Akulaku Paylater Limit Cannot Be Used, Here's the Reason

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Akulaku Paylater Limit Cannot Be Used, Here's the Reason

Rancakmedia.com – For those of you Akulaku paylater users who experience problems with the player not being able to use it, you need to know the cause my behavior limit cannot be used along with a way to overcome it.

Don't worry, for those of you who have Akulaku Paylater who are experiencing problems or problems because it can't be used, this is the answer to that problem.

Therefore, you must read this article to the end carefully. If you read it, you will know the causes and also how to overcome them. Apart from that, you will receive important information which we will discuss in this article.

So you no longer need to feel confused or worried when your Akulaku Playlater can't be opened and used. This article will really help you to overcome it, so it is very suitable for you to read.

Condition finance society is currently experiencing a drastic decline. Due to the current pandemic situation, many people have lost their jobs. Apart from that, quite a few companies have made the decision to reduce the number of employees.

Conditions like this certainly provide great opportunities for online loan companies. People are tempted by the offers offered to borrow money.

What is my Accuracy Limit?

Akulaku Limit is a limit applied to Akulaku user accounts that determines how much cash and credit the user can use. Akulaku limits consist of several types, including:

  1. Shopping Limit Shopping Limit is a limit applied to users' Akulaku accounts for purchasing goods or services at Akulaku. Shopping Limits are influenced by several factors such as the user's shopping history, credit score, and the type of goods or services purchased.
  2. Credit Limit Credit Limit is a limit applied to a user's Akulaku account when applying for a cash loan. Credit Limits are influenced by several factors such as the user's payment history, credit score, and monthly income.
  3. Account Limits Account Limits are limits applied to users' Akulaku accounts to protect the account from fraudulent or deceptive actions. Account Limits consist of time limits, number of transactions, and types of transactions.

It is important to understand Akulaku limits to avoid problems and utilize Akulaku services effectively.

If users understand Akulaku limits and how they work, users can optimize their use of Akulaku and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

What is Paylater Akulaku?

Akulaku PayLater is an online credit service available in Indonesia. This service allows users to purchase products in installments, so that users can pay in stages over a certain period of time.

To use the Akulaku PayLater service, users must register and verify their identity through the Akulaku application. After that, users can select the product they want to buy and choose a payment option using Akulaku PayLater.

Akulaku PayLater makes it easy to make payments in installments, so users don't need to pay the entire product price in one payment.

However, keep in mind that users must pay installments on time so as not to incur fines or additional fees.

Akulaku PayLater services also have different credit limits and interest rates depending on the user profile. Apart from that, Akulaku also offers several promo and discount programs for users who use this service.

Akulaku PayLater Cannot be used

Before we tell you why Akulaku PayLater cannot be used. Below we will provide you with information and reviews about this online loan.

Akulaku PayLater is one of the most famous companies in Indonesia. This company offers services online loans to society. In fact, Akulaku is already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). This service is offered with the aim of bringing economic convenience to the community.

However, you should know that online loan service this can actually burden you. Especially if you delay payments or pay off debt. You will feel heavy and burdened when paying with interest and fines that pile up every day.

Reasons why Akulaku Limit cannot be used

Recently, many users have complained and wondered why Akulaku Paylater cannot be used. Are you curious about what actually causes it to be inaccessible and how to fix it?

There are several reasons and methods that we will tell you. Of course you can't wait to find out. So no need to wait any longer, and below are the causes and how to overcome them.

1. Insufficient Limit

The first reason we mentioned is that the limit is not enough. Each online loan application certainly has its own conditions. Therefore, you must comply with the applicable rules.

Don't worry if this service cannot be used from the first cause. The way to overcome this is very simple, you just need to use it according to the limitations stated.

2. Akulaku Paylater Installments are in Arrears

The most common cause is if you are late paying the previous installments. The service of course has set a deadline for payment in installments.

The way to overcome the causes of arrears is to pay off previous debts so that arrears do not occur. Pay off your debt installments according to the specified time.

3. Credit Points Still Not Enough

Akulaku has set a minimum credit amount of 700 coins. A low credit amount can also make Akulaku unusable.

Therefore, you must increase your credit score to the specified minimum limit. You can increase it in the following way.

  1. Obey Akulaku PayLater Terms and Conditions applicable.
  2. Pay off your debt installments according to the specified deadline. Don't be behind.
  3. Use supporting documents.

4. Other Causes

Apart from the causes above, there are actually other causes that can prevent you from using the PayLater feature Akulaku application. If you experience difficulties and cannot find a solution to the problem, you can contact Akulaku Customer Service.

Akulaku Customer Service or Call Center can be contacted by telephone at 1500920 or 021-24112009. Apart from that, you can also contact Akulaku CS via email, namely [email protected].

How to solve Akulaku Paylater Can't be used

If you are experiencing problems with your Akulaku Paylater account, see how to overcome them in the following article:

1. Pay off installments on time

We have previously explained that one of the reasons why Akulaku Paylater cannot be used is because you may have installment arrears. If you want to overcome this, it would be a good idea for you to make your installment payments on time before they are due.

2. Cash Transaction Rp. 20,000

If you want to use Akulaku's credit limit, it would be better for you to make a cash transaction of IDR 200,000. This transaction is done when you buy credit, electricity tokens or you can also pay for electricity via the Akulaku application.

3. Increase Credit Points

If you have credit points of only 700 points or even less than that, then your loan limit cannot be used. Therefore, to overcome this by increasing your credit points.

To increase it is quite easy, you only need to enter some document data, pay off the installments on time and also accompany it with a pay slip.

4. Borrowing KTA Asetku

Another method is to use the KTA Asetku loan to overcome if your Akulaku credit limit cannot be used. This loan is a financial service in the form of a cash loan with a maximum loan value of IDR. 3000,000.

5. Contact Akulaku Customer Service

Finally, you can follow this method, namely by contacting customer service (CS), you can contact CS via voice call, email, SMS, social media or also via the official Akulaku website.

If the problem can be resolved then you can reuse the credit points you have. It's better if you pay attention to the loan limit before using it to pay for your purchases.


Here are some questions that you will encounter when searching for information about paylater behavior. Check out the following article to find out all the information:

1. Why can't PayLater Akulaku be used to buy credit?

There are various reasons why your account cannot be used to buy credit, one of which is that you have arrears on the Akulaku application or you have just registered for an Akulaku account.

2. Why can't I make installments at Akulaku?

Another reason why your Akulaku limit cannot be used is because you have no credit and do not meet the minimum limit required by Akulaku.

3. Can Akulaku's credit limit be withdrawn?

Currently there are four ways to withdraw Akulaku Limit, namely through Akulaku, Bukalapak, Blibli, Installment Funds and Akulaku Loans. With these four methods, you can withdraw my Akulaku limit to DANA, OVO or directly to your bank account.

4. What is Akulaku's PayLater Limit?

"Paylater Limit" means the Deferred Payer Limit or Installment Limit, which is the maximum amount of Funding Payment that can be used by the Borrower in the PayLater Service, whether using the Installment Payment Method or the Deferred Payment Method.


Akulaku PayLater is an online credit service available in Indonesia. This service allows users to purchase products in installments, so that users can pay in stages over a certain period of time.

Thus the article about Akulaku Paylater limits cannot be used, this is the reason. Hopefully the information above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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