How to cash out the Akulaku and Shopee Complete Paylater Limits - Hello everyone! On this occasion, we will provide complete information about how to withdraw the Akulaku, Shopee, Traveloka, Gojek and many other paylater limits, for more details, see below.

Explaining the Paylater limit cash withdrawal process to a personal bank account balance. However, places to withdraw money from Paylater in Indonesia have some quite dangerous risks for their users.

If you look back a few years, you will see that credit cards are still the prima donna. Credit card holders could not only use it to return items, they could also withdraw cash, but that all changed when Paylater appeared.

The similarity of the system, namely the use of transaction limits and a simple registration process, has made Paylater increasingly popular among Indonesians. But is it true that Paylater really beats credit cards on all fronts, including the cash withdrawal feature?

So that you can understand detailed information about Paylater's cash withdrawal function, we want to discuss it in detail. This article explains Paylater to the process of withdrawing limits into cash, see the info below:

Understanding What is Paylater

Paylater is a way to make payments. You can shop for goods online at this time, but you can make payments in the future. It's the same with credit cards, but the paylater is in digital form.

You can still make transactions on online buying and selling sites with this feature, even though you don't have money or a digital balance yet. The reason why Paylater is popular with many people is because the flow is not difficult, not like applying for a credit card or bank loan as usual.

If you want to use the PayLater method, you usually only attach personal information along with proof with documents, for example a KTP or a SIM. Activation from the lender does not take a long time and can be used immediately to make transactions.

In terms of creators, Paylater is different from credit cards where Paylater is usually issued by fintech while credit cards are issued by banks.

When applying for Paylater for the first time, users are usually limited to the amount of their first purchase, for example a maximum of IDR 1 million. However, over time, if the user is able to pay regularly and does not violate the agreement, the purchase limit will increase.

Even though the application process is simple, you should also check the terms and conditions of each Paylater. For example, interest information, administration fees, maturity or other conditions. Because if the payment limit is exceeded, there is a risk of fines.

How is the Paylater Withdrawal Process?

Before going into the method, this time we want to explain in advance what is meant by withdrawing cash or withdrawing Paylater to a savings account balance. Cash withdrawal is a process in which the limit can be used as savings at SPaylater, Gopaylater, Paylater DANA facilities and other payment facilities.

The amount of cash withdrawal itself depends on the limit available in your account. The higher the loan limit, the more cash withdrawals are possible. But of course, there are several conditions so that cash withdrawals can be used by users.

Paylater Cash Withdrawal Terms

As mentioned above, Paylater cash withdrawal requires some conditions. Requirements for a successful cash withdrawal include:

  1. Payment limit or remaining balance.
  2. Paylater account has been successfully verified.
  3. Have an online store account that belongs to someone or someone close to you.
  4. Have a digital bank savings account.
  5. Have a cash account to change the balance.

First and second conditions are mandatory while only one out of 3-5 can be selected. If you are a SPaylater user, you must read the complete information about Shopee Paylater limits first before you start cash withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Paylater Cash

After understanding some of the information above, you need to know how to withdraw Paylater money. Where Paylater cash withdrawals are divided into 2 (two) types, namely the official method and the bypass method. Below is an explanation of all Paylater official cash withdrawal and bypass steps.

How to cash out the Akulaku Paylater Limit

Akulaku is one online loan application best used by many people today. Through Akulaku, users can not only buy goods in installments, but also withdraw cash from Akulaku.

Summarized from the article the way to withdraw the limit on Akulaku, you can use the KTA Assetku cash advance facility or installment funds. These two Akulaku cash fund facilities are of course different in terms of credit limits and installment terms. Many think that Akulaku can only be used for installment purchases.

Installment purchases are available if you have applied for an Akulaku limit. Of course, the way to get a paylater limit is also very simple, where you only need to download the application, register and then apply for a credit limit.

After the credit limit application is approved, you will be given a credit limit that can be used for purchases made in installments, like a credit card in general. It should also be noted that you can also easily increase the paylater balance loan limit.

Back to the main discussion about how to withdraw the Akulaku paylater limit. There are 2 ways, namely using KTA Assetku or installment funds. In terms of the nominal cash balance that Akulaku has provided through these two features, users can withdraw balances starting from Rp. 300,000 up to a maximum of IDR 15,000,000.

Regarding a full explanation of the two Akulaku cash loan features, we will discuss them in full in this discussion. Then the calculated interest rates are also different, both for KTA Assetku and for installment funds.

There are also several fees that must be paid by users who apply for credit in the Akulaku application. Apart from this discussion, we will also provide various other interesting information about how to attract Akulaku. All right, instead of wondering how to withdraw Akulaku, please click on the link that we have provided above.

This method of withdrawing limits from Akulaku is illegal, but this method is often requested by Akulaku users. Therefore, in the article that we have provided the link above, we will explain the steps for withdrawing the correct Akulaku balance without harming other people. This method will certainly really help those of you who are in dire need of money.

How to cash out PayLater Shopee to a bank account

The payment method with Shopee Paylater is widely used because the process is fast and easy to do and the many bonuses offered.

So if you want to buy certain items through the Shopee application it's very easy, you can even pay for it later or in installments before the due date. This convenience is the advantage of the SPayLater service with the brand slogan "Buy Now, Pay Later".

The Shopee Paylater service can allow you to buy any item for free within a nominal limit as long as you can pay the fee before it is due. But have you ever tried to withdraw funds using the installment payment feature? Here we explain how to withdraw the shopee paylater limit be cash.

Can Shopee PayLater be paid to a bank account?

Shopee PayLater is usually used to pay for groceries in installments so that it can be paid off the following month or before the due date. This convenience is what makes many people use this interesting feature to buy an item, but they don't have enough money.

Can Shopee PayLater be withdrawn? But unfortunately, Shopee PayLater actually cannot be paid directly to the account, because it is a payment method, not credit funds as in the Shopee Borrow (SPinjam) system.

There is one special way Paylater can cash out to an account, namely through buying and selling goods or through third parties. You can do how to withdraw Paylater from Shopee to a bank account if you follow the tutorial in the next point.

Later it will be explained in detail how the steps and things that need to be prepared to make the process easier in the link that we have listed above. However, try to use these funds only for very urgent needs.

Even though the method is the same as paying for groceries through regular SPayLater, you also have to be able to pay installments or bills before they are due. If you fail to do so, you risk being fined up to 5% of the total purchase, limited coupons and promotions, and account banned from Shopee.

How to Withdraw Traveloka Paylater

As we all know, Traveloka Paylater is not a cash loan. So if you want to withdraw Traveloka Paylater, the method is not easy. Actually there is how to withdraw Traveloka Paylater Limit through a third party or what is known as Gestu (swipe cash).

However, this method contains a lot of risks and this gesture is an illegal method or action. Therefore, considering the risks that may arise here, we do not recommend using the gesture method to attract Traveloka Paylater.

Then how do you legally withdraw the Traveloka Paylater balance limit, whereas Traveloka itself has issued an official statement that Traveloka Paylater cannot be cashed or withdrawn.

Under these conditions, below we will share tricks on how to attract Traveloka Paylater by purchasing Traveloka products such as airplane tickets, trains, hotels and others.

Of course many of these products need it, and if we offer it at a low price, of course there will be more demand. To be clearer than the method or trick mentioned above, here is a detailed explanation.

How to cash out Gojek Paylater

The Paylater feature is indeed the most suitable solution for most people because it really helps when you run out of funds. Because users can buy now and pay later at the end of the month or in installments.

It's no wonder that many companies have released the Paylater feature, including an online motorcycle taxi company called Gojek. But not all users can enjoy it, only some users who meet the requirements.

Many people who haven't used gojek paylater activation as an in-app payment instead choose to find out how to withdraw Gojek Paylater. Regarding things like that, there is no way because it's different from Gopay.

Even though there is no Gojek direct method, every user can still withdraw the Gojek Paylater limit. It's just that this method is a bit complicated, plus you have to use a third party. For those who are curious about how to withdraw and under what conditions, see the full article on the link that we have provided above.

How to cash out Paylater Bukalapak

To simplify the transaction process, the paylater system has been adapted by many marketplaces. Paylater service is the next payment feature provided by shopping platforms.

One of them is BukaLapak through BukaLapak Paylater, which gives you the power to shop without paying first. In addition, there is an option to withdraw BukaLapak payments to the account. However, Paylater users usually accept limit conditions.

The nominal limit that you can use is listed when you activate Paylater for the first time. Interestingly, the Paylater credit limit is from BukaLapak application not only for shopping.

If necessary, you can withdraw funds to your account or digital wallet in the paylater system. For withdraw cash from PayLater BukaLapak, follow the steps and tutorial steps in this article.

How to Withdraw Cash Officially

If you look at the form of Paylater services in Indonesia, until now there is no general term for withdrawing Paylater in cash or account balance. From this it follows that establishment providers such as Shopee Paylater, Traveloka Paylater, Lazada Paylater or other Paylater currently do not have an official cash withdrawal method.

Although not all types of Paylater offer cash withdrawals, there is another way to do it, namely through the bypass system. Here are some ways to bypass Paylater cash withdrawals.

1. Avoid buying goods from an online store or marketplace that belongs to your own account.

  • First, try buying things from online stores (Shopee, Tokopedia, etc.)
  • Then pay with your other account.
  • Then pay with Paylater.
  • If successful, the money goes to the account kept at the online store.

2. How to work around this by buying goods from online stores or marketplaces owned by other people who want to work together.

  • First, other people sell goods in online stores.
  • Then make a purchase of the item.
  • Then payment is made via Paylater.
  • After a successful purchase, the last thing you need to do is transfer money from someone else's account to your own.

3. The bypass method is to fund a digital account using an application such as NeoBank.

  • Open a digital banking application such as NeoBank.
  • Look for the top up menu then enter the nominal paylater gesture according to the available limit.
  • On the payment option, click on e-wallet then on the available options (eg Gopay Paylater).
  • Complete the payment process to add to NeoBank balance.
  • Finally, transfer NeoBank funds to traditional bank accounts (BRI, BNI, BCA).

4. How to bypass the online loan exchange service Cash out

  • Open the Paylater platform then buy credit for your number.
  • After entering the balance, visit the cash out website and then log in with a personal account.
  • Complete the credit-to-credit conversion process.
  • Check the contents of the account registered in Cash out, if it increases, it means the cash withdrawal process was successful.

These are examples of several ways to withdraw Paylater cash using a bypass or linkage system which are actually illegal and have minimal risk of transactions being read by Paylater providers.

The Risks of Making a Paylater Cash Withdrawal

Did you know that even though bypasses or shortcuts can be used to withdraw cash from Paylater services, there are risks for consumers when using them? Paylater features are very similar to credit cards in terms of system limits, usage, and rates.

The basic difference between credit cards and Paylater is the availability of money withdrawal services. In fact, in general, credit cards allow the holder to withdraw cash. While Paylater can only make payments.

In other words, withdrawing Paylater's limit in cash is against the rules. Therefore, Paylater providers are more likely to penalize.

Types of Paylater Cash Withdrawal Sanctions include:

  1. Unilateral termination of Paylater services so consumers can no longer use Paylater.
  2. If Paylater is discontinued, it will be considered the default.
  3. Lower your credit rating or score, making it difficult to get a loan.
  4. Possibility of being blacklisted by the OJK SLIK and blacklisted by BI checks.
  5. When making cash withdrawals with other people, there is a possibility of being scammed.


So here are questions that you can read, see below:

Can Paylater withdraw Cash?

Shopee states that the Shopee PayLater feature is not an online cash advance. However, in the form of goods payment services at Shopee. So you can't cash it out or let the paylater cash it out directly.

What is Gestun PayLater?

As explained above, Getun is an abbreviation of swipe cash, which means withdrawing some money from your credit card. On Shopee, a gesture is made to cash out your Paylater balance up to a certain limit with fictitious purchases.

ShopeePaylater Flowers

The latest Shopee PayLater rate is currently a minimum of 2.95 percent. Shopee Paylater rates apply for 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months.


Thus the article that we can convey above, you don't have to apply this method because it is illegal, if you want to do it please think about the risks you might experience.

Akulaku is one of the best online loan applications used by many people today. Where to withdraw money from Paylater in Indonesia has several risks that are quite dangerous for its users.

In this article we have explained the steps how to withdraw Akulaku limit. That's all we can say, don't forget to always support us by reading the information we present here, thank you so much.

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