Adakami Online Loan Application Official OJK Safe – Are you familiar with the AdaKami online loan application? The following is detailed information that we will convey in this article, don't forget to read it to the end because this is very important, enjoy reading.

If you suddenly need money, all you can do is use an online loan application. Make sure you choose one that is officially registered with the OJK, for example how to borrow money from Adakami, an online cash withdrawal platform that is licensed, registered and monitored by the OJK.

There We are online loan application which offers direct and fast cash payments. Including Fintech P2P Lending, which has received permission from the OJK with the registration number KEP-128/D0.05/2019 and is ISO 27001 certified.

Borrow money from Adakami

Apply for a loan through Adakami application Free download on Google Play Store and App Store. After installation, register and enter your personal information according to the instructions.

Borrow money from Adakami

This application provides an online cash withdrawal platform for small and short term amounts. In the end, the loan must be repaid immediately, namely for repayment and interest.

Borrowing money from AdaKami has requirements, namely Indonesian citizens aged 21-50 years, have a steady income and have an e-KTP. Make sure you have a passbook in your personal name and a smartphone to install online loan application There We are.

An important requirement for disbursing loan funds is a data comparison between the application in the application and your bank account data. Fintech will not pay the loan if the details in the bank account do not match those in the application.

Adakami function

AdaKami offers loans (IDR 400,000 to IDR 2.2 million) with terms of 14, 21 and 28 days. The tenor offered is very specific, namely 3 loan terms to choose from, so it's important to pay attention.

It's different with KTA or installment loans, which have a longer term. The limits and timeframes that are finally offered to borrowers may change based on the value of AdaKami loans.

The loan check processes your personal information, then the AdaKami online loan application displays a choice of limits and conditions that can be claimed.

There may also be differences between the offers displayed at the start of the application. Using applications on smartphones allows fintech to offer special ways to borrow money from AdaKami.

Here everyone will be different, depending on the results of the analysis and the profile of the borrower. After the first loan, the limits offered are usually higher or lower as they are affected by payments.

Loans at AdaKami are not installment payments, so the borrower must pay them off in full at the end of the term.

Meanwhile, AdaKami offers interest of 0.798% per day as stated in the loan agreement and will be given after loan approval.

How to Borrow Money from AdaKami

If you want to apply for an online loan through AdaKami, you must first download the application. After downloading the AdaKami application, you must enter the cellphone number that you used to apply for a loan.

How to Borrow Money from AdaKami

Next, Adakami will send a verification code to the number you provided. Then enter the verification code into the application. If the application already shows an agreement and terms and conditions, don't forget Data usage permission.

You must agree to the use of data to borrow money from AdaKami to proceed to the next stage. Below are the steps for borrowing funds through the AdaKami application so that the process is fast and easy:

Ceiling and Tenor Information

After you create and verify your account, the AdaKami application will display the limit and time period that can be accepted by the borrower.

But you can't choose top and tenor, this is related to the AdaKami application which completes the data filling process.

After that, the artificial intelligence (AI) credit scoring system processes the data and determines the cap and term range according to the data submitted for how long.

Personal data

Fill in the online borrower's personal information at AdaKami in the specified column. The personal data referred to are as follows:

  1. Personal information
  2. Address
  3. HP and WA
  4. Marital status
  5. Reason for borrowing
  6. Residence status and home address

Data must be filled in in all columns, if the completion is incomplete, the submission process cannot proceed to the next section.

Employment data

Filling in work data and the amount of monthly income must be a condition of applying for a loan at AdaKami. In addition, the fintech will forward the loan after checking the financial information.

This is to determine whether the borrower is financially able to repay the loan or not. You must fill in the job details as follows:

  1. Total Income per Month
  2. Length of Working Period
  3. Company name
  4. Company City
  5. Salary Receipt Date
  6. Company Phone No

Emergency Contact

You have to fill in three emergency contacts, each contact has to fill in their mobile number and relationship. The types of contact allowed are parents, siblings, friends and others.

KTP and Selfie Photo

The AdaKami application requests access to the phone in the form of device location and camera and video reading. If so, take a selfie with the camera that comes with the AdaKami online loan application.

This photo must be taken directly from the phone camera and cannot be uploaded from anywhere else. When taking photos, don't wear glasses, hats, and stay in a straight line in bright light. There are also gestures like opening your mouth, blinking your eyes, shaking your head, etc. when taking a photo.

This movement is designed to identify and record prospective borrowers online through the AdaKami AI engine, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings.

In addition, taking pictures of KTPs is also required to use the cellphone camera used to apply for loans.

The name and NIK are read and automatically appear in the application. Can also correct the wrong writing. If all the requirements have been met, all you have to do is click Apply for credit and wait for the next process.

Bank account

Must provide a bank account where the name on the account must match the name of the borrower. Aims to avoid possible abuse or fraud.

Result and Recommendation of Ceiling and Tenor

All data has been entered, therefore, the AdaKami loan rating system will process and then produce recommendations for the limit and term of the loan that can be withdrawn.

Result and Recommendation of Ceiling and Tenor

This is the final stage, regardless of whether it is approved or rejected. If the credit scoring is approved, it recommends a maximum loan of IDR 1.6 million and a choice of tenors of 14, 21 and 28 days.

Electronic Signature

After receiving approval and confirmation to take a loan according to the limit offered. Just click borrow now to pay for the loan to the account number, the next process is to do an electronic signature as follows:

  1. Email content
  2. Account activation for digital signature on email. OTP code via cell phone.
  3. When the digital signature account is active, AdaKami will send a loan agreement.
  4. Carefully read the consent letter and then the electronic signature

Loan Disbursement

The process of carrying out an electronic signature on the application is complete, then AdaKami states that the process is complete. Loan funds are disbursed within 24 hours. The loan money is transferred to the registered bank account.

The presence of online fintech loans that offer faster loan products certainly arouses public interest.

Likewise, AdaKami offers loans with a simple but legal process because they are registered with the Financial Services Authority.


The following is information regarding questions regarding AdaKami, see below:

Adakami Loans Are Secure?

AdaKami is internationally certified, ensuring that your information data is always safe and doesn't leak anywhere!

Are Adakami Online Loans Official?

AdaKami already has a license, is registered and supervised by the OJK, this license shows that this lending company is official and legal. Fintech lenders registered or licensed by the OJK must comply with regulations, both POJK and applicable laws and regulations.

Are Adakami Online Loans Official

Adakami Online Loan Application Period?

You have a choice between different timeframes, namely 3, 6 and 12 months. Take advantage of low interest loans, all your information and personal data are protected by 100%.

How much is the initial loan at Adakami

The first loan with an initial limit of Rp. 1,400,000 will be paid off in 14 days. The loan limit was increased to IDR 1,600,000 and a second loan of IDR 1,400,000 with a term of 28 days was again submitted.

Well here we will also discuss about how to register a loan shop, click the link provided for more detailed information.


Adakami's online loan application that offers direct and fast cash payments. The AdaKami online loan application provides an online cash withdrawal platform for small and short-term amounts.

Adakami loans are not loans that are paid in installments, so you have to pay them off in full at the end of the term. AdaKami offers interest of 0.798% per day as specified in the loan agreement and is given after loan approval.

That's the information that we can convey above, I hope this information can be useful, don't forget to read the other articles that we have provided above, enjoy reading.

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