How to Register PayLater 100% Funds Successfully – How do you register for DANA PayLater, did you know that DANA now has a PayLater feature? You can easily find out by reading the articles we provide below.

DANA PayLater is a popular service with the slogan Buy Now Pay Later, but do you know how to register for the newest one? well, on this occasion we will discuss it in detail, see below.

PayLater FUNDS are indeed very much in demand among the public at this time, especially what we know during a pandemic, economic needs are increasing.

Paylater services are currently offered by almost all digital wallets, one of the newest is DANA Paylater. Paylater Fund itself is the newest Dana service feature which of course can be used to make shopping or other payment transactions in the DANA application using the PayLater method or pay later.

When talking about DANA Paylater, you must know that the newest Dana Paylater service is only available for certain users. Therefore, not all Dana users can use this one service.

In addition, certain users must also have a premium account. There are many advantages that you can get when using the DANA Paylater service, one of which is the ability to make purchases or pay bills using the Pay Later method with 30 days notice.

Before entering the discussion on how to register, you must first find out complete information about PayLater DANA in the article that we will discuss, what information is there, please read the following:

What is Paylater FUND?

DANA Paylater is the newest Paylater feature from Dana which works with Akulaku, allowing users to use it as a way for payment transactions at a later date or in installments of up to 12 months.

What is Paylater Fund

In fact, the way DANA Paylater works is not much different from Akulaku's services. The presence of the newest feature of the DANA application is the result of collaboration with the Akulaku platform as a payment method that can be paid at a later date or in installments of up to 12 months.

The presence of a paylater function on platforms that provide this service is actually in great demand, because the paylater service is a solution in a crisis and is useful for facilitating all transactions to meet user needs.

However, not everyone can use the paylater service from the DANA application. Users who are selected to use the paylater service must already have a premium account.

The presence of this feature allows users to make purchases using the PayLater method with a period of 30 days to 12 months. To be able to use the paylater service from the DANA application, of course you must be registered and verified by the application.

If you become a Service User in the DANA application and activate the DANA PayLater payment method, the Service User will get a credit limit that can be used for transactions at online and offline merchants that offer payments using the DANA application.

Well, this PayLater DANA certainly has several advantages and benefits that you can get if you already use it, including the following:

Advantages of Paylater DANA

Each application platform that provides paylater services has its own advantages. Following are some of the benefits of DANA.

  1. The advantage of using the paylater service from the DANA application is of course that it can also be used for all purchases with a payment method that can be paid later or in installments.
  2. Relatively long period of time.
  3. The interest rates set by the DANA application compete with other application platforms that offer paylater services.
  4. Has a feature to increase the credit limit up to the limit determined by the application.
  5. The requirements and registration are easy and fast, perfect for millennials who want everything instant.
  6. Attractive promos offered by the application every day.
  7. The transaction process is also quite easy and fast.
  8. One of the paylater products that can be paid (gestun).
  9. Registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

8 Benefits of Using Paylater

PayLater is a solution to address a person's needs and financial condition. In addition, the relatively fast registration and approval process is another advantage that increases enthusiasm for use.

Benefits of Using Paylater

Then what are the benefits that can be obtained when you use PayLater DANA, see the following:

1. Meet Needs Without Burdening Finances

The pandemic teaches people to be smarter in managing finances. This management is not only limited to the amount, but also how to maintain the smooth flow of money – including for personal finances.

This modern credit system is also an option that can be used to maintain financial stability. For example, you have to pay off loan repayments, but your savings are insufficient. Instead of paying late and getting fined, you can pay it off with PayLater.

Apart from that, you can also use this loan to buy something urgent, but the costs are quite high and will disrupt your financial stability when you need to use your savings. With an installment system, you can still meet your needs without affecting your cash flow.

2. Flexible Payment Term

Still tied to maintaining cash flow, PayLater offers a variety of flexible payment terms. You can also adjust it to your financial condition so that it doesn't become a burden.

On average, the installment period can be up to 24 months. Still, make sure you pay your bills before they're due. This is to protect you from the risk of bills that continue to pile up and actually burden you in the future.

3. Get Lots of Promos

Each PayLater provider works with different merchants to increase customer convenience and satisfaction. The more merchants cooperate, the greater the benefits for users.

Even more fun, along with the increasing number of products and services, this merchant collaboration is usually accompanied by various attractive promotions such as shopping coupons, price discounts, and so on.

Too bad to miss this opportunity, of course, right? Apart from maintaining cash flow, promos also help you fulfill your needs and even wants at a lower cost.

4. Assist Cash Flow or Cash Flow

Paylater is useful for managing monthly expenses and cash flow. This is evidenced by the RISED (Research Institute of Socio-Economic Development) survey entitled "Indonesian Market Perceptions of Utilizing the Paylater Payment Feature."

The survey results show that 92% out of 2,000 respondents admit Paylaters helps you manage your cash flow better, especially during uncertain pandemic times.

This allows you to manage your budget more freely and plan long-term finances, including saving.

5. Payment Transactions Become Easier and More Practical

Don't have a credit card, digital wallet account, or complicated cash on delivery? You can use an alternative paylater to make payment transactions, e.g. B. Shop online, pay electricity bills, buy internet quota and so on.

Payment Transactions Become Easier and More Practical

Easier and more practical. For example, you want to buy business equipment with a paylater. Simply find a merchant that works with or accepts Paylater payments, then pay in installments based on the chosen time period.

6. Better Financial Planning

Paylater gives loans to buy things. Buy now pay next month. This means that you are required to pay principal and interest every month.

Before making a purchase, of course you have calculated how many installments are safe and not financially burdensome. For example, a salary of 5 million rupiah a month. The amount of debt does not exceed 30% of income or IDR 1.5 million per month.

This means, if you want to use a payer to buy something, the installments per month are allowed a maximum of IDR 1.5 million. Nothing more than that to avoid defaults. This is an example of financial management that you can plan with Paylater. Everything must be calculated in advance.

7. Help When Needed

Paylater is like an emergency FUND provided by another party to help you in an urgent or emergency situation. Because the paylater should only be used in an emergency.

For example, you were fired. No severance pay and have financial problems. Paylater services can help you pay for your daily needs, such as: B. Buy groceries, pay bills and more.

8. Creating Morale

If you're lazy or quit your job, think about your Paylater bill. Paylater invoices will inspire you again because these obligations must be paid on time and in full.

If not, you run the risk. You will be charged a late payment fee so that your debt continues to grow. Of course you don't want that do you?

Make invoice paylater motivating to work, be innovative and creative in doing business or looking for additional income so you can pay paylater installments.

Paylater DANA Loan Limit

So, if we talk about how to register for DANA Paylater, it's incomplete if we don't discuss the credit limit that will be obtained later. If you receive an offer from a fund to activate Paylater's funds, you will definitely be given a credit limit.

This limit can be used for the installment payment method or paid later. As explained above, the credit limit received by each selected user is different.

Requirements for Registering DANA Paylater

Then the next information is about the requirements. Important conditions for us to register Paylater FUNDS. Where the requirements are actually not too difficult, you only need to prepare the following requirements:

  1. The fund account has been upgraded to a premium funds account.
  2. Previously verified the Fund account.
  3. An active cellphone number is registered in the Dana application.
  4. Identity Card in the form of E-KTP
  5. Stable internet connection

9 Ways to Register the Latest Paylater DANA

If the requirements have been met, the next step is to follow the steps for registering DANA Paylater that we have prepared below.

1. Open the DANA Application

Just launch the DANA app as usual. On the main page you can select the Profile menu.

2. Select Paylater FUNDS

If you are a selected user, you will see the DANA Paylater menu in the Features section. Just tap DANA Paylater to activate or register.

3. Agree with the Terms and Conditions

What information about DANA Paylater is displayed. Just agree to the terms of service and tap Next.

4. Complete Personal Data Information

Next you will be asked to complete your personal data information. This information includes full name, occupation, income, and so on. Fill in all the information completely.

5. Upload selfie photos and KTP

In the next step, you will be asked to take a photo while holding your KTP. Make sure the photos you take are clear and not blurry because they can affect when activated.

6. Enter the DANA PIN

Then enter the DANA PIN to carry out the activation or registration process for Paylater Funds.

7. Verification Process

“We are still processing your registration” will appear here. This verification process also takes a few minutes depending on the personal data entered and the upload of photos and KTP.

8. Activation Process Successful

If the registration process has been approved, you will receive a notification via SMS. read that the loan application was successful.

9. Paylater DANA has been successfully activated

DANA Paylater has been successfully activated, if you want to see it, enter the Paylater Funds menu there, you will see what the limit is.

Paylater Funds Successfully Activated


Below are some questions that you might want to know the answers to, look at the following article to find out all the information:

1. Why PayLater FUNDS Doesn't Appear?

The reason why DANA Paylater doesn't appear is because you are a new user. Of course, DANA Paylater will not appear. Most of the new users do not meet the requirements to use the DANA Paylater feature. 

2. Does DANA have a PayLater feature?

Of course, the application and the PayLater feature, this feature is the newest feature of the DANA application, comes as a means of payment that is not much different from other bank credit cards.

3. Can PayLater FUNDS be disbursed?

PayLater FUNDS cannot be converted into cash. Can only be used in the form of goods or services according to the application provider.

4. Why can't the PayLater DANA Limit be used?

The reason why PayLater DANA cannot be used is because you have a PayLater DANA bill that has not been paid but has passed the due date.


After what convey information on how to register for DANA paylater starting from the registration requirements, the benefits of using DANA Paylater to tutorials for registering. Hopefully you can practice this article right away, that's the article we can convey, don't forget to visit other information here too, thank you.

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