How to Activate DANA Paylater The Official Digital Payment Platform – How to activate FUND paylater the official digital payment platform under the supervision of Bank Indonesia, all transactions are made easier because paylater has become a trend that is widely used by netizens in transactions.

This is evidenced by the fact that there are quite a number of marketplaces that also support transactions at Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak and other merchants. However, this discussion focuses more on how to activate the new DANA Paylater feature from the DANA application, because paylater or pay later is a newly released product.

As application digital wallet with users of more than millions of people, it is possible that with DANA Paylater there will be more and more enthusiasts.

What's more, using the paylater feature from DANA is fairly easy, even how to activate the DANA Paylater process is fast and doesn't take up to 24 hours.

What is Paylater FUND

What is DANA Paylater Digital Payment Platform

What is Paylater Fund is the newest paylater feature of the DANA application which functions as a digital payment platform in collaboration with Akulaku. This feature allows users to use the installment payment method with a period of up to 12 months.

Paylater Funds is an application-based fintech that offers paylater services or programs (pay later) where registered users can pay in installments of up to 1 year. The picture is like this, if you shop online or offline, this best paylater application offers services as a substitute for a physical credit card.

Just like other paylater applications, the DANA paylater application is now a new solution for some people who don't have a credit card.

However, DANA Paylater is an online product without a physical form and can only be accessed through the DANA application. You can buy goods and pay at the end according to the schedule set by the application provider.

Rancakmedia friends can pay using features Paylater FUNDS if the store or mechant is already working with DANA. Meanwhile, the nominal spent must be adjusted to the limit that you get on the application.

For now, all services available in the DANA application can be paid using a paylater with the limits provided, including:

  1. Purchase credit and data packages
  2. Payment of monthly bills such as internet, BPJS, PDAM, and others
  3. Parking payment
  4. Donation fund
  5. Top Up E-Money and others

Features of the DANA Paylater Application

What features are provided by the DANA application and what types of transactions can be used? The following services available include:

Features of the DANA Paylater Application

  1. Top Up E-Toll or E-Money.
  2. Pay for parking using QRIS or QR Code.
  3. Pay dues or monthly bills such as: Internet, Health (BPJS), Water (PDAM, Electricity (PLN) and so on.
  4. Buy cellphone credit, internet quota (data package), and electricity tokens.
  5. You can also buy game vouchers and shop online using this application.

Requirements for Activating DANA Paylater

There are several requirements that must be completed first in order for the activation process to run smoothly. Here we provide some of the terms and conditions including the following.

  1. Verified DANA Account.
  2. Has been upgraded to DANA Premium.
  3. Have monthly income.
  4. Identity in the form of a KTP.
  5. Have emergency contacts.
  6. Selfie Photo.
  7. Connected to a smooth internet connection.
  8. Only selected Users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DANA Paylater

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the DANA Paylater feature, before you decide to use this feature, there are a number of things that you must know, as follows:


Following are the advantages of using DANA Paylater, namely:

1. Practical and Easy to Use

By using the Paylater payment system, all transactions made can run easily. You only need to choose what purchase you want to make and pay for it at the specified maturity date.

In addition, by using DANA Paylater, users will no longer be bothered to transfer money back and forth to make transactions.

Requirements for Activating DANA Paylater

Besides being easy, this will also save you time, and can save admin fees that will be charged for each transaction.

2. Fast Process

The registration process that is carried out has a very fast process, the way to register will not be complicated if you want to open a credit card at the bank.

Through Paylater DANA, you can pay anything easily. You only need a gadget and a few important requirements for you to register from home.

3. No Need to Bring Cash

DANA Paylater can be an alternative backup finance us, where you no longer need to use cash if you want to pay large bills, you don't need to be afraid to carry lots of money everywhere. Simply by installing and submitting registration on the DANA application to enjoy the DANA Paylater feature.


Following are the disadvantages of using DANA Paylater, namely:

1. Data Security Risks

Some of the conditions you need to activate DANA Paylater are KTP. By providing the data listed on the KTP, your personal data will be easily stolen by other people.

In addition, there is a column to fill in an emergency number that can be contacted to remind you of your bills, so that not only personal data is at stake, but other people's data as well.

2. Debt Habits

If you use Paylater too often, you will get used to buying things according to your wishes by way of debt.

Of course shopping in this way is not recommended considering that there is interest in every transaction made.

How to Activate Paylater DANA

For those of you who are interested in activating DANA Paylater but don't know anything, especially what steps to take.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DANA Paylater

In the following, we inform you of all the ways to activate it, for more details, see the guide.

  1. Open FUND application in Androids or iOS The first step is to run the DANA application first, but before that try to connect to a smooth internet network.
  2. Select My Menu. If you have successfully entered the main view of the DANA application, several menus will appear. Here you can simply select the Me menu.
  3. Select the Paylater Menu. Then scroll down and look for the paylater menu, if you find it, just click directly.
  4. Tap Continue. then comes important information about DANA Paylater where the results of cooperation with Akulaku. Now, here, please tap Continue.
  5. Fill in Personal Data. Then the next step is to just fill in the personal data, namely the full name according to the data on the KTP. Birth mother's name, occupation, source of income and last education.
  6. Fill in Emergency Contacts. After that, continue to fill in the emergency contact data starting from the relationship status, name of the emergency contact and telephone number.
  7. Fill in the Job Data. Then continue to fill in your employment data, we recommend that you fill it in correctly starting from the business field, monthly income and residential address.
  8. Upload Selfie Photos. Then the next step is to continue uploading selfie photos while holding the KTP, try to make sure the photos are of clear quality so the system can read them.
  9. Enter DANA PIN. To make sure that this is true, you are required to enter a DANA PIN.
  10. Succeed. Up here, you have successfully activated the DANA paylater, then it can be used for payment transactions.

How to use the DANA Paylater Installment Method

After you have successfully activated the DANA paylater, here's how to use the DANA Paylater to make payment installments.

Here we provide ways to pay for electricity using Paylater services, including:

  1. Open the DANA application that has the paylater feature activated
  2. Select the power menu
  3. Select prepaid and enter the customer ID number
  4. Enter the token number to confirm payment
  5. Choose the DANA paylater and determine the time period or installments that you can afford
  6. Face verification
  7. Wait for the notification process to purchase electricity tokens using the DANA paylater until it's finished

How to Overcome Paylater FUNDS That Don't Appear

How to Activate Paylater DANA

Of all the best offers that have been provided by DANA, it turns out that there are quite a number of active DANA users who feel that they meet their qualifications but the DANA paylater feature still does not appear.

There are several reasons why the DANA paylater does not appear, namely:

  1. Haven't upgraded the app to premium yet
  2. Already have a premium account but rarely make transactions
  3. Haven't received a special invite yet
  4. A new DANA account is created
  5. The DANA application has not been updated to the latest version

Then, how do you deal with the reasons why the DANA paylater doesn't appear? The key is that you only need to upgrade to the premium version and make frequent transactions.

Here's how to upgrade DANA to the premium version, which is one of the solutions to deal with the DANA paylater not appearing.

  1. Enter the DANA application
  2. On the main page click verify my account
  3. After that, upload your personal data completely and correctly
  4. Selfie in a room with the right lighting along with the original KTP
  5. Click submit and wait for the next process until the premium application is ready to use

How to Borrow Money in the DANA Application

Borrowing money in an online application is a good solution, but did you know that now you can borrow money in the DANA application?

Borrowing money in the DANA application is one of the easiest things to do. Apart from the DANA application being used as a digital transaction, this application can also be used during an emergency.

You only need to prepare an identity document, namely a KTP, you can easily withdraw money with a limit of Rp. 10 million.

Apart from having a large limit, the paylater DANA disbursement process does not take a long time.

Video Tutorial Update on How to Activate the Latest 2023 Paylater DANA

If you are looking for a way to activate the latest Paylater DANA, please watch the step-by-step activation process tutorial through the video below:

Source: youtube, Via: Ariyan Masrur Tutorial Channel

8 Main Benefits of Using PayLater Fund Payments

Paying bills and making purchases can be difficult when you're strapped for cash. With PayLater Funds, you can access various features that make financial transactions easier and more convenient.

So that later you don't worry if you don't have enough funds to pay. Check PayLater Funds, a versatile payment service with many features. Here are 8 reasons why this service is useful for you:

  1. Maximum cashless convenience with integrated e-wallet features.
  2. DANA is a digital payment platform that is officially supervised by BI (Bank Indonesia).
  3. Dana PayLater has an integrated e-wallet feature that eliminates the need to carry cash and cards.
  4. You can make payments and purchases instantly without fumbling for money or cards in your bag.
  5. This service also lets you save payment details for faster checkout, so you don't have to worry about losing or forgetting your card.
  6. Paylater funds already support online stores and many offline merchants.
  7. No need to queue when making payment transactions.
  8. Save time and effort because everything can be done flexibly anytime and anywhere.

There are lots of conveniences that can be obtained using DANA Paylater, this platform continues to grow following developments in the digital world. So, what are you waiting for, let's download the application on the Playstore for Android users or the App Store for iOS users.


Frequently asked questions about Paylater's FUNDS Summarize, the following questions are frequently asked by netizens.

1. Can Paylater FUNDS be disbursed?

Paylater's DANA limit cannot be disbursed in cash, this is because this fintech product only supports online shopping that has worked with DANA.

2. How much is the Paylater DANA Limit?

The credit limit given for this DANA application varies, starting from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 10 Million with 12x installments or 12 months (1 year).

3. Can you borrow money through the DANA application?

The latest update is now that the DANA application already provides a money loan service. Because many users are interested in using digital wallet applications. So besides being able to pay online via the QR Code, you can also borrow money.

4. Can the DANA application be installed on all types of cell phones?

The DANA application can only be used on Android and iOS-based phones. Apart from that, you can also access the official site on a macOS or Windows PC.


When viewed from the guidelines described above, we can conclude that the features Paylater FUNDS can be used for payment, on the other hand, how to activate DANA paylater is easy and fast. Every user who has successfully submitted a different limit will be given for each account.

So that's how the full discussion was about how to register DANA paylater along with terms, benefits and limits we can convey. We hope that this information can help all DANA application users who need it.

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