Understanding the Priority Scale of Needs and How to Arrange them

Rancakmedia.com – In the following article we will explain the meaning of the priority scale of needs and how to arrange them. So that you can use money only to put forward important things.

Needs are things that must be prioritized first. In economics, we are familiar with the term "priority scale". This refers to a list of our needs from the most important to the least important or those that can be delayed.

Because basically humans have so many needs that must be met, while the resources or tools used to meet these needs are limited, that's the purpose of someone making a priority scale.

Each of the four priority scale quadrants can be broken down into several types of needs based on their significance. As an illustration of the priority scale, getting food is more important than having a place to live. After the immediate needs are met, then consider meeting additional needs.

What is the Definition of Needs Priority Scale?

The priority scale of needs is a measure of needs that are grouped in a list depending on the level of a person's needs, starting from the most important needs to those that may be postponed.

What is the meaning of the priority scale of needs

By compiling a priority list, we can find out which needs must be prioritized and which can be postponed, so that consumptive needs can be avoided.

Factors Affecting Needs Priority Scale

Several specific variables for each individual determine the priority of the individual's own needs. Following are some of these elements:

Income Level

A person's ability to pay or meet daily needs is directly proportional to his income. The greater a person's income, the more alternative choices for his life needs.

Conversely, the lower a person's income, the smaller the alternative choices for his life needs. So priority needs will differ between people on high incomes and those on low incomes.

Social Status (Position in Society)

Need A person can be influenced by his social priorities. For example, a teacher will prioritize the need for teaching materials compared to other alternatives.

Different things may be felt when dealing with people who have social status as doctors in society. Their priority needs may tend to be medical equipment.

Social environment

The life of the social environment of the community will also have an impact on the priorities of one's life needs. Suppose we live in an atmosphere of affluent individuals, then our priority needs may be focused on luxury cars, luxury residences, flats, branded luggage, and so on.

In responding to needs, individuals prioritize needs that are considered important, basic, and urgent. After these needs are met, people will fulfill the next priority needs, in order to achieve maximum pleasure.

How to Arrange Needs Priority Scale

How to Arrange Needs Priority Scale

There are several things that we need to pay attention to first before compiling a priority scale of needs, such as:

Urgency Level

In the Indonesian dictionary, urgency is described as "an urgent need". Meanwhile, related to the priority scale, the degree of urgency is the significance of a need that must be picked and must take precedence.

For example, on Monday there is a student who will go to school. On that day he was appointed by the instructors to be the ceremonial officer. On the way, he remembered that he had forgotten his stationery at home, and if he came home he would be late for the ceremony.

Which is more important, and which should students prioritize? In that case, going to the event was more important than borrowing stationery from other students.

Owned Opportunity

Sometimes we are faced with a situation where opportunity only comes once in a lifetime, and at that time our priority scale for that opportunity must take precedence over other priorities.

Future Considerations

To choose a priority scale of needs, sometimes we are complicated by a choice. So as not to regret them in future, future worries are something to think about.

When choosing a college major after high school, for example, it's important to know what the future holds for the preferred major before making a final choice.

Self ability

Even if our decisions are very good, they will be wasted if we also do not equip ourselves with the necessary talents.

When we talk about “self-ability” we mean the capacity to make decisions based on our skills and knowledge, not our whims or desires. Before developing a scale of priorities, all these aspects must be considered. The priority scale table may make it easier to know which needs must take precedence.

Purpose or Benefits of Compiling

Purpose or Benefit Setting Priority Needs Scale

To better understand the advantages of prioritizing certain needs, we need to first examine the reasons for prioritizing them. In this scenario, there are various benefits that we can get if we build a scale of priority needs. These benefits include:

Knowing the Order of Priority Needs

Prioritizing needs in any context economy, business, daily needs, and so on after making a priority scale allows you to immediately see their relative importance.

For example, if you prioritize your daily needs, you will know what needs to be taken care of now and what can wait in a while. If you make a priority scale, you can find out the order of importance of different requests.

Facilitate in Setting Needs

Once you know the priority order of your needs through compiling a priority scale of needs, it will be easier for you to prioritize your needs.

This is especially helpful if you are limited in some way (for example, by money, time, or location), as it helps you know which needs are most important and prevents you from buying things you don't really need.

As a Decision Making Guide

You can use a priority scale to help you make a choice. As previously discussed, by setting a priority scale, you will know which priorities are the most important so that with this capital you can make the right assessment and everything will be directed.

Helps Save Time and Cost

Setting a priority scale is one of the steps that can help save time and money, because by setting a priority scale it becomes clear between the parts that must be done or obtained first and the parts that can be postponed, thereby saving time and effort. costs involved for everything. job well done in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Help Planning Future Needs

By setting priorities, we can create strategies for future needs. The priority scale can be used from the most urgent to the least urgent needs.

That way, we can make preparations for future needs, for example building a savings account to meet future needs.

Those are some of the benefits of having a priority scale of needs. Of course, in a broader context, there are many more benefits that are not included in this list. But what is known is that choosing priorities is a very helpful activity.

Steps to Arrange Needs Priority Scale

Steps to Develop Needs Priority Scale

Before setting priorities, there are many actions that must be done. The procedure for compiling this priority scale is as follows:

  1. Make a list of all your wants and needs
  2. Put your needs in order of priority
  3. Make a note of the need for allocation of existing funds
  4. Select the most profitable need from the existing records
  5. Complete all the needs on the predetermined list

Example of Arrangement of Needs Priority Scale

Rani is a high school student whose monthly allowance is IDR 1,000,000.00 per month. Rani must make the best use of this money for school needs. So that the money can be used as well as possible, Rani determines the priority scale of needs as follows:

Details of Rani's wants and needs, according to the allocation of funds are as follows

  1. Transportation Rp. 5000.00
  2. Stationery Rp. 10,000.00
  3. Package book Rp. 50,000.00
  4. New uniform Rp. 200,000.00
  5. New shoes Rp. 100,000.00
  6. Pocket money Rp. 20,000.00
  7. New comic Rp. 15,000.00
  8. Watch in theaters Rp. 30,000.00
  9. Hanging out at the cafe Rp. 15,000.00

Needs that provide optimal benefits

Rani uses the following priority scale chart to identify needs with the greatest potential benefits: From the priority scale above, Rani finally makes a priority selection from the most important to the least important as follows:

  1. Buy stationery, textbooks and set aside money for transportation costs to school.
  2. Buy new uniforms and shoes that are worn and damaged.
  3. Set aside money for snacks at school so you don't get weak while studying.

It seems that Rani has to give up her hobby of buying new comics, watching movies and hanging out in cafes to make enough money, but if there is more money, Rani can return to her hobbies.

That is an example of compiling a list of urgent and less urgent needs for the purpose of compiling a priority scale of needs.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about priority needs, as follows:

Why Should There Be A Priority Scale In Life?

With the priority scale, humans are expected to be able to know which needs must be prioritized and which needs need to be postponed first. So, you can meet your needs appropriately and according to your abilities.


The priority scale of needs is a measure of needs grouped in a list depending on the level of a person's needs. Factors such as income, social position and other factors determine the priority of the individual's own needs.

In responding to needs, individuals prioritize needs that are considered important, basic, and urgent. When making a priority scale, there are several things that we need to pay attention to first, such as: Level of Urgency, Complexity, Circumstances, and Social Environment.

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