PayLater Application Recommendations Without BI Checking – Is there a paylater application without BI Checking? Let's look at our explanation, urgent shopping needs via applications are sometimes not accompanied by the availability of adequate funds. Especially if it's an old date.

The wait for liquid monthly salary often feels long, because there are lots of bills and installments that you have to pay right away. In conditions like this, the PayLater Application Without BI Checking offers an easy solution, where you can shop and make any transactions quickly and easily, even when your debit balance is very low.

So what is BI Checking and why does reputation matter for the history of the best, easiest and most recommended “pay later” app? How do you register so that the paylater application is accepted? Let's look at the description below for a full explanation.

What is BI Checking?

Checking by Bank Indonesia or BI Checking is one of the procedures that is usually applied in the process of legally online borrowing funds. So what to check? Namely a person's eligibility history to be able to get a loan based on the amount of monthly salary received or your reputation for borrowing from banks.

Someone who has been blacklisted by BI is most likely to be rejected when applying for an online loan at an institution finance whatever is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). For this reason, the PayLater Application Without BI Checking is quite sought after, amidst the very high trend of online loans.

But most of them actually get trapped in illegal online loans because they think the process of disbursing loan funds is fast, but they have to pay unreasonable interest. Usually people like this really need funds, or are pessimistic about passing BI Checking.

Illustration of thin funds and need an online loan (Towfiqu barbhuiya via

PayLater Application Without Legal BI Checking

BI Checking basically guarantees the safety of online fund borrowers so that they can make installment payments with reasonable interest. If you have absolutely no problems with the banking sector, there's nothing to lose by borrowing online, or using PayLater from a legal institution that guarantees high security.

But if you really want to avoid checking BI Checking in the process of getting shopping credit, here are some applications that might work for you:

1. Julo App

This application uses a fairly short and easy procedure, so you can get shopping funds quickly. Even so, it is not certain whether this application provides PayLater facilities or not.

What is clear, applying for collateral-free credit through Julo allows you to get a credit limit, starting from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 8 million.

The loan tenor starts from 3 to 8 months. Meanwhile, loan interest is quite high at 6-10 percent per month. Even though disbursing loan funds is quite easy, you have to be prepared with a fairly high loan interest rate.

2. UangMe

The next PayLater application without BI Checking is UangMe. This is basically a special application for online loans. So, the term PayLater refers to loan funds that you later get, are free to use to shop outside the application, and you have to pay monthly installments with a certain interest for the impact of borrowing activities, not shopping through the application.

So how much loan can you get through this application? The available limit starts from IDR 400 thousand and a maximum of IDR 4 million. Meanwhile, the loan tenor is around 3-4 months and the interest is adjusted according to your loan amount.

Make sure you have read the clear terms and conditions, including information about loan interest, when you want to use this Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform.

3. My cash

This platform is basically not a PayLater application without BI checking. Tunaiku is an ordinary online loan application, and you can easily get fresh funds for various needs, including paying PayLater installments.

The good news is that this application has been registered and supervised by the OJK. So, you don't need to worry about security and taking sides in protecting consumers.

Through this fintech company, you have the opportunity to get a sizable loan, starting from IDR 2 million to IDR 20 million.

Installment payments take place per month for 6 to 20 payments. You will be charged loan interest in the range of 3-4 percent, as well as an administrative fee of IDR 540 thousand.


Apart from the three platforms above, you can easily find other PayLater Applications Without BI Checking by searching on Google. We emphasize avoiding various illegal online lending practices, because they will often only harm you.

You may get a large loan at the start. But when the interest expense is so high, this is actually not good for your financial health. There is no need to make BI Checking a burden, because this system will actually allow you to get a fair and reasonable fund loan service.

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