List of Trusted Forex Brokers Registered at Bappebti – Do you know which institutions in Indonesia are allowed to authorize lists of trusted forex brokers? Many believe that the Financial Services Authority issues Forex broker licenses (OJK). Forex trading is actually not supervised by OJK.

The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency is an institution that oversees and grants licenses to official foreign exchange brokers in Indonesia (BAPPEBTI).

There are more and more alternatives for setting up a business in real terms, but not necessarily in the real sector, such as securities, securities and currency or foreign exchange exchanges. You must have heard that this business provides the possibility of huge profits of up to a thousand dollars exclusively through our 2021 official forex brokers.

List of BAPPEBTI Registered Forex Brokers

To be successful in trading, you must first choose a list of the best forex brokers. You can choose a partner to provide this trading platform from inside or outside. Please see the following review for additional information.

List of Trusted Forex Brokers

  1. Abi Commodity Futures
  2. Futures Capital IDS
  3. Futures Capital OTM
  4. PT Agrodana Futures
  5. PT Asia Trade Point Futures
  6. PT Bestprofit Future
  7. PT CCAM Berjangka Indonesia (formerly PT Maha Ratu Berjangka)
  8. PT Central Capital Futures
  9. PT Century Investment Futures
  10. PT Smart Indonesia Berjangka (formerly PT Overseas Commercial Futures)
  11. PT CGS-CIMB Futures
  12. PT Cyber Futures
  13. PT Eight Gold Berjangka
  14. PT Didi Max Berjangka
  15. PT Equityworld Futures
  16. PT Esandar Arthamas Berjangka (formerly PT Harvest Int)
  17. PT Finex Berjangka
  18. PT First State Futures
  19. PT Gatra Mega Berjangka
  20. PT Global Intra Futures (formerly PT Global Artha Futures)
  21. PT Global Kapital Investama Berjangka (formerly PT Megah Tama Berjangka)
  22. PT Reliable Semesta Berjangka
  23. PT HFX Internasional Berjangka (formerly PT Fortis Asia Futures)
  24. PT Indosuccess Futures
  25. PT Inter Pan Pasifik Futures
  26. PT International Business Futures
  27. PT Internasional Mitra Futures
  28. PT Jalatama Artha Berjangka
  29. PT Java Global Futures (formerly PT HIG Internasional Berjangka)
  30. PT Kontakperkasa Futures
  31. PT Kresta Investa Futures
  32. PT Mahadana Asta Berjangka
  33. PT Maxco Futures
  34. PT Mega Menara Mas Berjangka (formerly PT Megagrowth Futures)
  35. PT Mentari Mulia Berjangka
  36. PT Midtou Aryacom Futures
  37. PT Monex Investindo Futures
  38. PT MRG Mega Berjangka (formerly PT Askap Futures)
  39. PT Nine Stars Futures
  40. PT Octa Investama Berjangka (formerly PT Multi Mulia Investama Berjangka)
  41. PT Pacific Duaribu Futures
  42. PT PG Berjangka
  43. PT Phillip Futures
  44. Japanese Futures Broker PT
  45. PT Premier Equity Futures
  46. PT Prima Tangguhharta Futures
  47. PT Real Time Futures
  48. PT Rifan Financindo Berjangka
  49. PT Royal Trust Futures
  50. PT SAGAFX Sentra Berjangka (formerly PT Trust Artha Futures)
  51. PT Sentratama Investor Futures
  52. PT Sinarmas Futures
  53. PT Soegee Futures (formerly PT Harumdana Berjangka)
  54. PT Solid Gold Berjangka
  55. PT Straits Futures Indonesia
  56. PT Topgrowth Futures
  57. PT TRFX Garuda Berjangka (formerly Garuda Berjangka)
  58. PT Victory International Futures
  59. PT United Asia Futures
  60. PT Universal Futures
  61. PT Valbury Asia Futures
  62. PT Victory International Futures
  63. PT Prudent Internasional Berjangka (formerly PT Millennium Prudent Futures)
  64. Rajawali Capital Futures

The number of official forex brokers in Indonesia provides distinct advantages for traders. Competition between brokers allows traders with lower fees and faster customer service to get forex trading facilities.

Local forex brokers are also happy to offer state-of-the-art forex trading tools such as Autochartistic and Trading Center which increase traders' arsenal against the global forex market.

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The large number of forex brokers, however, also carry their own dangers. There have been frequent instances of naming by unscrupulous individuals pretending to be brokers in recent years. These brokers with real names and CoFTRA often issue warnings about this bogus organization.

Therefore, traders must be careful and ensure that we really interact with the Bappebti broker. and before starting trading, traders must know the list of forex brokers registered with Bappebti

In Indonesia, there are three methods to validate the legitimacy of an official forex broker. First, verify the adequacy of the information on the business name, license number, address and website of the broker on the CoFTRA website. This confirmation effort will help those of you who want to create an online Forex trading account.

Second, the official address of the forex broker mentioned on the CoFTRA website can be accessed directly for opening an offline trading account. The newest option is to explore the world of the internet and listen to evaluations from local forex brokers.

Marketing Brokers or their affiliates (Introducing Brokers/IBs) can make such an assessment, but it can be done by experienced traders who provide real testimonials. Before joining any forex broker, you can use the reviews as a reference or additional consideration.


The following is information that we can convey regarding trade and answer regarding forex brokers, see for more details below:

Where do Forex Brokers Make Profits From?

Brokers benefit from the spreads imposed on orders. Where the spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price of each order placed. The bid price is the price you get to sell, while the ask price is the price to buy.

Difference Between Broker and Broker?

Brokers are parties that bring issuers and investors together to buy and sell in the capital market. In English, this broker is known as a broker.

How Do Brokers Work?

The role of a broker is as an intermediary between investors or clients and the capital market. Brokers are fully responsible for the execution of buy and sell transaction orders made by investors.



Do you know which institutions in Indonesia are allowed to authorize official forex brokers? Many believe that the Financial Services Authority issues Forex broker licenses (OJK). Forex trading is actually not supervised by OJK.

To be successful in trading, you must first choose the best broker partner. You can choose a partner to provide this trading platform from inside or outside. Thus the information regarding the list of Trusted Forex Brokers Registered at Bappebti, I hope this is useful and read on for information about trading.

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