How to Book a Hotel with PayLater, Have a Relaxed Vacation – Want to know how to book a hotel with paylater? or want to book a hotel room for a vacation, but haven't paid yet. Yes, you don't need to change your exciting and memorable vacation schedule, because now there is a way to stay at a hotel with PayLater payments.

That means, you can get hotel reservations without needing to pay in full right away, even though cash is limited, and your debit balance is running low. PayLater credit funds can be used at any time to speed up hotel booking matters.

Information at a glance, PayLater is a credit-like payment system, where you get a special loan limit for shopping in certain applications. Billing fees apply every month by means of installment payments for several times, according to the agreement.

Not only for ordering hotel rooms, PayLater can also be used to shop for various products and services on the marketplace. Even so, you have to fulfill various special terms and conditions so you can use the service quickly and easily.

How to Stay in a Hotel with PayLater, These are the Requirements

Illustration of ordering a hotel room easier and more relaxed with PayLater (Photo Source: Cloris Ying via Unsplash)

PayLater is a specific application-based payment method. For example, shopping applications such as Tokopedia and Shopee provide shopping now, pay later services for purchases of various goods, fashion and daily needs.

Meanwhile, applications that provide services for saving, transferring and withdrawing funds provide PayLater for paying bills, pulses, electricity, insurance and others.

To get PayLater Hotel services, you must at least meet a number of requirements as follows:

  1. Status as a member in certain applications that provide hotel booking services and holiday assistance services.
  2. Ensure that the application provides the PayLater feature and you have qualified to register and apply as a credit limit user.
  3. Fulfilling the procedures needed to be able to get "Pay Later" services, for example filling out forms correctly and completely, attaching the required documents, such as personal identification and payslips in a clear and transparent manner.
  4. Pass verification after passing through the registration stage. Usually the review process for your submission does not take long and can be done online.

Each application has relatively the same terms and conditions. In essence, before you get the right to get credit for staying at a hotel, the system and application manager must make sure you mean well, are committed to paying installments every month, and comply with the terms and conditions that apply.

3 Most Recommended Hotel Booking Applications with PayLater

Here are some of the most popular applications recommend that you can book hotel rooms for various purposes, without worrying when you don't have a debit balance:

1. Traveloka PayLater

The reputation and effectiveness of the Traveloka application have been tested in supporting the travel activities of its users, so that they are all practical and comfortable. Travelers with member status in this application have the opportunity to get a limit of up to IDR 50 million when activating PayLater.

This limited fund can be used for various shopping purposes through Traveloka, including booking hotel rooms. The use of credit must be balanced with readiness to pay installments every month, with a maximum payment tenor of up to 12 months.

2. Atoms

This mobile application-based buy now pay later service collaborates with The Ascott Limited which allows its users to make non-cash payments on credit (PayLater). The range of services is very wide, reaching all parts of Asia, including Indonesia.

By carrying out the concept of "Staycation Now Pay Later", all Ascot hotel rooms in Indonesia can be booked by credit, so you can stay overnight without having to think about the cost, and can pay the fee every month. What's special is that each transaction bears interest starting from zero percent with an installment repayment period of up to 12 months.

3. Tiketcom

This one application acts as a practical and convenient intermediary when users want to order any ticket, from transportation services, access to public facilities or objects. tour certain services, to booking hotel rooms on the list of services.

PayLater users must meet various requirements, including a minimum age of 20 years and a maximum of 65 years, have an identity card, and fill in personal data clearly and completely. Next, you must wait for approval from the system, whether you are declared eligible or not to use shopping credit from


Apart from the three applications above, How to Stay in a Hotel with PayLater can also rely on the application PegiPegi, Shopee PayLater, OVO PayLater Tokopedia and others. Whatever your choice, look for the application that is easiest to use, with terms and conditions that you feel most comfortable with.

Most importantly, try to always wisely use the PayLater facility, so you don't add to your debt burden every month. Make sure you use a credit limit for hotel bookings, only in emergencies and pressures, okay!

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