How to Top Up Shopee Via the Latest FUNDS – There are two ways to top up Shopee Pay via DANA, namely through the transfer menu and digital balance. For complete information, please see the article we have provided below.

But unfortunately the digital balance option does not seem to be possible for all DANA accounts. So limited to certain accounts that already have this menu.

The difference between the transfer from DANA to ShopeePay through the Send menu to the Shopee Virtual Account and via a digital wallet is an administration fee. The current administration fee is 999 rupiah through the "Digital Balance" menu, but varies through the "Send" menu.

When you top up ShopeePay from DANA with a nominal value of 50,000 or more, the management fee can be free. Of course, provided that you still have 10x free transfer fees in your bank account. Meanwhile, digital balances are not the case, regardless of the denomination, an administration fee will still be charged.

What is the DANA Application?

The DANA application is a digital wallet platform designed to make every transaction cashless, both online and offline. Transactions through this application are certainly more comfortable, faster and guaranteed security.

What is the DANA Application

To use it, you can download the DANA application, register and then top up your balance via credit card, debit card, bank transfer or convenience store.

Shopee and ShopeePay

Founded in Indonesia in 2015, Shopee has managed to become one of the top marketplace platforms with the most visitors.

In fact, Shopee's presence also competes with other marketplaces or e-commerce that have previously appeared in Indonesia, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, and so on.

The reason why Shopee can attract the attention of the people in Indonesia to buy and sell online at Shopee is because Shopee always provides the best service to every user.

These services include Free Shipping, Cashback, Monthly Events, Live Streaming, Discounts, Shopee Mall, Shopee Loyalty Member, Shopee Star Seller, Shopee Star+ Seller, Shopee Food, Shopee Pay and so on.

Not only does it make it easier for buyers to complete transactions, these features also help you as a seller maximize online sales at Shopee. Therefore, you can start selling on Shopee and reach a broad target market and significant income.

How to Top Up Shopee at DANA Via the Send Menu

  1. Open the DANA application and select the Send menu.
  2. Then select Send to bank account.
  3. If there is no destination account number, select +Send to bank account.
  4. In the Bank Name column, enter Mandiri.
  5. Next, in the Account Number column, enter the DANA transfer code to ShopeePay, which is 893, then enter the Shopeepay account number that you will top up.
  6. you can leave the Alias​​column blank. If so, tap Add new bank.
  7. Enter the amount of money or top up a nominal amount, then tap Set Amount.
  8. Tap Confirm.
  9. If the ShopeePay virtual account number is correct, the Shopee account name and management fee will be displayed. If so, tap Confirm.
  10. Enter the DANA PIN.

If sending the DANA balance to ShopeePay is successful, you will receive a notification. In addition, the ShopeePay balance increases.

In July 2021, Shopee implemented new rules for ShopeePay top-up fees through virtual accounts. Previously, management fees were free, but now 500 rupiah has been deducted from the incoming balance.

For example, if you top up your ShopeePay balance to 10,000, only 9,500 will enter, or a deduction of 500 rupiah.

Apart from the method above, there is another way to top up ShopeePay from DANA, namely through the Digital Balance menu. For information, digital balances in the DANA application can also be transferred to OVO and GoPay.

For more details, see the article that we have provided below.

How to TF FUNDS to ShopeePay on the Digital Balance Menu

What's the minimum top-up ShopeePay?

  1. The first step is to open the DANA application.
  2. Select the Digital Scale menu. If not, select the View All menu, see the Top Up section, then select Digital Balance.
  3. Then select ShopeePay.
  4. Enter the cellphone number of the Shopee account that will receive the DANA transfer.
  5. Enter the ShopeePay top-up nominal you want. You can also choose from the available denominations from 50,000 to 200,000. If yes, tap Next.
  6. Check again whether the Shopee account that received the money and the nominal amount is correct. If yes, tap Confirm.
  7. Enter the DANA Application PIN.
  8. Wait for the transaction to complete. If successful, the ShopeePay balance will increase.

As seen in this second method, the steps are simpler. We no longer need to remember the DANA transfer code to ShopeePay.

Just enter the mobile number registered to your Shopee account and then select the top-up amount. In addition, the cost is cheaper, which is only 999 rupiah.

However, if the ShopeePay DANA top-up amount is more than or equal to 50,000, this second method will of course be more expensive. Because as we know, DANA offers 10x free referral fees per month if the referral nominal is 50,000 or more.

This means you have to choose the first method if you want to top up your Shopee application balance by spending 50,000 or more. This makes it more efficient because there are no administration fees for transfers from DANA to ShopeePay.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Up ShopeePay Via DANA

Following are some of the drawbacks of topping up ShopeePay balances from the DANA application.

  1. Management fees apply, ranging from zero to 4,500 rupiah.
  2. Only if you have upgraded to a DANA Premium Account.
  3. If you don't want to pay bank management fees, you can choose ShoeePay content through BSI, BCA, Mandiri or other banks. But for now there is still a discount of 500 rupiah.
  4. This reduces the incoming ShopeePay balance or does not match the top-up amount.
  5. Meanwhile, the advantages of ShopeePay balance over DANA are:
  6. Can be a solution for those who do not have a bank account or mobile banking.
  7. Admin fees can be transferred for free if the minimum transaction is 50,000 rupiah.


The following are questions and answers that you should know:

How much is the minimum ShopeePay top-up?

In general, the minimum balance on ShopeePay is IDR 10,000, either via bank transfer, BCA OneKlik, Alfamart, Alfamidi or Dan+Dan. With this you can top up your balance with only IDR 15,000, IDR 25,000, IDR 30,000 or any other amount above IDR 10,000.

What's the minimum top-up ShopeePay?

Where Can We Top Up ShopeePay?

If you want topup shopeepay can be done via mbanking, ATM, Alfamart or Alfamidi etc. Read more detailed information in the article which we have provided the link here.

Can ShopeePay Top Up Via an ATM?

Make sure the ShopeePay top up has been done so that it can be used according to Shopee shopping needs. Currently Bank Rakyat Indonesia customers can get the ShopeePay top-up feature through BRI ATMs, Brimo and Internet Banking.


FUND application is a digital wallet platform created to make every transaction cashless. Transactions through this application are more convenient, faster and of course safer.

Top up ShopeePay from DANA with a minimum of 50,000 or more. Admin fees are free. See above for detailed information.

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