How to Disburse Bukalapak Paylater Balance to an Account - Below is the information that we will provide about how to withdraw your Bukalapak Paylater balance, for more information, please read it to the end.

As is known, almost all marketplaces offer Paylater services or pay later to their users, including Bukalapak. Where these services can be used by users to meet various needs, such as: paying groceries, buying credit, paying electricity, paying bills, etc.

When users activate or accept Bukalapak Paylater for the first time, they are usually given a credit line. Interestingly, the Bukalapak Paylater limit can not only be used for online purchases, but can also be paid to both bank accounts and digital wallet applications such as DANA.

But unfortunately still the majority of users the Bukalapak application who are confused about how to dilute it. Basically, the Paylater limit withdrawal steps are relatively easy to complete as long as you know what the steps are.

So if you plan to cash out your Bukalapak Paylater balance, it's a good idea to know how to do it first. So, on this occasion, we will discuss in detail how to withdraw Paylater Bukalapak to a bank or DANA account.

What is Paylater?

Paylater is a method for delaying or paying in installments when making purchases through a platform. Paylater is usually offered by many digital companies and start-ups as an alternative form of payment.

Based on what paylater is, the function of this feature is generally more or less the same as a credit card. However, its use is much more practical and simple.

In short, the Paylater principle is a loan provided by a company that must be repaid within a certain period of time.

Even though it sounds tempting, remember that the Paylater feature is designed to make it easier for consumers to buy urgent items.

Bukalapak Paylater Withdrawal Terms

Before discussing the essence of how to withdraw balance from Bukalapak Paylater, it is very important to know some of the terms and conditions first. There are several balance withdrawal terms or Bukalapak Paylater limit so that it can be withdrawn, including the following:

Bukalapak Paylater Withdrawal Terms

  1. The Bukalapak application has been updated to the latest version.
  2. Have a smooth and stable internet network connection.
  3. Bukalapak Paylater has been activated.
  4. Have a Bukalapak Paylater limit of more than IDR 100,000.
  5. You must have a Laku Emas or DANA account.

How to Disburse Bukalapak Paylater Balance

After fulfilling some of the conditions we have mentioned above, you also need to understand how to do it. As we previously explained, Bukalapak Paylater users can currently withdraw their limit or funds to a bank account or the DANA application.

In fact, steps to attract Bukalapak Paylater to a bank account is almost the same as when you withdraw the other Paylater limits that we have explained before. Instead of being curious, here we explain in detail how to withdraw Paylater Bukalapak cash to a bank account.

Open the Bukalapak Application

First, please open the Bukalapak application on your smartphone. Before proceeding, make sure you have a smooth internet connection and have updated the Bukalapak application to the latest version.

Find Gold Coupons

After successfully logging in to the Bukalapak application, look for the LakuEmas coupon, both in the form of goods and at the seller's voucher shop. Choose a product according to your wants and needs. However, make sure the price of the LakuEmas coupon does not exceed the Paylater Bukalapak limit.

Press Buy Now

If you have determined the number of items, please click buy now in the next step. Usually the button is located in the lower right corner of your smartphone screen.

Select Paylater Bukalapak

Then you will be automatically directed to a page with payment details for the product you have selected. The next step is to select a payment method using Bukalapak Paylater. If so, press pay now.

Enter the Bukalapak Paylater PIN

Then enter the Bukalapak Paylater pin. Wait a few moments until you get a notification that the transaction has been successful.

Copy Physical Gold Coupon Code

If you have received the LakuEmas voucher code, please copy the voucher code. If not yet, please chat with the seller by giving the order number.

Open the LakuEmas Application

If you have received the LakuEmas coupon code from the seller at Bukalapak, the next method is to run the LakuEmas application. If you have successfully entered the application, please select the Redeem voucher menu.

Enter Voucher Code

After that, enter the gold coupon code that you received from the seller at Bukalapak. Make sure you entered it correctly without forgetting any numbers or letters, then click apply.

Withdraw Paylater Bukalapak

If successful, the LakuEmas balance will be added automatically. The next step is simply to withdraw the gold balance to the bank account. The procedure for doing this is that you only need to sell gold balances. Later, the money from the sale of gold can be deposited into a bank account.

Withdraw Paylater Bukalapak

Don't worry, if you want to withdraw your paylater balance through the procedure above. This is not without reason, the article states that gold coupons are superior products so there is minimal fraud. However, that doesn't mean you can choose any store at Bukalapak. But you should also pay attention to customer reviews and ratings.

Causes of Paylater Bukalapak Failed Withdrawals

Even though the Paylater Bukalapak withdrawal procedure described above is fairly simple, there are still some users out there who complain about not doing it. Maybe some users often experience this problem when Bukalapak Paylater fails to use.

Causes of Paylater Bukalapak Failed Withdrawals

Where the cause of the problem can usually come from various factors, be it a technical error or user negligence. Therefore, to avoid paying off your Bukalapak Paylater balance, you should pay close attention to the following reasons.

  1. Bad internet connection.
  2. You have not updated the Bukalapak application to the latest version.
  3. Insufficient balance or limit for Bukalapak Paylater.
  4. The LakuEmas application is currently under construction.


Here are some of the questions we have answered about Bukalapak Paylater, see the information below:

Can the Bukalapak Paylater Limit be Disbursed?

Interestingly, the Paylater balance limit from the BukaLapak application is not only for shopping. If necessary, you can withdraw funds to your account or digital wallet in the paylater system.

Can the balance at Bukalapak be withdrawn?

Click the Bukalapak scale menu on the menu bar then click Details on the BukaDompet scale. The user enters the OpenDompet page. Click More then select Withdraw Money. Enter the payment amount and select No. The target account you want to cash out.

What is the Bukalapak PayLater Limit?

In a short time, the account application will be approved, then the user will get a limit of IDR 500,000 which can be used to shop at Bukalapak with 0 percent interest, for payment within 30 days.

What Happens If Bukalapak PayLater Is Not Paid Out

If you are late paying the bill, you will be charged a late interest compounded, namely 4% per 30 days and a late fee of 6% per 30 days of the number of bills that are past due. Bukalapak PayLater does not charge a fee during registration.


When users activate or accept Bukalapak Paylater, they are usually given a credit limit. This credit line can be used for online purchases, but can also be withdrawn to a bank account. In this article, we have explained in detail how to withdraw Bukalapak Paylater to your account.

This is an article about how to cash out Bukalapak Paylater balance to an account that we can convey, I hope the information above can make it easier for you to withdraw the Bukalapak Paylater cash limit, we don't recommend this just sharing tips, if you are in an emergency use the steps above wisely.

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