Definition of Manufacturing Company Financial Statements – Many do not know about the meaning of financial reports for manufacturing companies, so in the article below we will provide the information.

Financial reports are a must for every company company. With financial reports, management can observe the financial status of a period and analyze it for future needs.

Real financial status can be displayed in financial reports, enabling managers to make more informed choices. Every company, even manufacturing companies, depends on financial reports.

What is a Manufacturing Company?

Company manufacture is also an industrial business. They focus on managing raw materials or turning raw materials into finished and packaged goods that can be sold and distributed directly or indirectly.

What is a Manufacturing Company

What is the meaning of a manufacturing company's financial statements

According to Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK No. 1 (2015: 1), financial reports are organized reports on the health and financial performance of a company.

Meanwhile, according to Harahap (2008: 105), the financial health and operating results of a company are explained in the financial statements. These reports can be found at any time in the past or present.

From the two definitions above, we can conclude that financial reports are reports that show the status and financial condition of a company over a certain period of time.

Manufacturing companies, for example, usually have four financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of changes in capital.

The main operation of a manufacturing company is the production of raw materials or the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, followed by the sale of manufactured goods. Production process is the general name for this type of work.

The categorization of manufacturing companies is as follows:

  1. raw material inventory,
  2. There is inventory in process
  3. Finished goods inventory.
  4. Manufacturing companies are companies whose business activities convert raw materials into finished goods.

In this situation, the manufacturing company makes its own products and then sells them to direct suppliers or customers. Because it is related to production operations, in the financial statements of manufacturing companies there is the phrase "cost of production".

Cost of products made is the main financial statements for manufacturing companies. A manufacturing company's financial statements are not too different from those of other businesses; Manufacturing cost reports, on the other hand, are somewhat different.

There is no production cost report at a service or trading company, but there is one at a manufacturing company.

Understanding of Manufacturing Company Financial Statements

Benefits of Manufacturing Company Financial Statements

Here are some of the most important reasons why manufacturing companies need financial reports:

As a guideline for financial statements

This report will summarize how much money you make compared to how much it costs you.

By understanding the relationship between income and expenses, companies can develop strategies to increase revenue in the coming years.

To increase profit margins, it is possible to cut costs by knowing what the company needs in terms of costs.

Corporate Performance Indicators

Financial statements also act as an indication of the success of the company. Especially if the company is a public company, which actively sells part of its company to the general public in the form of shares.

As Comparative Data

Financial reports that may be made can be used as a comparison of the company's success in production. The amount of money coming in, regardless of how much margins grow or shrink,

In addition, companies can also choose long-term and short-term plans. And set priorities so that the profits earned grow.

Do they need to increase research spending or acquire new technologies to cut production costs and make better use of resources?

Monitor the Company's Financial Health

A company's financial statements can reveal its financial health performance. The financial health of a company is very important because it supports the existence of the company itself.

Strong financial companies are used not only to pay for their own operations, but also to raise money for new projects.

If a company has strong finances, it may be easier to get loans and have a good reputation, especially if it is a publicly traded company.

Monitor the Company's Financial Health

Types of Manufacturing Company Financial Statements

The following is an explanation of the various types of financial statements in manufacturing companies:

Cost of Production Report

The main thing a manufacturing company does is make something, and making something costs money, so the company can figure out how much it costs to make everything.

The cost of production report needs to be made so that the amount of inventory used in the production process, the total cost of the production process, and the value of the company's overhead costs during production can all be seen.

With these values and costs it will be observed how much the cost of production of finished goods that have been made will affect the selling value of the goods produced.

Manufacturing Company Profit and Loss Financial Statements

The parts of a manufacturing company's income statement are the same as the parts of any other company: revenue values and cost values. The difference between the two shows the company's profit or loss for a certain period of time.

Manufacturing Company Balance Sheet

The balance sheet of a manufacturing company consists of assets and liabilities.

All of a company's assets, such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, etc., are stored in its assets, which are its main source of money.

Unlike assets, liabilities include a company's debt and equity. The balance sheet for a manufacturing business is very similar to that of other companies.

Statement of changes in capital

Reports of changes in capital include the value of the company's initial capital, changes in capital, dividends paid to shareholders, and other matters that have nothing to do with how the company works or what it does.

For reports on changes in capital for manufacturing companies, the contents are the same as for other companies. Capital will increase if net profit is greater than private withdrawals, and capital will decrease if net income is less than personal withdrawals.

The form of a report on changes in the equity of a manufacturing company is basically the same as a report on changes in the capital of other commercial companies.

Tips for Preparing Manufacturing Business Financial Reports

A manufacturing company is a form of corporate organization that employs machinery, equipment and labor as a unit in the production process to finance manufacturing companies.

Tips for Compiling Reports

The main activity of a manufacturing company is to convert raw materials into finished products with a greater market value.

From the very complicated operations, making financial reports for manufacturing companies is also quite difficult. Here's how to make creating financial reports easier:

Knowing That Your Business Is Unique

Companies in the manufacturing sector are different from companies in the trade sector. In this case, the company that makes the goods is the only source of raw materials, which are then sold to other companies.

Companies need to find out how much it costs to process raw materials using this technique. On the other hand, the company must also determine the selling value of the products it produces. As a result, companies can make educated guesses about profitability.

Choosing the Right Accounting Method

There are various uses for manufacturing company accounting procedures that are widely used by companies. In order to use it correctly, you have to evaluate which approach is best for your company.

Monitoring Business Data To Keep It Accurate

After you have chosen the correct accounting technique, the next step is to ensure that the reported financial data is accurate.

In other words, information must be accurate and responsible. you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Business Transactions Company revenues and expenses are included in transactions. Record transactions in the general ledger and classify them by category.
  2. What you have is what you owe. This data is required at the end of the business accounting recording period.
  3. Cash. Reconcile your bank account regularly to keep an eye on your cash flow.

Using the Help of Financial Accounting Software

The accounting and financial reporting procedures of manufacturing organizations are, in fact, very convoluted. With the help of financial accounting software, however, these are not primary reports anymore. Invoices for customers can now be generated automatically, including COGS, inventory, and sales tax.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about manufacturing companies, as follows:

What are the Functions of a Manufacturing Company?

The function of a manufacturing company is the main activity of a manufacturing company, which is processing raw materials into finished goods that are ready to be marketed to consumers. This activity requires costs, such as raw material costs, salaries of production workers, machine maintenance costs and so on.


Financial statements is a must for every corporate company. Managers can observe the financial status of a period and analyze it for future needs.

The main operation of a manufacturing company is the production of raw materials followed by the sale of manufactured goods. These reports can be found in the past or present.

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