How to use the PayLater Credit application, its advantages and disadvantages – In this article, we will discuss how to use the PayLater credit application, which hopefully will be useful for you. Credit and data packages in today's digital era are like basic needs. Everyone, especially those with smartphones, cannot let their devices be disconnected from the internet connection. These costs must always be available, either by paying cash, shopping online, or through a loan from the PayLater Pulsa application.

In fact, topping up pulses and data packages can be done dynamically. The conventional way, by making purchases at the nearest kiosk, is no longer very popular. You can top up your quota independently, through various secure applications available on the Google Play Store. There are also many choices of applications that allow you to make a credit purchase transaction today, then pay at a later date.

So what and how to use the PayLater Credit application. What are the advantages and disadvantages? In this article, let's find the answer, so you can get the best and most profitable application.

How to Use the PayLater Credit Application

Various safe and convenient applications are available and allow you to buy credit on credit. So, there is no more reason to borrow money from friends or relatives, let alone begging to transfer credit. The process of buying credit can be done very easily by following the steps on how to use the PayLater pulse application below:

  1. Open the Google Play Store (for Android users only), or the App Store (for iPhone users). There, please download digital wallet applications such as DANA, OVO, Indodana, Gojek, Akulaku, Kredivo, or similar applications. You don't need to download all the apps, just choose one or two that you think are the best.
  2. See opportunities and possibilities that you can access PayLater services. Some applications may apply the opportunity to use PayLater for all members. But others choose only special users who are considered by the system to be consistent and reliable, or have used an application for a long time with a certain number of transactions.
  3. If the application you choose allows you to register for PayLater, then immediately prepare all the requirements requested, then fill in the registration form correctly. Registration usually does not require any grandiose procedures. From the initial registration process to verification, it can usually be done online.
  4. Registration is successful, marked by your status that passes verification. Later you will immediately get a credit limit of a certain amount. You can use these funds to shop through related applications, with a faster and easier process. Even though the status is borrowing spending funds, technically the payment per month is relatively easy with low interest.
  5. The use of the credit paylater application is usually supported by the existence of various promotions and bonuses. If you look closely at opportunities, you can make maximum spending savings.
How to Use the PayLater Credit Application
The use of smartphones and internet connections seems to be a new basic need in society. (Source Creative Christians via unsplash)

Weaknesses and Strengths of the PayLater Credit Application

Each application usually provides almost the same policy when providing shopping credit services. Both OVO, DANA, Shopee, Kredivo and other applications have advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration, so you can use these services wisely.

Following are the advantages of the payLater Credit application for its users:

  1. Registration and disbursement of funds is very easy and practical, you don't even need to come to any office, let alone stand in line for hours.
  2. The process of shopping for pulses or other goods through the application is much easier and faster. You don't need to bother topping up funds, or delaying shopping because of limited money. Buying credit is hassle-free because credit funds are available with a limit that should be enough until you get your monthly salary.
  3. There are lots of profitable bonuses and promos, which can even make you shop more economically.
  4. When you are registered as a good member and are able to pay credit installments on time, your credit limit will increase and of course this can make it easier for you to buy bigger credits or data packages, or shop for more dream goods or various services you need.

Apart from the advantages, you also have to be aware of a number of weaknesses from using the pulse paylater application. The ease of access to how to use the PayLater credit application is usually not enjoyed by all users.

Especially new users, and those who rarely make transactions through the application will usually find it more difficult to take advantage of this feature. Even if they could, maybe they would only get a small credit limit.


The pulse paylater application is a credit service that will encourage its users to behave consumptively, in any form. If you're not careful, you might be stuck buying credit and data packages in large numbers, or getting into debt for other things out of control.

If this happens, of course you have the opportunity to have trouble paying bills and installments every month. For this reason, realistic financial management is very important. You should prioritize shopping agendas with available funds, and only use pulse paylater application funds for very urgent needs. How useful is this description of how to use the PayLater pulse application?

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