How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Without Admin Fees - Method transfer FUNDS to GoPay actually almost eleven twelve by transferring DANA to OVO, even the balance or money sent directly will be entered in just seconds.

Unlike OVO, which requires us to choose Bank Nobu, transferring DANA to GoPay also requires us to use a certain bank. The bank that we will use this time is Permata Bank or Permata Bank.

What is FUND

What is FUND

DANA is a digital wallet platform designed to carry out all cashless transactions, both online and offline. Transactions through this application will certainly be safer, faster and more convenient.

To use it, you can download and register the DANA application, then top up your balance at your convenience store with your credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

Download the Latest DANA Application

The DANA application is available on the Play Store and App Store which can make it easier for you to download it. Following are the specifications for the DANA application, namely:

Application NameDANA Indonesian Digital Wallet
Need Android version4.4 and up
Download size64MB
Released dateSeptember 28, 2018
Updated onDecember 13, 2022
DevelopersPT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe
DownloadsClick here

Download here

Advantages of Using DANA

DANA is a digital wallet in Indonesia that you can use for shopping, paying bills, and topping up credit.

Below this have summarized the advantages of using DANA that you need to know, namely:

1. Attractive Promotions

Almost every day, DANA has attractive promos that you can use to get various benefits.

One of the advantages of using the DANA promo is getting a discount or cashback for every transaction at partnered merchants.

You can also get cashback of up to 50% by shopping at Ramayana or Robinson throughout Indonesia, and credit bonuses by upgrading your account to premium.

2. Can Pay Bills

Advantages of Using DANA

By using the DANA digital wallet, you no longer need to bother paying bills elsewhere. You can pay Electricity, Water, Internet, Telephone, Insurance, BPJS, Installments, Cable TV, to Postpaid Telephone bills.

By paying the bill that we mentioned in the DANA application, you can get a voucher of 50% on the second payment, a maximum of Rp. 25,000.

3. Bukalapak and TIX ID

It will also be easier for you when shopping online, because you can use DANA in the Bukalapak and TIX ID applications.

So your DANA balance can be used to shop for various kinds of products or goods at Bukalapak and you can buy tickets at TIX ID.

4. Merchants

Currently, DANA is already working with various merchants. So you won't have any trouble using this digital wallet for transactions.

There's BBM, Cinema XXI, Bukalapak, Sepulsa, Reservation, Alfamart, BCA, Maybank, BNI, BPJS Health, TIX ID, and others.

5. Balance

You don't need to worry about topping up your DANA balance if you only have a small amount of savings, because you can top up your DANA balance with a minimum top up of Rp. 10,000.

Apart from topping up your balance, you can also transfer your DANA balance to your friend who has the DANA application by simply entering the registered mobile number.

Not only with top ups and money transfers, you can also transfer your DANA balance back to the account that has been registered, you know.

What is Gopay

Gopay is electronic money that you can use to make payment transactions and finance through the Gojek application. Initially Gopay was called Go Wallet which is a digital wallet product.

What is Gopay

DANA has a function to store Gojek Credit which can later be used to make payments or transactions related to every service in the Gojek application.

Download the Latest Gojek Application

Gopay is available in the Gojek application available on the Play Store and App Store which can make it easier for you to download it. Following are the specifications for the DANA application, namely:

Application Namegojek
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size68MB
Released dateDecember 18, 2014
Updated onDecember 13, 2022
DevelopersPT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk
DownloadsClick here

Download here

Advantages of Using Gopay

Gopay is much simpler because all the facilities are available, including credit top-ups, balance transfers, and service payment methods.

Various Gopay benefits apply to old and new customers with terms and conditions applied.

So for those who have just used the Gojek application, we will provide information about the benefits of Gopay that you can enjoy, namely:

  1. Gopay balance can be used as the main payment method for all services in the Gojek application. You also don't need to arrange and pay cash to the driver because everything has been deducted from your Gopay balance.
  2. There are lots of Gopay promos that you can enjoy with much cheaper service fees. In fact, Gopay was created specifically to serve the Gojek application payment service.
  3. You can get a bonus when you increase your Gopay balance. For new customers who top up, the bonus can be up to 100% making it very profitable.
  4. You can also buy data packages directly through the Gojek application, of course buying with Gopay will save you more time than you have to go to the minimarket or counter.

Provisions for how to transfer funds to Gopay

To make a transfer from DANA to Gopay, you need to pay attention to a number of things that must be done. Make sure you have upgraded to the premium DANA feature to make transactions to other digital wallets or banks.

In addition, the minimum transfer you can make is Rp. 50,000. Therefore, before making a transfer, make sure that your balance is sufficient to make the transfer.

Provisions for how to transfer funds to Gopay

How to Transfer FUNDS to GoPay

As one of the providers of electronic money services, DANA continues to organize itself and create new innovations so that its users are more comfortable doing transactions through DANA.

The new innovation being tested by DANA right now is the Digital Balance feature where this feature allows users to easily top up ShopeePay balances and GoPay balances through the DANA application.

However, this feature cannot be found in all accounts, but only confirmed accounts and Premium accounts can use the Digital Balance feature.

The trick, on the home page FUND application select the Watch All menu, then click the search icon in the upper right corner of the monitor and write down the keyword 'digital balance'.

  1. Open the DANA application then select the Send menu
  2. Then select Go to Bank Account.
  3. In the name of the bank, select Permata Bank, then in the account number, enter code 898 then the Gopay cellphone number to be filled in, for example, 8980812388892. For aliases, just fill in as needed, after that, if everything is filled in, select the Add New Bank button.
  4. If you are unsure what account number to fill in, you can look at the Go-JEK application then select the Fill in Balance menu - Select Instructions - ATM - Permata Bank, a virtual account number will appear later, please copy the virtual account code and enter it in the number transfer destination account in the DANA application
  5. Enter the amount of money to be sent to the GoPay balance (minimum 50,000) then select Continue.
  6. If needed, you can also fill in a description or note, then select the Send Funds button.
  7. Double-check whether the destination GoPay account number and the transfer amount are correct or not (on the verification page you can check the name of the transfer destination Gopay account).
  8. If everything is correct select Verify.
  9. Finally enter the DANA PIN.

If the DANA balance transfer to Gopay is successful then there will immediately be a successful payment statement, likewise from the Go-JEK application there will be a notification "Topping up the balance in the amount of... via ATM Bersama PERMATA was successful".

Gopay to DANA Transfer Terms and Conditions

Below are some terms and conditions that you need to know about the transfer, as follows:

How to Transfer FUNDS to GoPay

1. The Gopay account must be upgraded to Gopay Plus

Gopay balance transfers to DANA must first go through the account upgrade stages using a KTP or Passport.

You don't need to worry about unsafe data because Gopay will keep your data safe.

To upgrade your account to Gopay Plus, later you will enjoy many interesting features, namely:

  1. The limit for the balance can be increased to Rp. 10,000,000
  2. The promos offered are numerous and exclusive that Gioay Plus users can get
  3. You can use the transfer feature to other bank accounts
  4. Balance transfers can be done with Gopay users
  5. PayLater service features are provided with terms and conditions that apply
  6. The existence of extra protection on Gopay balances or Gopay balances will be safe

2. The DANA account is not required to be upgraded

To support Gopay balance transfers to DANA, only the Gopay account needs to be upgraded first.

Meanwhile, for DANA accounts that receive balances, there is no need to upgrade to the latest version because it only plays a role for recipients of balances.

This method of transferring Gopay to DANA also doesn't matter about the status of the recipient's account, because here it only focuses on the Gopay account which acts as the sender of the balance.

3. Don't Enter the Wrong Number

If you enter the wrong DANA number, a balance transfer failure to the DANA account will automatically fail.

At this stage it will be a very important point because it determines the success or failure of the balance transfer process from Gopay to DANA.

Fees for Gopay Balance Transfers to DANA

To transfer balances from Gopay to DANA, an admin fee of IDR 2,500 per transaction will be charged.

Fees for Gopay Balance Transfers to DANA

That way, if you want to transfer a balance, you have to make sure you have enough funds for admin fees as we explained above.

If your balance is insufficient, the transfer process will fail. So you will not be able to make the transfer according to your wishes.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about DANA, as follows:

1. Where can I transfer DANA balance?

Some of what we have tried and been successful, one of which is the transfer of FUNDS to ShopeePay and OVO, but for LinkAja so far it cannot be because LinkAja can only receive large ups or receive balance transfers from both bank accounts or users.

2. Is it possible to transfer GoPay to DANA?

It looks like you can, namely via the Withdraw menu, then for bank directions you can use BANK CIMB NIAGA then for account numbers you can use the DANA company code, namely 8059 followed by the cellphone number on the DANA account.

But because the process of transferring or withdrawing GoPay cash to a bank account is not easy but can take up to 2×24 working hours, I haven't tried it directly.


DANA is a digital wallet platform designed to carry out all cashless transactions, both online and offline. Transactions through this application will certainly be safer, faster and more convenient.

Gopay is electronic money that you can use to make payment and financial transactions through the Gojek application. Initially Gopay was called Go Wallet which is a digital wallet product.

This is information about how to transfer DANA to Gopay without admin fees. We hope that the articles we provide can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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