Gold Prices at the Latest Pawnshops March 29, 2021 – The price of gold at Pegadaian today, Monday 29 March 2021. The price for UBS 24 carat for the smallest size, namely 0.5 gr, costs IDR 487,000, not experiencing any changes compared to yesterday.

Based on the info on the website, the price of 24-carat UBS gold as the smallest price has a size of 0.5 gr at a price of IDR 487,000, the same as the other day. The smallest Antam's gold price remains the same at IDR 535,000.

The price for 1 gram of UBS Gold is still marketed at the same price of IDR 914,000. Antam's 24-carat gold price is IDR 963,000. 24-carat UBS gold, measuring 5 grams, costs Rp. 4,478,000 while Antam's gold is Rp. 4,577,000.

For 10 grams of UBS Gold costs Rp. 8,907,000, while Antam's 24-carat gold costs Rp. 9,095,000. Gold bars for UBS 25 grams cost IDR 22,221,000 while the 50 gram size is marketed at IDR 44,351,000.

Gold Prices at Pawnshop 24 Harat

Meanwhile, Antam's printed 25 gram gold bars are marketed at IDR 22,606,000 and 50 gram bars at IDR 45,128,000.

For a size of 100 g, Pegadaian UBS's gold is priced at IDR 88,666,000, while Antam's is priced at IDR 90,175,000. The largest gold size of 1,000 grams is Rp. 884,395,000 for UBS and Rp. 900,152,000 for Antam's gold.

Gold Prices at the Latest Pawnshops

Gold bars in units of 10g, 25g, 250g and 1000g are currently not available. Meanwhile, Antam's gold resale price is at Rp. 804,000 or may not move from its initial status.

Based on PMK No. 34 / PMK.10 / 2017 gold bullion remarketing to PT ANTAM Tbk with a nominal value of more than Rp. 10 million is subject to PPh 22 in the amount of 1.5 % (for NPWP holders and 3 % for non-NPWP) -NPWP holders).

Furthermore, a 5 gram Antam gold mold costs IDR 4,572,000, and a UBS mold of the same size is marketed at IDR 4,519,000.

For a 10 gram print, Antam's price is IDR 9,085,000 and for UBS IDR 8,989,000. The 25 gram gold size and the 50 gram Antam mold are marketed at IDR 22,580,000 and IDR 45,077,000 respectively, while the UBS gold size for the same is marketed at IDR 22,426,000 and IDR 44,760,000 respectively.

For 100 g, Antam's Gold can be paid at IDR 90,070,000 million, while for UBS gold the price is IDR 89,484,000. Then ten times this size or 1,000 gr costs Rp. 899,109,000 for Antam and Rp. 892,551,000 for UBS.


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