How to Register InstaForex for New Users InstaForex or currency trading (buying and selling) is still being talked about online. Here we provide information on how to register insta forex for beginners, please read the information in this review.

One account of InstaForex compared to other leading Forex sites is that InstaForex gives you the first time you register an instant bonus of $1000 on a real (real) account. Therefore, many people are interested in registering and registering with InstaForex.

After testing it, the $1000 bonus we received was actually in our InstaForex balance. In fact, this balance can be used for trading. It's not wrong for Yukampus to choose InstaForex as one of the best and leading brokers in Indonesia.

Let's take a look at how to register a real account (trading account) at InstaForex which has the motto of being the best broker in Asia.

How to Register InstaForex for New Users

How to Register InstaForex

  1. First, click on the Open a Trading Account link
  2. Second, please fill in your personal data with your full name, email address and active telephone number (try to fill in the original data because it will be needed to check) then click "Open an account"
  3. Instruction Letter Menu is optional only. If you check it, you will receive regular InstaForex updates by e-mail. If it's out of control, that's okay.
  4. After this, account data, passwords and Trading servers are sent via email and SMS, the data is then stored properly.
  5. To access InstaForex dashboard page, click on “Client Cabinet.”
  6. Done, we have a real InstaForex account.
  7. We cannot trade, deposit or withdraw once we have a real InstaForex account. The first step we have to do is verify. Please note that two verification procedures are required at InstaForex and the InstaForex system takes up to 72 hours to complete application we. Be patient, then.

How to Verify Insta Forex KTP Account

  1. Please select “Account Settings” in the sidebar of the client cabinet page (dashboard), then select “Account Check” again.
  2. This article describes the two required verification steps. The first is to upload KTP such as KTP, Passport, etc.
  3. The key is to upload two photos of your KTP, passport, driver's license or other identification at the first verification stage (front view and back view)
  4. Then click “Upload” and wait for the InstaForex verification email saying that you have verified your account in the first stage.
  5. After completing the first phase, return to the same page (client cabinet) and check the second phase
  6. Please upload a document showing your home address during the Second Verification Phase, you can use another identity card or driver's license as both letters provide your residential address.
  7. Click "Upload" again and wait until the verification procedure is complete (maximum 72 hours or 3 days)
  8. If there is a verification problem with InstaForex (after 72 hours the account has not been verified, please contact InstaForex Indonesia technical support at or email

How to Login InstaForex Real MetaTrader Account

If you are already registered and verified with InstaForex, the next step is to login with InstaForex.

How to Login InstaForex Real MetaTrader Account

  1. You can download one MetaTrader application for Windows, Mac or Android.
  2. Currently, we have account data, trading servers and passwords when registered. Use InstaForex login data in MetaTrader.
  3. Open the MetaTrader program.
  4. Our server, for example, is InstaForex-USA, so choose InstaForex-USA from the wide selection of servers and InstaForex-UK can be accessed.
  5. Don't forget to provide the correct name and password for your account and then click Login.
  6. Done, you have successfully joined InstaForex real live account customer (Trading) firm.


Below is a question and answer session, if there is something you want to ask, please read the information below:

What is the minimum deposit at Instaforex?

All InstaForex accounts have a minimum deposit of only $5 and offer two micro trading accounts.

Is Instaforex $1000 Bonus Cashable?

The winnings generated from the bonus can be withdrawn from the account without any restrictions.

Is InstaForex Legal?

If we talk about its legality in its home country which is Cyprus, then InstaForex is legal because it is regulated by CySEC.

How to Register InstaForex for New Users


InstaForex gives you the first time you register an instant bonus of $1000 on a real (real) account. After registering, please fill in your personal data in the form of full name, email address and active telephone number. Account data, passwords and trading servers are sent by e-mail and SMS to the server.

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