How to Activate OVO Paylater Easily – Do you already know what OVO paylater is and how to activate OVO paylater? if not this article will provide the information, please refer to the details below, happy reading.

OVO Paylater is a financial application in digital form that offers loans to its users without using a credit card, this application has a loan limit that you can use to shop first and can pay for it later in applications that have collaborated with OVO such as Tokopedia.

This feature is of course very useful for you OVO users, you have the opportunity to shop to meet your needs without having to have cash first. By using OVO Paylater, everything is possible.

So, if you use OVO Paylater, you can pay it at the end of the month. If you still don't know and want to shop using OVO Paylater, you must read the information that we will provide below.

The way to activate it is of course very easy, to find out how, please continue to follow the following article:

How to Activate OVO Paylater

If you want to activate OVO Paylater first to find out information about benefits, terms, registration and then activate it.

How to Activate OVO Paylater

Benefits of Using OVO Paylater

OVO Paylater certainly has its benefits, apart from the three that we will mention below, OVO Paylater also has its advantages.

Here are 3 Benefits and Advantages of Using OVO PayLater

  1. Installment shopping system without a credit card
  2. Bill payments are made at the end of the month
  3. Has a shopping limit of up to 1,000,000

Easy Registration Process

As is known, applying for a bank credit card is not easy. There are many requirements that must be met by the client in order for their application to be accepted. No wonder consumers tend to be lazy when applying for a credit card.

The easy and fast way to register and activate OVO PayLater is currently the number one choice for consumers. Consumers only need to download the OVO application and then apply by entering personal information such as an identity card (KTP), telephone number, home and office addresses.

After that, all you have to do is wait for the OVO team to verify the authenticity of the data in less than 1 day. After successful verification, you will receive PayLater limit information that you can use to pay for goods or services. It's no wonder that most Generations Y and Z use OVO PayLater.

Registered and Supervised by OJK

One of the advantages of the PayLater service from OVO is that the product is registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This means that any activity carried out using this feature is guaranteed to be safe.

Of course, this gives consumers a sense of comfort and security in conducting e-commerce transactions without fear of fraud or hidden costs that are detrimental to consumers.

This is because many scams take advantage of consumers' financial ignorance and then trick them into using PayLater products without transparently listing the total costs. Therefore, a financial product must be registered and supervised by OJK.

Flexible Payment Tenor

Another benefit of PayLater is the benefits associated with installment payments. PayLater, which was launched last year, offers different payment terms ranging from 3, 6 to 12 months.

Flexible Payment Tenor

In addition, consumers can also pay their bills in full within one month using PayLater. Before shopping, make sure you adjust the duration and payment term according to your financial condition.

Attractive Promotion

The next advantage of OVO PayLater is that it offers attractive promos for its users. As you can imagine, this feature is used for payment methods in e-commerce and offers the opportunity to receive attractive promotions, for example cashback for discounts on certain products. Already paid for the purchase, you will also get a discount. Who doesn't care?

No Top Up Required

Another benefit of using PayLater, which has been used by more than 15 million users, is that consumers don't need to top up their funds like e-wallets in general.

Because consumer money does not come from funds that are entered into the application but limits that are adjusted to the consumer's financial situation. If your limit is registered at IDR 5,000,000, you cannot use more than this value to pay for goods or services in e-commerce.

Anyone Can Use OVO PayLater

If a bank requires customers to have a minimum monthly income of IDR 5,000,000 so that their credit card applications are accepted, PayLater OVO does not require users to have a minimum salary of IDR 5,000,000.

This of course brings benefits for fresh graduates or young professionals who are entering the workforce for the first time and getting their first salary. The benefit of OVO PayLater is none other than its goal to help various groups meet their needs.

By making it easier for people at all levels of society to use the PayLater feature, people's purchasing power will increase, followed by an increase in the country's economy which will have an impact on the value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Terms of OVO PayLater Registration

Of course, to activate OVO PayLater there are requirements, all of these conditions must be completed so that the application can be approved, here are the conditions that you must complete:

  1. Your photos
  2. Original ID
  3. Residing in an area that has joined OVO PayLater, such as Surabaya,
  4. Palembang, Pekanbaru, Medan, Makasar, Malang, Surakarta, Semarang, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung
  5. Registration for OVO PayLater can be done through the Tokopedia and OVO applications.

How to Register for the Latest OVO PayLater

Please upgrade OVO to Premier the steps are as follows:

How to Register for the Latest OVO PayLater

  1. If it has been upgraded, please take a photo of the KTP directly with the cellphone camera
  2. Please confirm your identity card
  3. Please take a selfie with your ID

How to Activate OVO PayLater

After upgrading to OVO Premier, all we have to do is activate OVO PayLater. You can now find how to activate OVO PayLater in the following information.

  1. Please select the Activate OVO PayLater menu via the OVO application
  2. Please select the “Activate Now” menu
  3. Please wait a few minutes to receive the verification code sent to the mobile number registered with OVO
  4. Enter the confirmation code
  5. Please upload a selfie holding ID
  6. Then enter your full details
  7. Please read the terms and conditions, after you read them, check the terms
  8. Please wait within 1×24 hours for OVO PayLater to be used.

Activating OVO PayLater is actually quite simple. But the delivery is quite difficult. Because we must meet all the requirements above. But there's nothing wrong with trying to register and do OVO PayLater activities.

Once active, we can use OVO PayLater as a payment method at merchants that accept OVO PayLater payments. Unfortunately, not all OVO retailers support this method. But it doesn't matter, as long as we manage to activate it, it can be used in other traders.

How Much Does OVO PayLater Cost?

Unfortunately, this OVO PayLater payment method is free of charge. A maximum service fee of 5% of the transaction value for each transaction is charged. Service fees can also change depending on the performance of OVO PayLater users in paying bills.

Fortunately, OVO PayLater doesn't charge a monthly or annual fee, so it's different from credit cards that charge an annual fee. However, OVO PayLater still imposes interest penalties on customers who have not paid their bills until they are paid off.

Where the fine is 0.1% every day of the remaining bill, which is included in the next month's bill. For example, you have an invoice of Rp. 15,000 and the bill has not been paid until the due date, which is calculated every 1st.

As long as the bill has not been paid, you will receive an interest rate of 0.1% per day. So if the bill is Rp. 15,000, then the interest is Rp. 15 every day. Maybe for some people the interest will not be felt too much.

However, when the amount of the bill reaches millions of rupiah, of course the interest that must be paid will be higher. To prevent this, we recommend always paying your OVO PayLater bills on time.


Here are some questions that you might find when searching for information about this OVO paylater, see the information below:

Does OVO PayLater Still Exist?

Currently, OVO PayLater is still in “Maintenance” status as of September 2020 so it cannot be used for a while. However, it is not excluded that this service will be restarted in the future. While waiting for the service to reopen, we recommend using GoPayLater or Shopee PayLater.

Can OVO PayLater Withdraw Cash?

However, OVO PayLater cannot be used in cash as it must be used to fund purchase transactions.

Does OVO PayLater Still Exist?

What is the Tokopedia PayLater OVO Limit?

The limit for the PayLater OVO loan given is usually between Rp. 500,000 up to Rp. 10,000,000. However, this will certainly be different for everyone.


OVO Paylater is a digital financial application that offers loans to its users without using a credit card. This application has a loan limit that you can use to shop first and can pay later on applications that have collaborated with OVO such as Tokopedia.

How to activate it, of course, is very easy, to find out how, we have provided detailed information above. Well one of the advantages of the service PayLater OVO is a product registered and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

That's the discussion that we can convey this time, don't forget to always visit our website, because we will provide the information you will need, see you in another article!

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