the recent Covid-19, the availability of capital is one of the keys for MSMEs to survive and develop their businesses.

For perpetrators MSMEs, capital requirements sometimes put pressure and a solution must be found immediately.

Fortunately, this year the government has increased the allocation of KUR 2023 funds to IDR 373.17 trillion so that MSMEs have a greater opportunity to apply for business capital loans.

Although the issue of capital loans is indeed very sensitive, especially for business people. But if you just leave it like that, the business might decline even more stuck in the middle of the road.

That's why the best solution to overcome the lack of working capital is actually very easy, just take advantage of the KUR program with easy installments according to the table in the brochure.

Required Requirements from KUR BRI 2023

The following are the requirements for applying for BRI KUR:

1. Terms of Micro KUR

KUR Micro is a type of business capital loan with low interest that can be used as a working capital or investment loan. The target recipients of KUR Micro are productive business owners with a minimum business period of 6 months.

The following are the requirements for Micro KUR:

  1. Indonesian citizens who have productive and eligible types of businesses as recipients of the KUR program.
  2. The business has been running for at least 6 months in a row.
  3. Credit recipients are not currently enjoying productive credit facilities either from BRI or other banks.
  4. Fill out the application form and complete the required documents such as KTP, Family Card, and Business Legality Letter.
  5. Photocopy of additional collateral legality, such as BPKB Motor or other types of assets that can be used as collateral.

Micro KUR Terms

2. Terms of Small or Retail KUR

This type of loan is intended for medium-sized MSME business actors, because the available loan ceiling reaches 500 million rupiah, collateral is a mandatory requirement in applying for this loan. Collaterals that can be used include house or land certificates, as well as vehicle BPKBs.

Now for those of you who want to apply for a Retail KUR loan, with a submission value starting from Rp. 25 million to Rp. 500 million, these are the conditions:

  1. An Indonesian citizen who is a productive business actor and is eligible to receive retail-type people's business loans from BRI.
  2. The beneficiary is not currently enjoying productive credit services whether received through BRI or other banks.
  3. The minimum age of the business being run is 6 months
  4. The business undertaken is a legal business that has pocketed a permit or certificate that can replace it.
  5. Photocopies of valuable assets, such as Car BPKB or house certificates that will be used as additional collateral.

3. Terms of KUR for TKI

This type of loan is intended for prospective migrant workers who will work abroad, especially in countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

BRI will provide capital with a maximum ceiling of 25 million rupiah for prospective migrant workers who will work abroad. The interest rate on this loan is low, only 6%, and has a maximum tenor of 36 months or according to the work contract.

TKI financing can only be submitted by prospective Indonesian workers who already have a work contract, with the following conditions:

  1. The prospective debtor is an Indonesian citizen who is going abroad.
  2. Submit a credit application by completing the application form provided to get the BRI TKI KUR.
  3. Complete the necessary documents such as KTP, KK, work placement agreement, and so on.

People's business credit deserves to be the main choice for the lower middle class, especially for those who do business in the field of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in seeking business capital loans.

Through this program, opportunities to develop businesses are increasingly open. If you are interested in applying for venture capital this year, please visit the BRI unit to apply for BRI KUR or simply find out more information.

Table of BRI KUR Installment 2023

With reference to the interest rate of 6% pa, we can make the 2023 BRI KUR installment table as follows:

Table of BRI KUR Installment 2023

List of Advantages of Doing BRI KUR Loans

Apart from being the largest bank in Indonesia, BRI is of course one of the most widely used banks in Indonesia.

With Bank BRI you can get the most quota and funds compared to other banks in channeling KUR.

In addition, there are other advantages provided by KUR BRI, as follows:

Here are some of the benefits you can get by applying for a KUR loan at BRI:

  1. Availability of the largest KUR funds and quota.
  2. There are many BRI branch offices and they are spread in almost every sub-district in Indonesia.
  3. Low interest rates, which is only 6% per year.
  4. Various types of KUR loans include Micro KUR, Super Micro KUR, Retail KUR, and TKI KUR.
  5. Submissions can be made online.
  6. Easy requirements to fulfill.
  7. The BRI KUR Installment table is easy to find.
  8. Collateral is not required (depending on the type of KUR loan).
  9. Easy payment process, can be via auto debit from your BRI savings.

The most complete way to apply for KUR BRI

Below are How to apply for KUR BRI offline and online that you can do easily, as follows:

1. How to apply for KUR BRI by coming in person

You can apply for a KUR BRI loan through several service units such as unit offices, Supporting Units, Teras BRI, and Teras BRI Kapal.

The first step is to visit the nearest service office to find out the requirements, procedures for submitting, and a simulation of the available 2023 BRI KUR installment table.

If the requirements are ready, you can fill out the application form completely and accurately. After that, the officer will analyze the feasibility of your business through a direct survey in the field.

This analysis will determine whether the KUR application will be accepted or rejected. If the application is approved, there will be information regarding the terms and conditions of the monthly installments and the process for disbursing funds to the account.

2. Submission of BRI KUR via Mantri BRI (KUR)

A position at Bank BRI called Mantri BRI has the task of finding and analyzing potential KUR debtors and recommending them to leaders.

In order to achieve the target of channeling large BRI KUR funds, Mantri must be skilled in finding prospective debtors and promoting products so that they can be widely recognized by the public.

In today's digital era, a lot of information about applying for BRI KUR is disseminated through online media. You can contact Mantri BRI to ask for product information and apply for People's Business Credit in accordance with applicable regulations.

Submission of BRI KUR via Mantri BRI (KUR)

Even though the application is made through Mantri, the process and requirements for applying for BRI KUR remain the same as applying directly. Prospective debtors must fill out the submission form and complete the required requirements.

In essence, the BRI Mantri's task is limited to approaching the prospective debtor, while further processes and procedures are the same as direct submissions.

3. How to apply for KUR BRI online

For those of you who have a business on a marketplace platform, you can apply for BRI KUR online.

You can apply without collateral with a ceiling of Rp. 500,000,000. Following are the procedures for applying for KUR BRI, including:

  1. First of all, visit the official KUR BRI website
  2. Register by clicking 'register now'. If you have registered, login to the KUR system by entering your email address and password. Or, use your Google account to login.
  3. Continue to fill out the general form completely and carefully, making sure no data is missed.
  4. Complete the business form correctly according to your business conditions.
  5. Because BRI works with e-commerce in Indonesia, make sure to enter e-commerce data correctly and select the platform used, such as Tokopedia or Shopee.
  6. BRI requires official documents such as KTP, SKU, and other documents. Upload all requested documents.
  7. Finally, determine the loan ceiling and the desired KUR tenor. After that, complete your online KUR Micro loan application and wait for a decision from the bank. It is important for prospective KUR debtors to understand the BRI KUR 2023 table so they don't choose the wrong loan ceiling.

Tips for Your KUR BRI Loan to be Approved

As a prospective debtor who wants to apply for a loan, of course we want our application to be approved quickly by BRI. However, keep in mind that not all incoming KUR applications will be approved by the bank.

Even though the requirements have been met, the application can still be rejected due to several other factors. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you get approved for a KUR BRI loan:

Tips for Your KUR BRI Loan to be Approved

  1. Make sure you don't have credit or loans at other banks, except for consumer loans such as mortgages, KKB, or credit cards.
  2. Make sure your credit record is good, without bad credit on BI checking.
  3. Make sure that your business is feasible and has been running.
  4. Ensure that all requirements have been met.
  5. Be cooperative and polite to BRI officers.


BRI People's Business Credit (KUR) is a productivity loan program that is useful for facilitating capital needs for entrepreneurs, especially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs.

This is information about the BRI KUR installment table for 2023, complete with requirements. I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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