What is Traveloka Paylater, Limits and Advantages

Rancakmedia.com – In this article, we will discuss about what is Traveloka Paylater, maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with the Traveloka Paylater feature. To find out more, see the article below.

Using the Paylater service is currently one of the choices that is more in demand among the public.

As you know, credit cards do have requirements that are quite difficult when you want to apply, therefore, to be able to enjoy buying goods in installments, many paylater services are used as the main solution for those who don't have a credit card.

What is Traveloka Paylater

The presence of the Paylater feature is indeed very helpful for people who want to buy an item, without having to pay in full first.

One of them is by using Traveloka Paylater, where you can buy travel tickets anywhere without having to pay for them first. However, there are terms and conditions that apply if you want to apply for this feature.

Basically, it has the same perin system as a credit card or other paylater, one of which is like Shopee Paylater, where each user can use this feature with a maximum installment scheme of 12 times for each purchase.

What is Traveloka Paylater?

The first discussion that you need to know is to know what Traveloka Paylater is, maybe many of you don't know about Traveloka Paylater.

Traveloka Paylater is a financial service from Traveloka that allows its users to make installments without a credit card, including for plane ticket installments and other online installments.

This payment method is commonly known as online credit, Traveloka Paylater applies to all products available at Traveloka, except for some billing products and credit top ups.

Traveloka Paylater feature

Actually, the features available on Traveloka Payater are almost the same as other Paylater platforms, where users can later use a credit limit to make payments later or in installments without a credit card.

For later payments, you can make payments with a maturity of 30 days or installments of up to 12 months.

1. Security Aspect

At Traveloka Paylater there is a security aspect that is supported by a one-time-protection mechanism for every transaction made by a user.

In addition, aspects of trust related to security are also supported by the loan funds market (Danamas).

2. Functionality

The scope of payment services that can be made by Traveloka users are:

Traveloka Paylater feature

Reservation of hotel rooms, restaurants and cinemas
Plane tickets, train tickets, attraction and activity tickets, bus and shuttle tickets
Car rental, airport transportation, airport train
Health BPJS bills, electricity bills (PLN), Telkom bills (landline and IndiHome), cable TV bills (MNC Vision, TransVision, K-Vision, and Topaz TV)
Postpaid Credit (Halo Card, Prioritas XL and Postpaid Indosat)
Insurance (ACA and Tokio Marine)

3. Fees

This Paylater service offers online installments without charging an annual fee which can attract potential users.

In addition, prospective users can also consider face-to-face installment options, users can also take advantage of promo moments to get discounts or installment discounts.

4. Term of Payment

Traveloka provides a choice of time periods that users can choose from, the time period that can be chosen is in the range of 1 month to 2 months.

Products that can be used with Traveloka Paylater

You also need to know that there are several products that you can order now and pay later using the Traveloka Paylater limit, including:

  1. Flight ticket
  2. Hotel Room Reservations
  3. Train ticket
  4. Attractions & Activities Tickets
  5. Bus & Shuttle Tickets
  6. car rental
  7. Restaurant
  8. Cinema
  9. Airport Transportation
  10. Airport Train
  11. BPJS Health Bills
  12. PLN electricity bill
  13. Telkom bills (Landline & IndiHome)
  14. Cable TV Bills (MNC Vision, Trans Vision, K-Vision, & Topaz TV)
  15. Postpaid Credit Card (Halo Card, Prioritas XL, & Postpaid Indosat)
  16. Pay Insurance (ACA & Tokio Marine)

Traveloka Paylater Interest Rates and Limits

As for interest rates, Paylater's interest has a value that can be said to be quite light and competitive, namely 2.14% to 4.78% per month. These costs also apply flat or average each month.

Meanwhile, the amount of the limit that later users will get is a limit of Rp. 1,000,000 to a maximum limit of Rp. 50,000,000.

However, not all users can get the same limit, or it can be said that each user will get various limits.

Traveloka Paylater also provides a limit increase feature that can be done if you get a relatively low credit limit.

Products that can be used with Traveloka Paylater

It's just that this limit increase feature requires a number of ways which I feel are not easy enough to do. Sometimes there are also some users who have difficulties when applying to increase their Traveloka Paylater credit limit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveloka PayLater

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Traveloka Paylater, including:

Advantages of Traveloka Paylater

Following are the advantages of Traveloka Paylater:

1. Easy and Fast Verification Process

Traveloka Paylater has an easier and faster verification process service. Users only need to prepare appropriate personal data such as ID cards, photos of themselves and family contacts who can be contacted.

2. Easy Payment Mechanism

For Traveloka Paylater users, this can be done without the need to use a credit card, the available options are through a bank and using the BCA virtual account (VA) option.

3. Relatively Light Interest

The amount of interest given ranges from 2,14% to 5% per month, many users are very satisfied with the conditions that have been set.

4. Relatively High Limit

Traveloka Paylater offers a loan limit with a nominal value of Rp. 2 million to Rp. 10 million.

5. Long Installment Period

Most Paylaters only provide a period of 1 month, but at Traveloka Paylater there are options ranging from 1 to 12 months.

Disadvantages of Traveloka PayLater

Following are the disadvantages of Traveloka Paylater:

Traveloka Paylater Interest Rates and Limits

1. Limited Functions In Application Only

Traveloka users can only use the facility for transactions on the Traveloka application. So even though the service is reliable, its use is still limited.

2. There are Transaction Limits

Users can only use PayLater if the transaction is over IDR 50,000, you can't do less than that.

In addition, the choice of installments with a longer term of up to several months only applies to transactions with a nominal value above IDR 500,000.

How Traveloka Paylater Works

Traveloka Paylater works the same as other Paylaters, namely as a payment facility in installments or pay later.

In simple terms, it can also be called buy now, pay later as the name implies, namely PayLater.

To be able to enjoy this service, users must first register and have confirmed that they meet Traveloka's terms and conditions.

If the conditions are met and registration is approved, the user will later get a limit of up to IDR 10,000,000.

This limit can be used to buy Traveloka's featured products. This loan payment can be made 30 days after the transaction, or using installments with a 1-month to 12-month scheme.

Why was my Paylater Application Rejected

Of the many new users, of course many questions arise when registering at Traveloka Paylater.

One of these questions is why the Paylater application was rejected, but you don't need to worry, for those of you who experience something similar, you can see the explanation below:

  1. The details of the information you provide do not match the documents you have provided
  2. The user has submitted a PayLater application before, but has experienced approval
  3. The family contact you listed could not be contacted or an error occurred in filling in the number
  4. The document file that you provide is unclear, there are typographical errors, or there may also be documents that are no longer valid

Traveloka Paylater Review

The following is a review from Traveloka Paylater, namely:

Source: Andre Tuwan YouTube Channel


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about Traveloka Paylater, as follows:

How long does the Traveloka paylater process take?

The process of verifying your application only takes a maximum of 1 × 24 hours. During the verification process, we will check all the data that you have entered.


Traveloka Paylater is a financial service from Traveloka that allows its users to make installments without a credit card, including for plane ticket installments and other online installments.

Thus the information about what Traveloka Paylater is, its limits and advantages, I hope the articles we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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