Terms and Tables of Pawnshop Loans with BPKB Collateral

Rancakmedia.com - For those of you who want to apply for a loan at the Pawnshop, here's Pawnshop loan table along with the terms that we have provided below for you to understand before making a loan.

Pegadaian Loans is one of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) that lends and mortgages significant assets. Through Pegada, individuals can borrow money by pawning valuables ranging from gems to certificates of asset ownership.

Some of the reasons that make people prefer to pawn BPKB at pawnshops are security and sincere guarantees. You don't need to worry about losing assets suddenly without notification.

History and Definition of Pawnshops

Pegadaian cannot arbitrarily carry out the process as an official state institution. Therefore, if you wish to make a commitment of assets, you must follow the legal requirements and steps before receiving the check and eventual pawning permit.

History and Definition of Pawnshops

Pegadaian is one of the oldest financial institutions in Indonesia which has been established since the Dutch colonial period.

The history of Pawnshops began in 1746 when Governor General Johannes Thedoor van den Bosch ordered the establishment of the first pawnshop in Batavia (now Jakarta) which was named "Algemeene Lands Pawn Bank van Leening".

Initially, this institution aimed to help indigenous people who had difficulty obtaining loans from private banks.

This institution also assisted the Dutch government in overcoming financial problems, especially in raising funds to finance the war.

In 1912, this institution changed its name to "Landschappelijke Crediet Bank" or Regional Credit Bank which aims to provide credit to farmers and small entrepreneurs in rural areas.

Then in the 1930s, this institution was taken over by the Dutch East Indies government and changed its name to "Pegadaian" which is short for "Djakarta Pawn Company".

After Indonesia's independence, Pegadaian was taken over by the Indonesian government and became a BUMN (State Owned Enterprise) in 1958.

Since then, Pegadaian has experienced rapid development and continues to innovate to meet the needs of the community. In 1983, Pegadaian received a mandate from the government to provide gold and jewelery sales services at competitive prices.

In 2004, Pegadaian began developing technology by launching online and mobile banking services.

Along with technological developments, Pegadaian continues to innovate by presenting digital services such as Pegadaian Online Loans (POP) and Pegadaian Unsecured Loans (PTAP) which can be accessed via application mobile.

In the course of its history, Pegadaian has assisted the community in meeting their financial needs and has become one of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia.

Benefits of Doing Pawnshop Loans

Pegadaian also plays a role in developing the Indonesian economy by providing access to finance for the community and assisting the government in raising funds to finance development.

One of the main services provided by Pegadaian is pledge or collateral. Pawning is a form of borrowing money by providing valuables as collateral.

Valuables used as collateral can be in the form of gold, jewelry, vehicles, electronics, and others.

The mortgage process is very easy and fast. The borrower only needs to bring the items to be used as collateral to the nearest Pawnshop office.

After that, the Pegadaian officer will check the authenticity and condition of the goods and determine the mortgage value. The borrower will receive the loan money according to the collateral value, then must pay interest and administration fees according to the agreement.

Apart from pawning, Pegadaian also provides other services such as sales services for gold and jewelery products, as well as online payment services.

Pegadaian has a very wide office network throughout Indonesia, making it easier for the public to access their services.

Benefits of Doing Pawnshop Loans

Below are some of the benefits that you can get from making a pawnshop loan, namely:

1. Easy and Fast Procedure

The loan application process at Pegadaian is very easy and fast. The borrower only needs to bring the items to be used as collateral to the nearest Pawnshop office.

After that, the Pegadaian officer will check the authenticity and condition of the goods and determine the mortgage value.

The borrower will receive the loan money according to the collateral value, then must pay interest and administration fees according to the agreement. This process can be done in less than an hour.

2. Low interest

Pawnshop loans have relatively low interest compared to loans from other financial institutions.

This is because the loan at the Pegadaian is safe and has collateral, so the risk for the Pawnshop is lower.

3. No Strict Credit Requirements

Pawnshop loans do not require stringent credit requirements like other financial institutions.

No Strict Credit Requirements

Borrowers can apply for a loan even if they have no credit record or have a bad credit record.

4. Many choices of items that can be used as collateral

Pegadaian accepts various types of goods as collateral, such as gold, jewelry, vehicles and electronic goods.

This provides flexibility for borrowers in choosing goods to be used as collateral.

5. No Risk of Losing Collateral Items

Even though the collateral is handed over to the Pegadaian during the loan period, the borrower still has ownership rights to the item.

Pegadaian also guarantees the safety of collateral items by storing them in a safe and protected place.

6. Help Meet Urgent Financial Needs

Pawnshop Loans can be an appropriate financing alternative for people who need fast funds but do not have access to other financial institutions.

This loan can be used for various purposes, such as medical needs, education, marriage, and so on.

In order to help the community meet their financial needs, Pegadaian continues to innovate by providing various products and services that are easily accessible and affordable.

Terms and Tables for Pawnshop BPKB Pawnshop Pavilion Cars

The following are some of the requirements that must be met in order to apply pawnshop BPKB Pawnshop:

  1. Must be an Indonesian citizen.
  2. Has an age limit of 21 years and an age limit of 60 years.
  3. Have a steady job for at least one year.
  4. A clear picture of the prospective borrower (using a passport photo or official photo).
  5. Original KTP and photocopy of prospective debtor and spouse.
  6. Family card and original photocopy.
  7. Original STNK and photocopy of the vehicle concerned for painting.
  8. The original BPKB and a photocopy of the collateralized vehicle.
  9. A clear description of the vehicle in question as collateral.
  10. A clear picture of the current workplace.

How to Pawn BPKB to Pawnshop

Pawn applications from BPKB at Pegadaian include the stages to be tracked, including the projection of the loan payment table at Pegadaian initially.

You have to follow the steps regularly from start to finish. The steps are as follows:

1. Prepare All Requirements

The first step in the process of submitting a KPR BPKB Pegadaian is to prepare all the documents needed. This is important for quickly verifying and confirming your application.

How to Pawn BPKB to Pawnshop

Believe it or not, until now many prospective debtors have ignored and been trapped in the administrative process. Starting with improper identification card connections to ambiguous asset images.

In the end, many of their requests were rejected because the Pawnshop was unable to continue the process of pawning the BPKB of vehicles and motorcycles at the pawnshop by prospective customers who failed to meet the requirements.

2. Study Tenor and Loan Term

Like other lending organizations, Pegadaian includes provisions regarding interest, maturity and maximum loan term.

In general, you can consult the Pawnshop during the application process at the same time. However, we recommend that you obtain more information to estimate the payment tenor.

3. Presenting Documents and Requirements

In each area, Pegadaian has scattered outlets. Choose a vehicle that is easier to obtain so that the process of submitting a car bpkb pawn at the pawn shop doesn't burden you.

Proceed with handing over officers with documents and requirements. As a material for consideration, you also need to fill in your personal data and other forms so that the Pawnshop can approve the application.

To make the process sequence correctly, make sure that the data you enter matches the data, so that there are no discrepancies between what is stated in the document and the requirements.

4. Loan Calculation Process

After all the data has been collected, the next step is the loan calculation. The pawnshop will change all documents and evaluate the range of loans you might get.

Pegadaian usually has to calculate the loan amount by considering the amount of income of the prospective borrower as well as the current condition of the vehicle and its useful life. So do not be surprised if comparable types of vehicles do not necessarily have the same range of mortgage prices.

To assess your ability to pay back consideration, you are entitled to a simulation in the form of a Pegadaian BPKB Pawn loan table.

5. Issuance of SBK (Proof of Credit)

The pawnshop will issue the SBK as proof of settlement, if it has agreed to set the price for the pawning of a vehicle or motorbike. It also acts as black on white to maintain your lien settings.

In this process, the amount of interest and payment required will also be disclosed explicitly. Officers will also provide information on appropriate cases and penalties for any delays.

6. Ratification of SBK (Proof of Credit)

After you understand all the points, validating SBK for BPKB pawnshops at pawnshops is the next step. You can no longer cancel the loan in this procedure.

SBK endorsement (Proof of Credit)

Everything is lawful and you are entitled to receive the mortgaged funds. The BPKB assets that you provided have also officially become the temporary property of Pegada.

7. Disbursement of Funds

The final stage is disbursement of funds, you will receive a loan as specified in the agreement. This procedure is accompanied by evidence that provides complete information about the Pawnshop BPKB pawn loan.

Disbursement of funds is generally followed by paying an administration fee of 10 percent or according to existing regulations.

Pawnshop Loan Table

The table for the pawn loan from BPKB Pegada below is a simulation of the payment of the debtor's obligations. Before pursuing the BPKB pawn technique in a row, the following installment table can be considered first:

Benefits and disadvantages of vehicle packing

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of pawning BPKB vehicles at Pegadaian:

Loan AmountInstallment 12 MonthsInstallment 24 Months

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vehicle Pawning

Pawn shops are public businesses, therefore you don't need to worry about security and services. Your assets will not disappear suddenly and the loan runs based on the agreement.

1. Easy Submission Needs

The first advantage of Pegadaian is that it doesn't have complicated filing demands, to make an application you only need to send personal information and verify that your vehicle documents are complete.

2. Short and Fast Process

You can complete the BPKB pawn procedure at Pegadaian in less than a day. BPKB stages motor vehicle or a car, it's easy and fast at the Pawnshop.

3. Granting of Grace Period

Another benefit of pawning BPKB is that your items are not auctioned off suddenly. Because you have several times received information from the Pawnshop long before the final due date. This stops you from arbitrarily losing assets.

Granting of Grace Period

4. Age Limit for Vehicles

Pegadaian stipulates that vehicles can be pawned up to the age of 5 years. Therefore ancient vehicles are not mortgaged to avoid damage and loss.

5. Tax Provisions for Vehicles

Even if it is mortgaged, the responsibility for the vehicle tax still lies with the owner. Therefore, you have to make sure that the car tax lives on even if you can't use the vehicle for a long time.

Pawn BPKB at Pegadaian has the advantage of security and asset guarantees. Although the amount you can borrow is generally relatively less than other lending organizations. However, BPKB Pegadaian at Pegadaian must take precedence over other Pawnshops as a fast loan option.


Pegadaian is a financial institution that provides pawn or collateral services to obtain a loan. Pawnshops are an alternative form of financing that are classified as safe and easy in Indonesia.

Thus the information about the terms and tables for pawnshop loans with BPKB guarantees, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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