What is QRIS? Easy and Fast Digital Payment System

rancakmedia.com – Do you know what QRIS is? one system tool payment digital which is currently very popular and has been used by many users which has increased to 3.64 million merchants in 2021.

It's time to get to know more about QRIS if you've never heard of it or used it so you can take advantage of practical breakthroughs in Bank Indonesia transactions.

Check out the full explanation in the article below!

What is QRIS?

Actually what is QRIS? QRIS or what is read as a keris is an abbreviation of the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code. As the name implies, QRIS Bank Indonesia is an effort to standardize all financial (fintech) businesses such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja and others.

QRS targets

QRIS combines various QR code from various Payment System Service Providers according to Banque Indonesia (PJSP). This makes digital transactions faster, safer and of course simpler using QR codes.

Therefore, every QR code-based PJSP supplier must utilize QRIS, both locally and internationally. This is controlled in the application of QRIS International Payment Standards in PADG No.21/18/2019 as stated by Katadata.

Thus all QR codes with only one type of QR code connected with all application payment. Whatever means of payment you have, transactions can be made at the same location, namely at QRIS at merchants that work with this program.

Practical, okay?

One QRIS for all payments, as stated in the tagline.

QRIS has VERY GOOD characters, namely:

  • UNIVERSAL: QRIS allows any payment with the same QR code, so different payment apps are not needed.
  • Easy: Payment with QRIS is easy and only requires one scan of the smartphone app.
  • Benefits: Merchants and users only need one type of QR code so multiple payment rates are not required.
  • Instant: Digital payments can be handled immediately using QR codes.

QRS targets

By explaining what QRIS is, we can conclude that QRIS is intended to facilitate digital payments.

This is great for both buyers and merchant regulators as all non-cash payments can be tracked from one door.

QRIS advantages

QRIS is a useful innovation that is beneficial not only for companies or merchants, but also for consumers who make payments.

What is QRIS

For Traders

  1. Simplify transactions
    If you are a QRIS merchant, you only need one QR code. Of course, this simplifies and makes transactions faster.
  2. More alternative payment options
    With QRIS, shoppers can choose digital payments from their preferred e-wallet without worrying about the availability of a QR code to pay for it. This can increase the likelihood of buying and making non-cash payments.
  3. Avoid scams
    Counterfeit money fraud is still rife today. However, if you use a QR code, you cannot do so because the payment is not cash.
  4. Registering as a businessman is easy
    You don't need to register with other banks or e-wallets one by one. Just register with QRIS and you can accept payments from anywhere in your store.
  5. Monitored and evaluated in practice
    Transaction history is easy to read in real time and financial management becomes easier.

For Consumers

  1.  Various payment alternatives
    The advantage of using QRIS as a buyer is that you no longer need to worry about which alternative to choose.
    If merchants use QRIS, any payment app they have can be used for payment as QR codes are standardized.
  2. Fast transaction
    Digital payments are definitely a faster method than cash payments, especially with QRIS. You don't have to wait for cashiers to change or be restricted by other things. In addition, digital payments are more hygienic.

QRIS payments

First identify the source of money to make QRIS payments. Like digital wallets in general, debit cards, credit cards and other electronic money, which of course have been approved by Bank Indonesia, are a source of funds in QRIS transactions.

So, you can start making transactions if you already have a cash balance for digital payments. According to Prima, QRIS payments can be made using methods provided by merchants or consumers.

When you use the provided merchant mode, a QR code will be generated by the merchant, such as a receipt or scanner, where the transaction is located.

Now, consumers or buyers can now display a QR code on the merchant's smartphone screen for payments to be made. The two are no different, both are hassle-free and require little time.

QRIS Limit for Transactions

The transaction limit is two million rupiah for QRIS payments. However, the cumulative limit is also set daily or monthly by the user based on the PJSP rules. Naturally, this cumulative limit depends on each user's financial risk management.

QRIS fees for transactions

There is a term merchant discount rate for payments using QRIS (MDR). The discount rate for QRIS merchants is 0.7% and is supported by partners or merchants.

This amount is certainly lower and more tempting than 1% from shifting fees at the national payment gateway (GPN).

QRIS advantages

Well, that's all you need to know about practical QRIS. Do you understand more about this form of payment?

Have you ever used it?


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about what QRIS is, as follows:

Who Owns QRIS?

The Indonesian Standard QR Code or in English it is called the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code is a QR code standard developed by Indonesian banks and Indonesian payment system associations which has the aim of integrating all non-cash payment methods in Indonesia.


QRIS is a standardization effort by Bank Indonesia for all companies that use financial technology (fintech) such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and others. It brings together various QR codes from various Payment System Service Providers (PJSP).

This makes digital transactions using QR codes faster, safer and easier. Customers can show QR codes at merchants to make payments, such as on receipts or scanners. Sources of funds in QRIS transactions are debit cards, credit cards and other electronic money.

Thus the information about what is QRIS? An easy digital payment system, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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