How to cash out Shopee PayLater without the hassle – On this occasion we will provide a way to cash out Shopee PayLater which you can do easily, how do you do it? please refer to the information below, please read this article carefully.

For users the Shopee app those who manage to get the PayLater limit can later be used to buy goods with Pay Later. So that users can receive goods in advance and make payments in the following month or in installments.

With this service, many Shopee PayLater users are now using limits to get cash payments to multiple accounts. Like a bank account or to some digital wallet accounts like Dana. But how do you withdraw Shopee PayLater? can the SPayLater limit be withdrawn?

When talking about how to make Shopee PayLater cash, you can do it with some tips, our article provides information on how you can withdraw Shopee PayLater by buying products on your Shopee account, top-up services or coupons and so on.

So that later the Shopee product that you buy with PayLater will be in the form of credit. Before continuing into the discussion of this method, please read the complete information about SPayLater first below.

Understanding Shopee PayLater

Shopee paylater is an online shopping loan product provided by the Shopee application. If you choose Shopee paylater payment, you will be given a loan to spend with next month's payment.

This Shopee paylater has offered a very affordable period, namely for 1 month, 3 months and also 12 months.

Can Shopee PayLater Be Used as Cash?

Many users wonder about Shopee PayLater payments. Where this is actually possible, for example by purchasing a redeemable voucher or by selecting a product to top up the balance of funds.

Shopee PayLater is usually used to pay for groceries in installments so that it can be paid off the following month or before the due date. This is what makes many people use this cool feature to buy an item, but they don't have enough money.

Can Shopee PayLater be withdrawn? Unfortunately, Shopee PayLater cannot actually be turned into cash and disbursed directly to an account, because this is a payment method only, not a loan like in the Shopee Borrow (SPinjam) system.

However, there is one special way Paylater can disburse into an account, namely through the purchase and sale of goods or through a third party.

You can do how to cash out Shopee Paylater to a bank account if you follow the tutorial we provide below. Later it will be explained in detail how the steps and things that need to be prepared to make the process easier.

However, try to use the money only for very urgent needs. Even though the method is the same as paying for groceries through regular SPayLater, you also have to be able to pay installments or bills before they are due.

If you fail to do so, you risk being fined up to 5% of the total purchase, limited coupons and promotions, and account banned from Shopee.

How to Withdraw Shopee PayLater Limit to a Bank Account

Withdrawing from SPayLater to an account may not be as easy as transferring ShopeePay to a digital wallet or bank account. Even though the method is not easy, you can try to do it carefully so that the funds can enter without being suspected by the system.

The following method is for educational purposes only we are not responsible for any loss when you use this method. Check out the tutorial below to cash out the paylater.

Prepare Two Accounts and Two Smartphones

The first thing you need to do to turn Paylater into cash is set up two accounts as a buyer and a seller. However, it is better to prepare two smartphones so that it is not easy for Shopee to detect fraud. Likewise for accounts for the purposes of payment of funds.

It is better to use a different account because if the account is the same bank then it could be a fraudulent act that leads to a ban. You should be able to use Shopee PayLater to complete the next step.

Set up a seller account as if you were actually selling goods, preferably digital goods so they don't require additional shipping. For example, game refill services, as well as other types of services that do not require physical delivery of goods.

Enter Buyer's Account to Purchase

Next, login to the buyer's special account to make a purchase. Then look for the seller account shop that you have created. Search for products as you normally do when shopping online, then add the selected product to your shopping cart.

When adding products to the shopping cart, try not to discuss the registered seller data. You can try using a different address, for example that of a relative, friend or someone else, as long as you both agree.

If you have reached this stage, click confirm the order. Change the payment method to Shopee PayLater. Done, wait for the order to be confirmed and then sent from the seller's special account.

Log into Seller Account to Confirm Order

The next step, log in to the seller's special Shopee account and confirm the incoming order. When signing up to switch accounts, try not to rush or rush things as Shopee may suspect the act.

Of course, if you withdraw Shopee PayLater funds using another device, you no longer need to login and logout. Because when an order comes in, it can immediately confirm without having to go out first.

Chat as usual

This method is actually optional, so you can do it, but it doesn't matter if you don't. Maybe this method is quite difficult if you don't use another device as a buyer or seller because you only rely on one device to perform these two different roles.

Send Orders Digitally

As a seller, the next step is to send the order that you have entered. Do it as usual so it doesn't look suspicious. Also, activate the free shipping feature because orders are sent in the form of digital or non-physical products.

Send a message on Live Shopee

Send a message directly at Shopee to confirm receipt of the buyer's order. When the order has been sent to the buyer's account, send a message to the Shopee live chat to confirm that the buyer has received the order. Shopee usually responds to messages as soon as possible.

The purpose of sending messages via Shopee live chat is to confirm receipt of the order by the buyer and ask the buyer to rate the product received. Usually this method is done when sellers sell digital products such as services.


Done, the order has been confirmed by the buyer's account. Give a review like buying goods on the marketplace. After that, log back into the seller's account and wait for the funds to be paid to ShopeePay.

Money in ShopeePay can be withdrawn to a bank account. However, the buyer's account must pay the bill in accordance with the nominal amount paid through Shopee PayLater before the due date.

Tips for Shopee PayLater to Become Cash

Do you understand how to withdraw Paylater to a bank account after reading the tutorial above? Here we provide tips to make it easier to withdraw Shopee PayLater.

Buying and Selling Your Own Products

Based on the explanation in the previous point that cashing the paylater is actually impossible. Therefore it has to go through another party, namely creating two accounts as a buyer and a seller. However, two devices can also be used.

The way to do this is to buy and sell products that you make yourself. So you need to view the product in the seller's account and then buy the product by logging in to the buyer's account. Choose the Shopee PayLater payment method.

Withdraw Money Through TopUp Service

Don't have two devices or two Shopee accounts? Try to cash out SPayLater through top-up services like OVO, GoPay, etc. The method is the same as the tutorial above, but the difference is that you are actually trading with the seller, not yourself.

Try searching Shopee for e-wallet topup services that can use the SPayLater payment method. Then carry out transactions as usual until the funds enter the e-wallet. This method can be a little tricky because not all top-up service providers want to enable paylater as a payment method.

Do not rush

Are you using two different accounts? It's best to be more careful when logging in and out of accounts, don't rush! If it's too fast, Shopee might suspect it and then you'll really get banned.

Use an Account with a Different Name

This is the most important thing if you have to use another bank account when withdrawing funds. Because if the accounts are the same, Shopee can detect suspicious behavior and then get banned.

The solution is to try and borrow it from someone else (make sure you both agree). It is also possible to use an e-wallet account with a different number than the one registered with the Shopee seller.

This is how Shopee PayLater payments go to a bank account. Use it wisely, make sure you pay bills before they are due and don't abuse them irresponsibly.


Below are questions and answers regarding the information we have provided about shopee paylater

Can Shopee PayLater be used to buy credit?

Through Shopee Paylater, we can buy credit now and pay later according to the chosen due date. Purchasing credit with Shopee Paylater is very simple and similar to buying credit as usual at Shopee.

Can I Borrow Money at Shopee?

Now Shopee does not exist as a platform for buying and selling goods. In addition, Shopee now offers a new service, namely an easy and fast cash withdrawal service. This service is called Shopee Pinjam or SPinjam. In contrast to SPaylater which only provides money for shopping activities.

What is Shopee PayLater used for?

With Shopee PayLater, buyers can buy goods in advance then pay for goods over the next month or in installments over several months. By using Shopee PayLater, users can choose the installment period that has been provided.


Withdrawing from SPayLater to an account may not be as easy as transferring ShopeePay to a digital wallet or bank account. Even though the method is not easy, you can try to do it carefully so that the funds can enter without being suspected by the system.

We do not recommend you to do this because this is not official, if you want to do it then you have to consider the risks you will get. Thus the information above may be useful.

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