Definition and Examples of Types of Service Business – The following is an explanation of the meaning and examples of the types of service businesses, for those of you who want to know, let's look at the article below to get the information.

We will do everything we can to earn income, and we will do it well. There are various business ideas that will ease your financial problems. Before thinking about the topic, find out from within yourself what your skills are and what you can do.

To develop a business, you need to prepare yourself carefully for the business you want to run so that the results are maximized. The planning process begins in the nation's capital. The amount of business capital depends on what type of business you want to develop.

Like a service business, the basic capital of a service business is your own knowledge. If you are passionate or knowledgeable about a particular industry, you probably already have an idea of the type of business you want to start.

Definition of Service Business

Individuals or organizations in business service work together to provide services to customers who need their expertise. Products provided by service businesses are not real objects but skilled staff to provide to clients.

Definition of Service Business

Customer needs are also very important for service businesses. However, it is different from other companies. We achieve client satisfaction by delivering on our performance commitments. To keep our customers happy, we must be able to do our job on time.

Besides that, the best way to get this business noticed by more people is through customer testimonials. This testimony comes in the form of consumer trust in the service experience delivered. Since this business does not provide the real thing, try to maximize performance so that clients are satisfied and come back for more or even promote your service business to their friends.

Service Business Characteristics

The following are examples of characteristics found in service businesses, as follows:

Intangible Product

The only thing the service provider has to provide is the value, not the actual item. The customer advantage is provided by this value.

Main Activities Selling Services

It has been established that service businesses exclusively sell and provide services provided by service company workers. These services can be in the form of energy, thoughts, and other special approaches.

No Main Price

The cost of one service product cannot be compared with the cost of another service of the same quality. This refers to the professional expertise of the service and the needs of the client.

No Starting Point

Since this business does not offer physical things, it does not require raw material prices. In the financial statements, the cost of goods sold cannot be seen or calculated.

Service to service, on the other hand, is usually defined by factors such as the quality of work performed and the number of hours worked.

To better understand the accounting system that exists in service and trade organizations, government employees can also read the book Accounting for the Service and Trade Sector for Small and Medium Enterprises, which also provides many examples and discussions that can help you understand it more easily.

No Starting Point

Types of Service Business

Various companies may be suitable for you. However, this will need to be adjusted based on the level of individual knowledge and experience. Curious about what kind of business there is? Check out the following reviews!

Transportation Services

Transportation is a technique for carrying and moving products or people from the point of origin to the destination. Every part of society needs transportation, from business and politics to defense and security, to name a few.

This transportation service is separated into three, namely land transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation. The three sections of course have different vehicles as well.

Cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks and trains provide land transportation services. Sea transportation services in the form of ships and boats Air transportation services in the form of airplanes, jets and helicopters

In addition, examples of services provided by each mode of transportation are different. On land, transportation is in the form of taxis, motorcycle taxis, angkot and angkot buses, trains (KRL, MRT, LRT), and buses to travel within or outside the city.

Then, sea transportation has a service business in the form of ships. Also, if you need to get around on land, you can rent a helicopter or jet or use the business services of one of the many airlines.

You can read Accounting Systems for Automotive Services to understand the current accounting systems used by this kind of service business.

Health Services

Service health are services provided to the community that require examination, treatment, medical action, medical advice, treatment, and use of medical facilities provided by hospitals and related health service units.

Not only hospitals, health centers and clinics are also one of the health service businesses. Only the degree to which the current infrastructure is completed makes a difference.

In general, hospitals offer full services. Health clinics, maternity homes, medical laboratories and other facilities that provide this service are just a few examples.

Health Services

Education Services

Human resource development is highly dependent on educational services. The quality of services provided to students, students, or students greatly determines the success of these educational services. Human capital can only be as great as the quality of education.

Educational institutions that provide educational services are inseparable from the educational services they provide. This means that if students get this service, they directly interact with the service provider.

Educational services should not only provide information but also provide students with positive learning experiences. Convenience in learning is very important so that students can gain knowledge well.

Examples of educational services that you are familiar with are obvious. They are professors and lecturers, that's what they do. Teachers may include schoolteachers as well as tutors.

Author Services

Fiction and non-fiction writings are produced by writers, who are actors with a penchant for storytelling. These works are born and develop from the ideas, feelings, and thoughts of the author.

In this digital world, writers are very important. Many writers write for company websites, company social media, or write advertising products for other people.

Writers can be an option for service businesses. Authors no longer have to publish their work to reach a wider audience. With the internet and the various platforms available, writers can submit their own writings on their personal blogs or on the websites of companies where they work.

There are various examples of writing services, including content writers, who are basically people who create articles for personal or commercial blogs or websites.

Then SEO writers are writers who can combine the contents of their work with the tactics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (Search Engine Optimization). On the other hand, a copywriter is in charge of writing the words used to promote a certain product.

Some examples of these authors are listed under Non-Fiction Writers. Then the next writer is the writer of novels and short stories. As you know, writers of novels and short stories usually have their own printed books or can also post them on certain platforms.

After that, there are the screenwriters. This writer provides his services to the world of cinema. The script he wrote will later be turned into a film.


Editorial Services

Of course, in every project in the creative world, we need the services of an editor. It is the editor's job to ensure that your work is error-free before it is sent for publication.

The editors are here not only for writer's work, they are also here for work in film and photography. Because it has a significant role, the editor is someone who is involved in all elements of the project.

There are many examples of editor services, namely copy editors (editing scripts, spelling, data, etc.), film editors, photo editors, and there are also sound editors.

Photography and Videography Services

Writers and editors are both in the creative industries, and these two companies provide similar services. Although photography and videography services sound similar, the techniques used are still different.

Photography services offer services with expertise in photographing inanimate or living objects whose results can be used for the personal interests of customers or also for corporate interests.

There are some similarities between photography and videography services, but videography relies more heavily on using video capture techniques and camera movement to create visually appealing videos that meet the needs of clients.

Photo and video editors that work for each of these services are very helpful. Usually, photographers or videographers can edit their own videos, but it is possible in large companies to split the service business in half.

Electronic Service

In today's world, starting an e-services service or working in the e-services industry is a wise move. Almost everyone has some kind of technological device in their house.

What happens if the equipment is damaged? There are some people who think if something in their house breaks, they will buy it again. However, this did not preclude a second attempt at repair.

To create an independent electronic service, you need funding for spare parts from electronic goods, as well as experience and services in the field.

Electronic Service

But if you work for an electronics company, he will definitely only trust the expertise of that company.

There are various kinds of electronic goods used in this electronic service. from personal items to household items.

These are some examples of electronic services, such as gadget services (smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers), printers, TVs, DVDs, radios, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, musical instruments, and others.

Graphic Design Services

This graphic design service is often in demand by business people. People in business use this service to create logos, business cards and other things related to their business.

A person or service that specializes in art such as drawings, illustrations and other related designs can offer this graphic design service to meet client needs.

A graphic designer who wants to provide his services must be able to demonstrate a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the specifics of the design job. Technology, culture, philosophy, physics, and the social sciences all played a role. As far as the understanding that will be conveyed through an image is concerned.

Financial Services

Financial institutions provide various services under the heading of financial services. Banks, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, import-export financing companies, securities companies and credit card companies all come under the umbrella of financial institutions.

In this scenario, financial services are supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority) (Financial Services Authority). OJK controls all financial services in Indonesia, which include banking, insurance, capital markets, pension funds, finance, and other financial services businesses.

People with a financial background might find this a viable alternative for their career.

Tourism Services

Indonesia has a lot of potential for this type of tourism service. This is due to the many tourist attractions and stunning natural landscapes of the country. Indonesia's natural beauty is an attraction for local residents and visitors from all over the world.

Indonesia's tourism sector is increasing and developing into an important industry to increase the country's foreign exchange. This is inseparable from the increasing number of Indonesian tourism enthusiasts from abroad.

The country's foreign exchange can be increased, and Indonesian culture can also be easily shared. Lodging, business leasing, tourist equipment rental, and tourism area suppliers are examples of this type of tourism business.

Service Business Purpose

Service Business Purpose

It is in the best interest of service providers or individuals to profit or benefit from the services they provide.

Financial records in the form of reports are very important if you want to reap the benefits. Learn how through the book Easy Ways to Prepare Financial Statements for Service Companies.

In addition to the benefits for service providers, these benefits are also provided to clients by service providers who provide good services according to the demands that customers are looking for.

This service business also has a goal as a provider of procurement of goods. Access to buy goods is also needed in the business sector.

Generally, a company will seek to acquire and sell a particular commodity after consultation.

Employment is also the goal of this service business. The more service businesses that develop, the more jobs are created. This service business absorbs labor from the community.

Example of a Profitable Service Business Today

The current business potential of many service companies makes them excellent candidates to consider as start-up ideas. Here are just a few examples.

Beauty Salon Business

Due to the high level of business demand, the beauty salon business is still well calculated. Salon services are also a good way to make money because they don't require a lot of employees.

Examples of Profitable Services

Kilo Laundry Business

Many people have been interested in the kilogram washing business over the past decade. The reason is because of the lifestyle of people who consider laundry more practical and cheaper than washing their own clothes.

Partly because of their low business costs, small size, and quick return on business, laundromats are one of the most popular service businesses.

Photocopy Business

Due to the stable market demand, the photocopying business has been around for a long time and seems to have a bright future. Even though we have entered the digital era steadily and the use of paper is starting to be constrained, photocopying services are still needed.

For example students or students who have to complete assignments and when they want to take care of certain papers or administrative documents, Car Repair

Motor Vehicle Workshop

Having a motor vehicle repair service will be very helpful, especially if our motorized vehicle is damaged, whether it's minor or severe.

Private Lesson Services

The importance of parental education cannot be overstated for any parent. Therefore, it is not surprising that private tutoring services are an option for increasing student competence in various subjects.

Private tutoring services can be an option for businesses, ranging from maths tutoring, English tutoring, and computer courses to a wide range of skill-related subjects such as music, dance, or the culinary arts.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about service businesses, as follows:

Does Service Include Entrepreneurship?

Examples of entrepreneurship in services such as website creation services.


There are various business ideas that will ease your financial problems. Products provided by service businesses are not real objects but skilled staff to provide to clients. It has been established that service businesses exclusively sell and provide services provided by service company workers.

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