What is Paylater Fund, Limit and How to Activate It

Rancakmedia.com – What is Dana Paylater and how do you register it, DANA Paylater is a new feature of the DANA application that users have been waiting for the most. The presence of this new feature allows users to easily access loan funds, so that the process of shopping for any needs at DANA becomes easier. The system is exactly the same as the credit card that is applied at the bank, only with a more concise procedure.

Information at a glance, DANA is a digital wallet application that you can rely on to save money and make various transactions finance. You can easily send money to fellow users and to certain banks without administration fees (minimum 10 transactions per month), withdraw cash, and shop for various needs such as pulses, electricity, donations, and others.

DANA, of course, is not the only digital wallet application that promises security and convenience. But among its competitors, this application which has been downloaded by 120 million users is superior because it is the work of the nation's children which is supported by two data centers to guarantee transaction security without interruption.

The system at DANA has also been integrated with the Civil Registration Population System (Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) so that the registration and verification process can be shorter and very easy. DANA's credibility is supported by four licenses from Bank Indonesia (BI) so that its security is guaranteed. So, have you become an active user in this superior application?

If so, let's focus on the discussion to get to know, know the limits, to detect the benefits of PayLater from DANA. Let's look at the discussion in this article until it's finished to get a complete understanding of one of the main features in this DANA.

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What's that Paylater FUNDS

The terms “PayLater” or “Pay Later” refer to the possibility for a user on a particular application system to make a transaction, then pay for it at a later date. This system has been implemented in conventional banking with the term "Credit". The PayLater system is available in a number of applications and services, including the DANA digital wallet application.

So what's the difference between PayLater and Credit? People prefer PayLater because of easier registration and verification procedures. You can even apply to be a user of this service without having to come to a particular office in person, because the system is fully supported online.

Just like the credit system in banks, PayLater allows users to make practically any transaction, according to the services available in the application. The available limit is no less high than that of a bank credit card, with more populist interest bills.

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Security Services in Paylater FUNDS

PayLater users from the DANA application can take advantage of this one credit system for various available payments, while still getting security guarantees. Just like fintech companies that provide PayLater features, DANA complies with strict regulations for the safety of its users.

Login notification systems, two-factor authentication and OTP codes are used to prevent the possibility of misuse of personal information and hacking by irresponsible people. On the other hand, the available financing or limits for each user varies according to their ability to pay.

Paylater FUNDS Can it be used for any shopping?

If you have successfully activated Paylater Funds, then you don't need to have a debit balance when you want to make any transactions via the DANA application. You only need to use the limit available on PayLater so you can complete the transaction immediately. But remember, you will have to prepare money to pay monthly bills to pay off credit payments up to 12 times.

With this superior feature, you can immediately make transactions for daily needs such as buying credit or data packages, donations, delivery, vouchers and coin collection. You can also immediately pay off various electricity, water, gas, various installments, taxes, entertainment subscriptions and others easily.

Even so, it is important to note that the shopping credit service titled PayLater from DANA cannot be disbursed in cash. You can't even transfer PayLater limits to other accounts or digital wallets. This feature is specifically used for shopping and carrying out transactions for various services available in the application.

Interest Rates and Limits Paylater FUNDS

The "Pay Later" facility from DANA sets a low interest rate and is delivered transparently to potential users. You can get a limit starting from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 10 million. The limit for each person applying for PayLater is different, taking into account the length of time using the DANA application and other elements. 

Compared to bank credit cards or online money lending services, interest rates to pay later at DANA are relatively lower. This can be the best solution, especially when you don't have a balance, but have to pay various urgent arrears and installments. Of course, the use of this feature must also be adjusted to the ability to pay, taking into account the interest rate that has been agreed upon.

How Long is the Tenor Paylater FUNDS?

The tenor is the time period given by the lender within a certain period to make repayments. In other words, loan money does not need to be paid all at once, but can be paid in installments for several payments. For Paylater Funds, the specified tenor can be chosen up to 12 payments per month.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PayLater from DANA

The main purpose of using this credit feature is to help anyone who wants to pay monthly bills, or shop at DANA for urgent needs, when they have no balance, or a limited debit balance. But in practice, we cannot close our eyes, that the advantages of Paylater Funds are offset by the disadvantages. 

1. Excess Paylater Funds

Following are some of the advantages of PayLater available in DANA compared to similar facilities available in other applications:

  • The submission process is easier and faster. You only need to register and verify online. When you carry out the application procedure correctly, the opportunity to immediately get access to Paylater Funds will be even greater.
  • The available limit is quite large, up to Rp. 10 million rupiah. Even so, the decision to give a limit with a certain nominal varies, according to your data and financial condition. 
  • The limit can be increased when you have a current credit history and assert yourself as a trusted user.

2. Lack of Paylater Funds

Besides the advantages, you also have to consider the disadvantages of this new facility in the DANA application. Here are the disadvantages of Paylater Funds that you should be aware of:

  • Until now, Paylater funds cannot be enjoyed by all DANA application users. Not a few users can't even submit it because it's not yet available in their account. 
  • Encouraging consumptive lifestyle and debt habits. This might be helpful when you are in a state of urgency. But in many cases, people are driven to shop at will, then burdened with large monthly bills.
  • Data security risks must be watched out for even though the application manager has designed a strong and reliable system. You especially have to be careful not to give the OTP code to just anyone, or create a password that is easy to guess.

How to Activate The Easiest Paylater Fund

Paylater funds can be used after you have completed the submission process and met the conditions set. Make sure you meet the following requirements to be able to use shopping credit from DANA immediately: 

  1. You already have a verified DANA account. This means that you have gone through the procedure to get "Premium" membership status, and are welcome to top up balances, send funds, withdraw money and use other services through the application. 
  2. Attach proof of income every month, this can be a pay slip or income report from the company where you work.
  3. Attach a photo of the original KTP as well as a selfie of you holding the KTP. 
  4. Listing emergency contacts that are easy to contact as an anticipation when your main contact has a problem.

When applying for Paylater Funds, you will be asked to fill out a registration form that contains important information, so that the system can verify it. This is also an attempt to secure your account and ensure you are eligible for shopping credit services from DANA.

After fulfilling a number of requirements, you can immediately start the registration procedure by following these easy steps:

  1. Open the DANA application, then log in with your PIN.
  2. Make sure the PayLater feature is available in your application. If it hasn't appeared, it means that the system says you are not eligible to apply for a credit loan, or your account is still new, so activity must still be monitored.
  3. The PayLater feature can be found by accessing the "Me" menu then proceed by selecting "PayLater".
  4. Fill in the digital form provided, then enter the KTP that you have provided into the system list. You do this by taking a photo directly on the application form. Make sure the lighting is good so that the ID card image and information can be read clearly. You will also be asked to take a selfie with your KTP to further ensure the clarity of your identity.
  5. After completing the form, please wait for the verification process. If the information you enter is correct and appropriate, the chances of successful verification will be wide open, and you can immediately get a limit according to system policies.

Method Paying Bills Paylater FUNDS

Illustration of using a mobile financial application (bruce mars via unsplash)

After the submission and verification process are received, you can start using the limit provided at any time. The way to use it is the same as when you shop or make any transactions at DANA. For example, when you want to fill in a data package, you only need to complete simple steps. Next choose the payment method via PayLater.

When the transaction is successful, the available limit will be reduced by the amount you spend. The number of transactions and usage limits are not specified, it's just that shopping with PayLater can no longer be done when the limit is less. For this reason, you can pay your bills on a set date every month, or before they are due, so you can maintain a sufficient limit to make any purchases through DANA.

So how do you pay your Paylater Fund monthly bills? Let's look at the following description for the full steps:

  1. Paylater Fund payments can be made online, either via bank transfer, topup funds, or through a number of recommended merchants.
  2. Choose the payment method that you think is the easiest and free of administration fees.
  3. Enter the DANA application to get the Paylater Fund payment code. When you are on the main page, select the menu in the lower right corner. Next, scroll until you find the Paylater Funds menu. There you can easily find the number of bills that must be paid each month.
  4. Choose the bill amount with the closest due date of payment. Because if you pay past the set time limit, you will have to pay fines or additional interest and this of course will further add to your debt burden.
  5. Please click "Pay Now" then select the payment method you want to choose.
  6. Tap OK to immediately get a virtual account. Click "Copy VA" so that you can copy it automatically and not mistakenly when you want to enter it in the mobile banking or ATM you choose.
  7. Login to M-Banking, then look for the payment menu with the name Dana Paylater. Paste the virtual account number that was previously copied, click OK.
  8. Before you actually make a payment, the system will first display the bill amount that you have to pay. If all the data is correct, immediately make a payment by entering your PIN number.
  9. If the data entered is correct with the correct procedure, the Paylater Fund bill payment process will run smoothly, and the paid off report will immediately appear in your DANA application. At the same time, your limit will increase according to the number of bills you have paid.

Basically, paying bills is not difficult when you follow the procedures and instructions carefully. Most importantly, make sure you already have the funds to pay the bill without owing it to other parties. Even though you can get convenience in shopping on credit, make sure you keep your financial activities under control.

Illustration of saving money by not going into debt (Annie Spratt via unsplash.com)

That is, the risk of being dragged into an extravagant lifestyle is very likely to occur when you use credit facilities of any kind, including Paylater Funds. So make sure you shop, only as needed. If you can pay in cash by providing a debit balance at DANA, why not prioritize this instead of having to take out debt using the "Pay Later" method?

We are not skeptical of the easy credit system. Paylater funds can be relied upon for urgent situations, for example when you have to pay certain bills or expenses, but your monthly paycheck has not been disbursed. Shopping as needed is highly recommended, rather than creating new needs that are made up, because they are complacent with the credit system.

How to overcome Paylater Fund Does Not Appear and Cannot Be Used

In some cases, DANA users who have been asked to access the shopping credit feature suddenly cannot use it. Don't panic, because every problem is always accompanied by a solution. Before finding out how to re-enable the "Pay Later" feature, you should first detect the various causes for the service being deactivated.

Following are some of the reasons why Paylater Funds suddenly cannot be used, and how best to deal with them:

1. DANA is currently carrying out system repairs

In situations like this, it's not only the PayLater feature that can't be used, but also other services. System repairs take place in the server center so that it affects the performance of all the applications you are using. Termination of service is temporary and applies to almost all users.

To fix this, you only need to wait an uncertain period of time, depending on the level of repair being carried out. But usually the manager will notify you when there is a recovery process that hinders the running of the application through various messaging media, for example via email or SMS. You can also contact DANA Customer Service directly to get the clearest answer.

2. The limit is not as large as the nominal transaction

Every DANA PayLater user is given a credit limit with a certain nominal value. When you shop intensely, it is likely that the limit will continue to decrease, then it will no longer be sufficient to pay for certain transaction credits. This is what causes sudden credit can not be used.

To overcome this kind of condition, make bill payments as soon as possible. Even though it's not yet close to maturity, installment payments will affect the amount of the available limit. In other words, the credit limit will increase when you pay the bill.

3. Your bad credit history has been assessed as bad

It is very important for users to keep payment commitments on time, or before they are due. The goal is that you can continue to access PayLater services smoothly, without any hiccups, let alone sudden stops. Conversely, when your credit score is bad, this can be the main reason for the shopping credit service being stopped. Please pay off the bill first, so you can easily access PayLater from DANA again.

4. There are still arrears to be paid

Almost the same as the previous point, PayLater from DANA can suddenly become unusable because you still have arrears. Please check your bill, and pay immediately with the fine, so you can return to using your PayLater shopping credit in the DANA app comfortably.

5. Policy Violations Occur

You should carefully read the rules of cooperation and various policies set by DANA. When you are detected violating the policy, intentional or not, the system may automatically stop the PayLater service feature.

If you cannot unilaterally find the reason for stopping the PayLater system at DANA, don't hesitate to contact the DANA customer service for clarification, and ask for the service to be returned to normal.

This also applies to credit systems in other similar applications. You can contact the admin or take advantage of customer service at any time, so you can get a solution for every obstacle. Applications that have been supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) will usually always work responsibly and side with customer satisfaction.

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FAQs About Paylater Fund

From the lengthy explanation above, we hope that you can use credit access from any application, including from DANA, wisely. Access to shopping credit at DANA must be balanced with caution and careful calculation, so you don't get stuck in a consumerist culture, or increase your debt burden so that you are left alone.

To complete the discussion about Paylater Funds, let's look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or the most frequently asked questions in the introduction of this superior feature of DANA.

Q: Can Paylater Funds be disbursed into cash?

A: The Paylater Fund is specifically enabled to support smooth shopping in the DANA application. When you don't have enough balance to pay your electricity and water bills, or you want to buy credit in an urgent situation, you can rely on the "pay later" feature as a fast way to complete transactions. For this reason, Paylater Funds cannot be disbursed in cash, or transferred to other users or to other digital wallets.

Q: Why is my DANA application not available Paylater Funds?

A: Not all users can use this additional feature. It appears automatically in certain accounts deemed appropriate by the system. Usually, new DANA users cannot access this credit facility. Users who are judged to have not reached a certain balance limit, or those who have not completed certain data may also not be able to get the new PayLater feature.

Until now, we can't be sure, what are the exact reasons, why your account hasn't been equipped with access to PayLater applications. But DANA has a special contact that can be easily contacted, either via WhatsApp or email, when you want to apply for Paylater Funds or experience other problems.

Q: I've registered, but why was my PayLater at DANA rejected?

A: Basically, the procedure for applying for a shopping credit called "PayLater" is very easy. You only need to follow the procedure requested, and fill out the form provided. Also make sure the identity that you enter in the digital form matches the identity card that will be inputted into a photo. Lighting and layout when taking photos, or when taking selfies with an identity card, are also the next determinants of the success of applying for Paylater Funds.

If the shopping credit application is still rejected, try to check again, maybe there are procedures that have not been passed properly. You can repeat the process carefully. On the other hand, you must understand the application and registration procedures that are implemented, because this is an effort to strengthen the security system and avoid misuse of spending credit funds.

Q: How long does the PayLater verification process take?

A: When you go through the submission and registration procedures correctly, the verification process will usually run smoothly and relatively quickly. Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable to make the registration and verification process even easier.

Q: What are the consequences if I don't pay my bills on time?

A: PayLater credit payments should be made before they are due. But when you don't pay on time, you have to be prepared to pay daily fines. The longer you are in arrears, the greater the fine will be. For the best way, make sure you always plan your finances well, including when you want to shop on credit. Don't let yourself get carried away with the credit system, so you shop without calculations, then hassle yourself when the installment payment period gets closer.


Paylater Funds is one of the most anticipated features by its users. With this service, the shopping process will be faster and smoother, even if you don't have a debit balance. You can immediately complete various transactions such as buying credit, tokens, data packages, to complete various installments and insurance right away, then pay later.

In other words, this is a credit system that makes it easy because you can access loan funds for all purchasing services at DANA. The use of Paylater Funds must be accompanied by wise use, so that you are not entangled in extravagant lifestyles, let alone trapped in accumulated debt.

After listening to the lengthy discussion above, we hope that your understanding will increase regarding various financial services to online credit facilities. Please access our other articles at rancakmedia.com to enrich insights about the world of finance and business.

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