1 Lot How Many Shares? Beginners Must Know, Here's More Information

Rancakmedia.com – The question of 1 lot how many shares is possible for this new investor which will be the question, to find out the answer it's also a good idea to read this article, please read it to the end.

Stocks are an investment that promises to make you rich. When you start investing in stocks, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic terminology. There are words that are often used, one of which is many. And here's a detailed explanation of how many shares in 1 lot?

Definition of Lots in Shares

According to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), a lot is the official unit of buying and selling shares. There are still customers who are curious about the number of shares, "How many shares did you buy?" 1 lot is equal to 100 shares based on IDX regulations. As an investor, you must buy or sell at least 1 lot of stock when you want to trade stocks.

Previously, many asked 1 lot equal to how many shares? 1 lot of shares is equivalent to 500 shares of world investment in Indonesia. In fact, on January 6 2014, the IDX issued a new regulation stipulating that one lot of shares equals 100 shares, the rule was revoked the next day.

To prevent the stock market from being controlled by large corporations or wealthy people, this regulation was enacted. Employees, small company owners, students, and housewives are among the investors who can invest in stocks. Previously, IDR 500,000 was the minimum investment limit for potential investors.

It is best to choose stocks with your initial capital holdings in mind when you become an investor. PT shares are currently listed at Rp. 1500 per share. You can buy two or two hundred shares of PT. A. with a capital of Rp. 300,000 in a securities account.

Updates to IDX rules can cause the number of shares per lot policy to change at any time. For most semesters, this shift occurs towards the end of the year in order to welcome the new semester. To increase trading liquidity, of course changes were made. There is also debate as to where IDX wants to change the 1 lot rule to the equivalent of 50 shares in the future.

The lot size for calculating how many shares a person owns is not specified anywhere. It is feasible in the United States for every investor to buy one share. A lot depends on the type of stock, like in Hong Kong.

There are 4 steps to start investing in stocks

1 Lot How Many Shares

Stocks are not that difficult to start investing in. You can do it like this:

Sharpening Basic Skills

It is always better to have a foundation of standing before venturing into the field of stock investing. Learning how to leverage a trading account is a good place to start. For a small fee, stock market trading simulators are often offered to the public. Another approach to personal learning is to participate in share study groups on different social media sites.

In addition, he got his education through reading books by various finance gurus living in and outside the country. Watching the stock market via the web and YouTube is a great way to stay informed about market movements.

Choose the Most Effective Security

You will need to set up a securities account with a securities company to buy shares. Later, this account will be used to collect money for stock market transactions. Therefore, choose securities that have a strong and respected reputation. Take advantage of personal and professional advice from family and colleagues who are experienced or have done research on the internet.

Choose Stocks Carefully

Look for stocks issued by more stable issuers to limit price movements. Investors who are just starting out investing should focus on choosing stocks from the consumer goods and banking businesses. Since companies are also involved in businesses that are an integral part of the daily activities of community members, companies should be involved in community-based projects.

Profits generally grow every year. Stocks are thus more stable. Even if the stock price drops, it will quickly rise again. Investing in this type of stock is a good long term investment.

No Debt

Starting a stock investment should not be done with money borrowed through a loan. To help lower your debt burden, be sure to set aside certain funds in your salary. Every month, make regular investments. Although it may seem small at first, a persistent investment will pay off big in the end.

You can start right away after collecting 1 lot of stock information and learning how to invest in stocks for novice investors. As early as possible, start investing for a brighter future.

Buying the Right Stocks To Fund Investment Plans.

Stocks have very affordable prices. we consider GGRM, which is IDR 37,750 in Indonesia, to be one of the most expensive share prices on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (as of 19 February 2021). On the surface, this seems like a very cheap stock investment.

That's it, wait! Please note, we need to buy at least one share. So, to buy 1 GGRM share, the required capital is IDR 3,775,000.

For an investor with little money to invest, this is certainly a large amount. Even if your daily needs are still far away, saving 1 lot of stock per month can help your portfolio grow.

The good news is that there are other stocks that are much cheaper. For example, ENRG shares are trading at IDR 50 per share. Only with Rp. 5,000, you can buy a lot of shares in this oil and gas business. Wow!

As a result, you must plan your investment strategy carefully. Useful guidelines are included below:

1. Prepare a budget in advance. Even if that means opening a traditional brokerage account, as much as possible you should have a balance that is safe enough to hold a portfolio of stocks.
2. Plan well before making any investment. First, save your money. Then save it in a savings account.
3. If you have a large budget, choose stocks that meet your financial goals.
4. Stocks in this category are called blue stocks, which are relatively safe stocks with a small level of risk.
5. There are shares listed on the IDX, such as LQ45.
6. The best option is to choose a stock price that suits your financial needs.

If You Can't Buy 1 lot of Shares, What Will You Do?

You might consider investing in mutual funds, which are a variety of investment vehicles that move in the stock market. Mutual funds combine funds from many sources into one fund. Mutual funds are a place where people's money is collected and then invested by investment managers in securities portfolios.

To finish off answering the big questions you've been asking, you now know the answers to those basic questions, like 'How many pieces do I need? Also, you have an additional investment option available to you, which is mutual funds.

For those of you who don't have significant investment capital, mutual fund investment can be an option for you. At Ajaib, you can invest in mutual funds or capital markets without being charged an investment fee.

It's a piece of cake. Application Magic is available for download. Magic is easy-to-use investment software for beginners. There is also no need to worry about Magic's security because it is currently being monitored by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Once you've found something simple and inexpensive, then why wait? Try it, okay?

Thus a brief review of 1 lot how many shares, hopefully this is useful and adds to our investment knowledge.


One lot is an authorized unit share purchase on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). You must buy or sell at least one lot of stock if you want to trade stocks. Employees, small company owners, students, and housewives are among the investors who can invest in stocks. To buy 1 GGRM share, the required capital is IDR 3,775,000.

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