Profitable Ways to Buy Stocks for Beginners – Stock investment is very popular nowadays, did you know that there are profitable ways to buy stocks for beginners? if not, see this article to the end.

However, many people believe that their investments in financial markets have failed. This happens as a result of a general lack of information, particularly in the area of stocks.

How to Buy Profitable Stocks

Below are guidelines that you need to pay attention to when buying shares, as follows:

How to Buy Profitable Stocks

1. Learn and Understand the Basics of Stocks

One important thing we have to do before buying stocks is to learn and understand what is stock and how the stock mechanism is carried out. This is important and should not be overlooked, because it will only confuse us when we try to make judgments later.

We also need to understand the benefits and dangers that usually arise in investing in stocks, so that we can better prepare ourselves for what happens in the future. Given that the greater the reward, the greater the danger that may arise.

2. Determine the Securities Company

Securities businesses that will serve as intermediaries in share transactions must be identified before shares can be purchased. To buy and sell IDX shares and create stock accounts, securities companies function as intermediaries. Therefore, make sure we choose a trusted securities business.

3. Start Picking Stocks

Next, we can determine the shares we want to acquire. However, before buying shares, don't forget to identify the most profitable form of shares.

For the most part, new investors will choose blue-chip stocks because they are more reliable and considered "insensitive" to the possibility of a company going bankrupt.

Learn and Understand the Basics of Stocks

These stocks, on the other hand, usually carry a hefty price tag. Therefore, we have to decide whether to start investing with minimum or maximum cash.

4. Make a Purchase of Shares

Once we have selected the stocks we want to buy, we can go through a broker or application that has been approved and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to complete the transaction (OJK). Make sure we carry out these transactions safely and use a reliable platform or broker.

5. Always Monitor the Market

After successfully buying stocks, make it a habit to follow the market. Because a variety of issues, including economic, political and security circumstances, have a significant impact on stock trading on the market. This is why it is so important to check the stock market frequently.

To learn the benefits of investing stock market, we must also be proficient in tracking stock prices. As a result, we will know exactly when to buy and sell stocks in order to maximize our profits.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about stocks, as follows:

What is the minimum money to buy shares?

The regulation refers to the regulations made by the Indonesia Stock Exchange as the institution that regulates the capital market in Indonesia. With the explanation above, you need to buy at least 1 lot of shares or 100 shares per transaction.


In the article above, we have provided information about a guide to buying stocks that you need to pay attention to.

Thus the article about Profitable Stock Buying Guide for Beginners, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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