How to Apply for a Complete Mortgage – If you want a KPR (Home Ownership Credit). Here are the steps for applying for a complete mortgage, which is usually used for people who find it difficult to buy a house in cash.

House ownership credit (KPR) is an alternative that some people use to buy a house more quickly because they don't need to prepare a lot of money.

So how do you get a mortgage to buy a house?

List of Ways to Apply for a Mortgage

List of Ways to Apply for a Mortgage

Below we will explain how to apply for a mortgage, see the following:

1. Looking for the desired mortgage house

There are various ways to apply for a mortgage that fits your budget. First, choose whatever place or atmosphere you want that suits your hobbies.

If you already know the area of the house you are interested in, the next step is to conduct a direct survey.

2. Go to the Marketing Office

After identifying the area, the next home mortgage technique is to quickly inspect the home you are interested in and visit a housing marketing agency.

Some of the many types of houses and housing clusters that have been built or have been sold can be found in the marketing section.

By visiting the marketing directly, you will also find out the type of house, specifications and costs, including a simulation of monthly payments.

3. Check the Housing Environment

Get a demonstration of the home model from the developer. When looking at the model of the house, be sure to ask about the features of the building and pay attention to the surroundings.

If it's still under construction, it may take longer to inhabit.

Looking for the desired mortgage house

4. Handing over Money Sovereign

If you like and believe after seeing the model of the house in person, the next step is to make a banner or final sign.

There is a small difference between completed and cash advance tokens. The sign of completion is proof of your sincerity with the house, so that the house will not be transferred to other buyers.

5. Paying mortgage money

In general, developers use a payout percentage of around 10 percent of the house price, which is divided into two payment periods.

By this time, cash should at least be available to pay the first period down payment.

6. Submitting a mortgage to the bank

Banks that work with the developer or bank of your choice can help you submit a mortgage application to the institution. The method of submitting the application is what distinguishes the two.

Using the developer's help, you can submit an application to the bank where he works. If you choose your own preferred bank, you will have to take care of the application procedure individually.

Complete all the important documents for the mortgage application procedure. A few weeks after filing, the bank will conduct a survey of your financial and employment records Bank Indonesia.

If your office offers mortgage facilities, it's a good idea to use a company partner bank. In the survey procedure, the bank will also ask about your financial status.

In certain cases, using a company's partner bank can increase your chances of getting your mortgage application granted.

Go to the Marketing Office


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about mortgages, as follows:

What Causes Mortgage Rejected?

Unfavorable financial conditions can cause your mortgage to be rejected by the bank. Another factor that can cause your mortgage to be rejected is age, if you apply for a mortgage at an unproductive age the bank will reject your mortgage. The bank has also estimated the retirement age requirements when the mortgage installments are paid off.


In the article above, we have provided some of the steps you need to apply for a complete mortgage.

Thus the article about Here's the Steps to Apply for a Complete Mortgage, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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