Small Capital Investment Recommendations Only 10,000 Rupiah – If you want to invest but with little capital, it turns out that there is a recommendation for a small capital investment of only 10,000, you know, the results are very optimal if you do it for a long time.

Investment is no longer something expensive that can only be done by individuals with a lot of capital. No start-up funds required. This is because the current investment is relatively cheap.

Small Capital Investment Recommendations

Anyone, even you with a small income, can invest money in the stock market.

Small Capital Investment Recommendations

Here are investment opportunities with capital starting from 10,000 rupiah:

1. Mutual funds

For a long time, you had to spend a minimum of 100,000 rupiah to invest in mutual funds. But for now, you can start with a capital of 10,000 rupiah.

Mutual funds are investment products whose fund management is delegated to an Investment Manager (MI) who has a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

The Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) does not insure mutual funds because they are not bank products. Mutual funds are also not insured by the state because they are not investment products produced by the government.

Mutual funds is an investment instrument in capital market. You can choose the type that suits your risk profile.

Fixed income mutual funds, money market mutual funds, mixed mutual funds, and equity mutual funds all have mutual funds that have risks and returns (high risk).

Online mutual funds are making this investment even more popular. Because it is not only simple, but also quite affordable. Online mutual fund investments, for example, are carried out using a securities company's online investment transaction platform.

You can get mutual fund products offered by this securities company starting from 10,000 rupiah on the site. You can also recharge, transfer funds and withdraw money using any of these methods.

This post covers a selection of the most popular investment programs that are also quite easy to use.


Another way to invest in 10,000 rupiah mutual funds online is through marketplaces or online shopping sites. In most cases, the market sells mutual funds along with a number of different assets.

Of course, you can invest in mutual funds online, and transactions can be made anytime, anywhere using a device or smartphone. In addition, the registration procedure is fast, only a few minutes and some provide free transaction fees.

To maintain security, investors should look for online mutual fund investment sites and securities companies that are registered and regulated by the OJK.

2. Gold

When it comes to making investments, you don't need any gold. Investment in gold now requires a minimum of 10,000 rupiah.

This is possible because the new gold investment system is operated with a savings mechanism. To do this, you have to use a special gold investment software or gold market. You can also buy or sell gold or trade online in the market.

Even though transactions are carried out online, there is also gold in physical form. In fact, you will be able to access your gold anytime after purchasing it online.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about investing, as follows:

mutual funds

Is Investment Halal?

Whatever the form of property, be it shophouses, houses, or land, property investment is one of the investments that are in accordance with Islamic law. Investments in the form of land or buildings are included in sharia principles.


In the article above, we have provided investment options with a capital of 10,000 rupiah, namely investing through mutual funds and gold.

Thus the article about Investment Options with a Capital of 10,000, Really Cheap. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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