How to Activate Shopee Paylater and How to Pay for It – For those of you who are new users and want to know, you can use how to activate shopee paylater and how to pay for it in the article we provide below.

This facility will make it easier for Shopee users to buy an item and pay for it in installments. Every purchase of an item using Shopee PayLater is also subject to interest. Then how much interest?

How to Activate Shopee PayLater These Terms and Conditions

Understanding shopee paylater terms and conditions limits on shopee paylater interest on shopee paylater due date on shopee paylater how to pay shopee paylater interest in conclusion even though interest is charged, paying using shopee paylater will make it easier for shopee users to buy the desired item.

Understanding Shopee PayLater

Shopee PayLater is a loan product from Shopee in the form of a credit limit. This loan is given to certain Shopee users who have met the terms and criteria set by Shopee. That means not all Shopee users can get PayLater loan facilities.

Shopee will review the eligibility of each account, whether it is entitled to a Shopee PayLater loan or not. If eligible, users can activate Shopee PayLater to get a credit limit that can be used to shop or buy products at Shopee.

There are two types of Shopee PayLater services. The first is 1x installments or Buy Now Pay Later. This loan was organized by PT Lentera Dana Nusantara. Then the second is the 2x, 3x, 6x, and 12x installment program organized by the finance company PT Commerce Finance.

PT Lentera Dana Nusantara and PT Commerce Finance are two finance companies that have collaborated with Shopee to provide a cardless installment program. Both have been directly supervised by the OJK (Financial Services Authority) so they are guaranteed to be safe.

How to Activate Shopee PayLater These Terms and Conditions

As we said above, not all Shopee users can get this loan facility. There are several terms and conditions in order to activate Shopee PayLater.

The conditions for how to activate shopee paylater are as follows:
Understanding Shopee PayLater

  1. As an Indonesian Citizen
  2. The minimum age for Shopee Paylater applicants is 17 years
  3. Already have an identity card in the form of a KTP
  4. Prospective Shopee Paylater users must be responsible for the funds lent and have a return limit for the next month
  5. Must fill out the Shopee Paylater registration form via the website
  6. Have activated and verified ShopeePay
  7. Shopee account has been active for 3 months
  8. Shop frequently with marketplace Shopee
  9. Have installed application The newest Shopee
  10. Users can checkout as much as possible according to the loan limit they have
  11. Cannot change the payment method and cancel the order while the request for an additional limit is being processed
  12. Users cannot use Shopee Paylater to buy digital products
  13. Users cannot use Shopee Paylater to buy products in the "Voucher" category
  14. Then, those who have an online shop at the Shopee market place must have a personal account

Shopee PayLater limits

If you have met all the requirements above, a menu will automatically appear to activate Shopee PayLater.

Shopee PayLater limits

After successfully activating Shopee PayLater, the user will get a credit limit. The amount of the credit limit for each user is different. For users who have just activated Shopee PayLater, they usually get a limit below 1 million Rupiah.

Then can the limit be increased? The limit will increase automatically if the user frequently transacts using Shopee PayLater and there are no late bill payments. The maximum limit that can be obtained is Rp. 6,000,000.

The Shopee PayLater limit will be deducted automatically according to the amount spent. The limit will return to normal after making installment payments. But keep in mind, use Shopee PayLater limits interest and handling fees of 1% will be charged.

Shopee PayLater Flowers

Furthermore, for interest issues, Shopee charges the smallest interest of 2,95% per month. The Shopee PayLater loan interest applies to the installment method of 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.

In addition, Shopee also provides a Buy Now Pay Later payment method, which is paid the following month. This payment method also bears the minimum interest of 2,95% per month.

Shopee PayLater interest can change at any time, according to the policies issued by Shopee. In addition, Shopee PayLater also sets a handling fee of 1% per transaction. That means the price of goods purchased using Shopee PayLater will be more expensive than buying in cash.

If you don't want to get interest, it's better to shop using a credit card that has 0% interest. For those who don't have a credit card, you can try other installment methods that you can see in the following article "How to Calculate Installment Interest on Shopee Paylater“.

Shopee PayLater Due Date

Regardless of the installment method chosen, the user is required to make installment payments on time. If you are late paying, you will be charged a late fee. The late payment penalty for Shopee PayLater is 5% of the total bill.

Shopee will provide billing details on the 25th and bills must be paid before the due date on the 5th of each month. Whereas for those who get bill details on the 1st, they must make payments no later than the 11th of each month.

How to Pay Shopee PayLater Interest

In order not to get a fine, you must pay the Shopee PayLater bill on time, before the due date. The method is very easy, and to find out, please refer to the information below.

  • Log in to your Shopee account.
  • Followed by clicking on your profile.
  • Select the "Shopee Paylater" menu, then a bill that must be paid will appear.
  • Select the "Pay Now" menu, then select a payment method.

There are several payment methods to choose from, including ATM, I-Banking, M-Banking or through minimarkets such as Indomart and Alfamart.

For those who are confused, please refer to the complete information in the article "How to Pay Shopee PayLater“. After successfully paying the bill, the Shopee PayLater balance will return and can be used to make other payments.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about shopee paylater, as follows:

Is Shopee Paylater Safe?

Shopee Paylater or can be called PT Commerce Finance has been registered and supervised by the financial services authority (OJK) so that all transactions made with Spaylater are guaranteed security.


So, that's an explanation of how to activate Shopee Paylater, complete with understanding and how to activate features in the Shopee application. Naturally, Shopee PayLater loans are subject to interest.

Because this loan is not a credit card loan that usually gets a promo from the bank. Please activate the service first and enjoy the convenience of installments without a credit card using Shopee PayLater.

This is information about how to activate shopee paylater and how to pay for it, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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