Understanding Shopee Paylater and How to Register

Rancakmedia.com – Some of you may be familiar with Shopee Paylater, but what does Shopee Paylater actually mean and how to register? For that, you can get more detailed information below.

Shopee PayLater is an installment payment feature available on Shopee e-commerce, PayLater allows Shopee buyers to buy in installments without a credit card. Anyone who frequently purchases goods online is certainly no stranger to Shopee PayLater or SPayLater.

As the name suggests, Shopee PayLater is an installment or term payment feature available on Shopee Indonesia e-commerce. Shopee Pay Later is a Pay Later credit option available on Shopee e-commerce.

Without a credit card, this feature is important, because so far, if you go to the bank to pay in installments, you must have a credit card.

Since PayLater is a part of Shopee, the process and use of the app becomes easier and faster. Other PayLaters require customers to pre-register on an app outside of Shopee – please download another app.

After the application is approved, new consumers can use it at Shopee. Meanwhile, all methods for Shopee PayLater are completed in the Shopee app. Consumers do not have to log in and out of the application and can use it immediately if it has been approved.

Understanding Shopee PayLater

The Shopee PayLater service is provided by PT Commerce Finance and other financial services companies that work together to provide credit to customers who shop at Shopee.

Understanding Shopee PayLater

This feature, such as a credit card, aims to help buyers who do not have sufficient funds but need goods to be sold in e-commerce.

This mode of payment is called pay later, which in Indonesian means pay later, which allows people to pay for the goods they want in stages over the next few months.

Like any officially registered online loan application, PT Commerce Finance is known to be registered and regulated directly by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Shopee PayLater Installment concept

Borrowing buyers are required to return the borrowed funds in accordance with the installments and the chosen period. The installment options available for Shopee PayLater are three months, six months, and up to twelve months.

Shopee PayLater invoices must be paid before the due date so that customers who borrow money are not charged late fees. The invoice must be paid in several installments according to the pre-selected loan term.

The payment deadline or due date for Shopee PayLater invoices is every 5th of the following month after the invoice is issued.

Shopee PayLater initially provides loans to new users of IDR 750,000. This credit can be used to buy goods by paying at a later date or in installments.

The Shopee PayLater balance provided by Shopee will continue to increase according to the number of transactions made by the user.

On the other hand, if users are faced with late payments, the Shopee Indonesia system will automatically reduce the credit limit amount.

Note that using Shopee PayLater will not be able to purchase products from the Coupon, Credit, Bills and Travel Ticket categories.

In addition to the current Shopee PayLater rate, shoppers on marketplaces who use this feature will be charged a 1 percent processing fee per transaction.

If there is a delay in payment, the user will be fined 5 percent. The amount of this penalty is further increased if the user fails to pay installments.

In addition, it also affects the credit rating on the OJK SLIK (Financial Information Service System) (formerly known as BI checks) which can prevent someone from getting financing from banks or other companies.

As with other online loans, users who are known to be negligent in making payments within a certain period of time can also experience direct billing by a collection agent, aka collection agents.

Even if shopping at the marketplace becomes easier even though the balance is lacking, it's a good idea for buyers to use Shopee Paylater wisely.

Make sure Shopee PayLater users have the ability to pay before deciding to owe this online credit, for example, guaranteed fixed income every month.

Requirements for Shopee Paylater Register

Shopee Paylater itself is an online credit service that allows users to buy goods from Shopee using an installment or credit system. Users are given a credit limit which can later be used for shopping.

Requirements for Shopee Paylater Register

The credit limit is set by Shopee. New users are usually given a small credit line. Later this limit can be increased according to the user's habits and history of paying in installments.

To get a Shopee Paylater credit limit, you must register first. Registering Shopee Paylater is as easy as turning your palm. The activation process is difficult because it is not certain whether the application can be approved.

Shopee will not give this loan to anyone lightly. Users must first meet all requirements to register and activate Shopee Paylater.

Here are some general requirements for users Shopee PayLater:

  1. Age 17 years or over 17 years
  2. Have a valid Identity Card (KTP).
  3. Frequently make purchases from Shopee for a certain transaction value, according to Shopee policy
  4. Have a good and current credit history

If you meet all the requirements above, you will see a menu in the Shopee application that says SPaylater. If a menu appears, it means you can register for Shopee Paylater. But if it doesn't appear, you can see the reason in the following article "Why Shopee Paylater Doesn't Appear".

There are many factors that cause Shopee Paylater not to appear. One of them is because it is a new account. So, new users cannot directly register for Shopee Paylater. Users must make a transaction first to register.

How to Register Shopee Paylater

You can immediately register and activate Shopee Paylater if you're lucky. Registration is very easy and for those who are confused, you can follow the tutorial that we will provide below:

  1. Open the Shopee app
  2. Click the My Tabs menu
  3. Then click the SPAYlater menu
  4. Then click the Activate Now button
  5. Enter the OTP code that was sent via SMS.
  6. Next, upload a photo of your KTP according to the frame that appears on the screen
  7. Then enter the name and NIK information according to the KTP
  8. Then enter Additional Information and then click Confirm
  9. After that, do face verification. Make sure the face position matches the frame displayed on the screen
  10. Then the registration will be processed and you will receive a notification that SPaylater is being processed

As you can see above, signing up for Shopee Paylater is very simple. After successful registration, you just need to wait for Shopee to decide whether to approve the application or not. If approved, just activate the service to shop.

How to use SPaylater

Next, let's talk about how to use SPaylater. To use this service, please register first by following the Shopee Paylater registration tutorial above. If the registration is successful and the application is accepted, you can use SPaylater.

How to use SPaylater

Using SPaylater is very simple. Later, this service will appear as a payment method when purchasing goods or other products at Shopee. you just have to choose it and then you just have to determine the installment period.

The calculated interest is quite competitive compared to Kredivo interest or other online loans. But unfortunately Shopee charges a processing fee of 1% per transaction, which is calculated from the price of the goods. In addition, there is also a late fee if the user pays late.

For more information on late fees, see the Shopee Paylater Late Payment Fees article below. To avoid fines, you must pay installments no later than the due date.


Below we have also provided information that is still related to shopee paylater, see what the information is below:

How many Shopee PayLater Installments?

The choice of installment period is one installment or buy now and pay later. And you can also choose triple, sixfold or 12x installments. The 12 installments can only be used by certain users.

How many installments are Shopee PayLater

What is the Percent of Shopee PayLater Installment Interest?

The latest Shopee PayLater rate is currently a minimum of 2.95 percent. Shopee Paylater interest is valid for 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months. The due date is now May 5th.

What is the Shopee PayLater Limit for the First Time?

Please note that the first time you activate Shopee PayLater, you will be given a limit of IDR 750,000. Referring to the Shopee Help Center, here's how to activate Shopee PayLater which can make your online shopping easier at Shopee.


As we discussed above PayLater is an installment payment feature available on Shopee e-commerce. PayLaters requires customers to register on the app.

Customers can pay for the desired item in stages over the next few months. Shopee Paylater is an online credit service that allows users to buy goods from Shopee.

Thus the information about the meaning of shopee paylater and how to register, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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