Check the list of fraudulent investments that were stopped by the OJK – If you want to enter the investment world, you must first check the OJK bogus investment list, which was released by the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI). To avoid losses, you can see below.

Tobing advised the public to be wary of proposals that promise quick money but can be detrimental.

Previously, SWI had urged Snack Video and TikTok Cash to stop their activities in Indonesia. There is no Snack Video license granted by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia because it has not been registered as a PSE (Electronic System Operator).

“The Snack Video app has agreed to stop its activity until permission can be secured. It's time to stop TikTok Cash, which has the potential to harm the general public, too,” said Tongam.

Check OJK's List of Stupid Investments

The following is a list released by OJK in March 2021:

A. List of Illegal Fintech Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Here below are Illegal P2P lending Fintech, as follows:

  1. Go Money
  2. Go Money-Emergency loan
  3. Go Money
  4. Fast Fund
  5. Smart Money
  6. CashGo - Fast Liquid Online Loans
  7. Need Capital-Lending Online Fast Liquid
  8. Need Capital-Credit Rupiah Funds Fast Borrowing Online
  9. Speed Fund
  10. Pocket Fund-Online credit
  11. KSP Pocket Fund
  12. Borrow Only-KSP Online Fund Loans
  13. Hello Money
  14. fun fund with xinshangjia developer
  15. fun fund with fun122 fund developer
  16. Fun fund with fun fund developer
  17. Rafra Apps Store
  18. Smart Fund
  19. My loan with developer Natalia Blum
  20. LoanKu-Loan Online the fastest and safest
  21. My Loan with developer Kyle Haines
  22. Fast and Easy Online Loan-Fast Funds
  23. Quick Funds-Everything just got easier
  24. Flash Money with developer Agatha Shumard
  25. Flash Money with developer in memory
  26. Quick Money with developer PT. Graha Tirta Cantika
  27. Flash Money with WA EYE developer
  28. Flash Money with developer Super Keatley
  29. Fund Rate
  30. Cash Again Lite-Cheap Interest Online Loans
  31. KSP Wallet Coconut-Lending Cash Credit Funds
  32. Windfall
  33. Fresh Loans
  34. Need Money - Borrow Easy Cash
  35. Redholo-Rupees come from here
  36. Super Fortune
  37. Fast Capital - Fast Liquid and Easy Online Loans
  38. Fast Capital KSP
  39. KSP Banana Wallet
  40. Rupiah Credit-Cash Online Money Loans
  41. Rupiah Credit-Cash Loans Cash
  42. Rp Fast Wallet
  43. Rpwallet: Wallet management
  44. Rp-Q-Wallet
  45. KSP Dompet Mango-Fast loan tool
  46. iDana-Cash
  47. iDana-Loan Rupiah Cash Cash
  48. iFund-Loan
  49. iDana-MoneyQu
  50. Rupiah Lightning-Loan Cash Credit Fund Cash

B. List of Illegal Entities

Below is a list of illegal entities, namely:

  1. PT Share Bintang Teknologi (Stasashi) with equity crowdfunding business activities without permission
  2. PT Prioritas Inti Sejahtera (Smart In Pays) with business activities Unlicensed payment system
  3. with e-commerce business activities, direct selling system without permission
  4. Totole ( with direct sales system e-commerce business activities using the OJK logo without permission
  5. PT Sukses Indonetwork Digital/VITO with direct sales business activities without a permit
  6. Smartplan Community with unlicensed crypto asset trading business activities
  7. Auto Sultan Community with business activities selling futures trading software that promises profit sharing without permission
  8. Indonesia Binary Trader with Aggregator business activities Forex Brokers without permission
  9. SMARTXBOT with the business activity of selling tiered scheme forex trading robots without permission
  10. Antares with business activities selling tiered scheme forex robots without permission
  11. FORSAGE, FORSAGE ETH, FORSAGE TRON with tiered scheme crypto asset trading business activities without permission
  12. PT Tiara Global Propertindo with business activities offering Investment without a permit
  13. Golden Bird/Burung Emas ( with business activities offering bird investment using the OJK logo without permission
  14. Sepadu Indonesia Bachelor Savings and Loan Cooperative with Money game/TikTok Cash business activities
  15. PT Exadana Visiindo with money game business activities with a profit of 15 percent per week
  16. Go-Champion with tiered system money game business activities
  17. Tiktok Cash with a tiered system of money game business activities with the mode of providing commissions through likes and views of Tiktok videos
  18. Blessings of Sharing 2020 with money game business activities with the mode of helping each other
  19. with money game business activities, forex/forex trading investment mode, gold, and crypto assets
  20. Sharing Rizki Community with money game business activities with the mode of helping each other
  21. Commero Money game with business activities in the mode of helping each other
  22. Share Results, Coin Video 1-2-3, Compass, Love Money, Umoney, Golden Age Asset/GAA with tier system money game business activities
  23. Snack Video with the business activities of providing video content without permission.

C. List of Illegal Pawn Business Actors

Below is a list of illegal pawn business actors, as follows:

  1. Amadeus Pawn
  2. Asa Pawn
  3. Mediatech Pawn
  4. Barokah Pawn
  5. Easy Com
  6. Joyo Lestari Cooperative
  7. Anonymous/Anonymous
  8. Sharia Pawn Partners
  9. New Java Pawn
  10. Pawn Eagle
  11. Greetings Pawn
  12. Pawn Center
  13. Come Pawn
  14. Setiaphone Cellular
  15. Pawn Motor Jogja
  16. Gandrung Pawn Sharia
  17. Prima Pawn


Below we have summarized some of the frequently asked questions about stupid investment, as follows:

What are Stupid Investments?

The following is a list of bogus or illegal investments that have been closed, namely:

  1. PT Enel Green Power
  2. AGT Office/Advance Global Technologies
  3. Ace Gold/Ace Gold
  4. RichNewb

What are the characteristics of a fraudulent investment?

The following are the characteristics of a fraudulent investment, namely:

  1. Promise new member recruitment bonus
  2. Talking about the new member recruitment bonus
  3. Include photos of public figures

What is a Stupid Investment?

A fraudulent investment is an investment that offers an unreasonable return, and it turns out that the investment never existed, or violates the official investment rules of the OJK.


In the article above, we have explained a list of fraudulent investments, including Illegal Fintech P2P lending, illegal entities, and illegal pawnbrokers.

That's the article about Checking the OJK Bodong Investment List, hopefully the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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